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    Yep, lazurite is missing, as well as some other materials that should have a storage block.
    Basically every gem or "gem-like" material that can't be used as a lense is missing.
    I want to add them all to the mod, but be aware that every lazurite block will vanish if you choose to switch back to the "official" version.

    I think you should probably remove your link, when I have my mod updated to 1.4, because it could cause some confusion. But until then, it's fine.

    And here comes 6.00.17:
    Progress, now no complete chunks get "brightened":

    I can confirm this.
    GregTech 6.00.17
    Forge 1263
    No Optifine
    GTX 960 most recent driver (347.52)

    Seems like a problem with GeForce Nvidia Cards ( :whistling: ) or with "ultra" in the username :D

    Edit: I'm a bit confused right now. When I add some mods it works, with others not. Its totally random and not related to any specific mod (so far).
    Sometimes its even working with mods it didn't work before.
    [But with only GT and IC2 its fine]

    What other mods could be related?
    I could not reproduce your problem but you could try this MineTweaker script to remove and re-add the recipes for the cables:

    That could maybe remove the collision...

    Hi guys,
    sorry if you are not supporting this anymore, but maybe one of you got a quick solution (this is not a bug fix request):

    Summary: GT5.07.07 with IC2 #684 -> NAND circuits are not craftable because only IC2 tin cable is craftable, not the GT wire (out of tin plates)

    Is there any simple workaround / solution to solve this issue? (maybe using an older version of IC2? )

    You do have NEI installed, right? Notice how the recipe says "Shaped".
    This is not a bug! :rolleyes:
    You just have the wrong orientation of the cutter to the plate.

    There are 120 metals to add. I have to be lazy, especially with the textures or else I go crazy :rolleyes:

    If you're addingniggling missing things from GT5, could you make it so uranium/uranite/etc make U235 as a byproduct instead of plutonium?

    That is not really in the scope of this mod or something I have done before. If it is possible to do via the GregTech api, I will consider making a "GregTechFix(es)" mod. 8)

    Edit: New version with the metal blocks is up. Includes lots of lazy textures :thumbsup:

    Edit2: It is of course possible. It's extremly easy! (Sorry Greg :rolleyes: ) I will add it to the mod as a config option that is disabled by default.

    Edit3: Aaaaand done!

    I will probably add the metal blocks (I didn't notice they were missing), but there are so many of them ;(
    Any help with texturing is appreciated and I would like to add your textures if I feel they fit the "Vanilla GregTech Feeling" ;)
    Keep in mind though that this mod will be obsolete soon...

    Maybe it's easier to just use a texture pack ;)

    Wow, this is indeed very basic. Every Block uses one ID. With all those used IDs I could make 819150 different Blocks. XD

    I'll keep that in mind for my next mod (if that ever happens...)
    I probably won't change this mod to avoid incompatibilities :P

    Note: You should register those Blocks as "blockGem" too. That is the Prefix used in the future for those Storage Blocks. Otherwise only half of them would be re-registered due to Crossmod-Compat-Code (since I only selected very few Gem Materials to be re-registered).

    I will do that though I don't think it's really necessary in this case.
    By the time people switch to GregTech6 they have to restart their worlds anyway and my mod will be obsolete by then.
    That's the best thing for me about this mod: I don't have to make it really future-proof because it has a very limited life expectation :whistling:

    I managed to write a mod that adds the missing gem storage blocks for GregTech 5.07.07.
    It was even easier than I thought because Greg adds all the necessary recipes on its own :thumbup:
    This restores the usual "gem -> compress to block -> cutt into plates -> file to lense" behavior.


    This is my first mod, so I hope I didn't mess anything up :rolleyes:

    This small mod tries to fix some issues with GregTech 5.
    It adds most of the gem and metal storage blocks that are missing. This restores the ability to craft lenses and to progress through the tech tree.
    GregTech detects the storage blocks and adds the usual recipes by its own.
    It also adds an option to replace plutonium with uranium 235 as byproducts of uranium and uraninite.

    The mod was created for GregTech 5.07.07 but I recommend using the unofficial port by Blood Asp.

    Download (v1.5.0)

    Source on GitHub

    License (v1.4+)
    Additionally I grant everyone the permission to include and redistribute the mod as part of a modpack.
    Feedback is of course appreciated. :)

    Note: When you switch to GregTech 6 and restart your world, you should not use this mod anymore.

    Someone could just make a mod that adds some purely cosmetic gem blocks.
    All the recipes and ore dict stuff needed, could be added via MineTweaker. There's not even a need to mess with APIs of other mods.
    Modding can't get much easier.

    I'm in fact trying to do this, but I have no idea what I'm doing :D

    1 Amp per Battery inside. So an 16x Batterybuffer with 16 batterys inside can handle 16 Amp in/out.

    Small correction: (this is wrong on the wiki page, too...)
    Battery Buffers can handle an input of 2 Amps per battery. So a buffer with 4 batteries accepts 8 Amps but outputs only 4 Amps.

    Setup to test this: 3 buffers connected in a row. Put 4 empty batteries into the last two buffers. Put 8 full batteries into the first buffer.
    The second buffer would not fill at all if it accepted only 4 Amps, but it does at a rather high rate.
    Remove some of the batteries in the first buffer and the rate at which the second buffer fills goes down.

    The crops exist, you just have to breed for them and remember which crops are Greg's and not IC2's.

    Hmm strange... I only got the crops listed under IC2 yet. (I have all except Aurelia and Redwheat)
    Is that expected?
    Maybe I'm just unlucky.. :S
    Thanks anyway, I'll keep trying!

    Wait! I think I'm onto something. I had a test world where I cheated in some crops to test things. If I remember correctly there were Greg's crops, too.
    After updating my pack, the world keeps crashing. Until now, I thought that the save got corrupted somehow....
    I could reproduce the crash: pastebin. This happens everytime I try to load the world.
    I'm using gregtech_1.7.10-5.07.04 and industrialcraft-2-2.2.658-experimental
    It seems related to me, but it's probably just a symptom of the actual problem...
    Better link: OpenEye (yep, 3 times reported by me...)

    From GregTech.log: "GT_Mod: Failed to register Crops to IC2."
    Well I guess that explains everything...

    Hey Greg, are there plans to re-add your crops?
    It seems like the CropLoader is still in the mod, but I couldn't breed any of them and they don't show up as seed bags in NEI.
    Am I doing something wrong or will they come back at a later point?

    An Energy Hatch only accepts up to 2 amp. Putting more batteries in the buffer can't change that.
    If your EBF ran perfectly, 2 LV Energy Hatches with 2 amp each would be enough, because 2 * 2 * 32Eu/t = 128Eu/t > 120Eu/t.
    But since you probably haven't fixed the circuits you need 10% more energy. So that makes 120Eu/t * 1.1 = 132Eu/t.
    That means that you need a third Energy Hatch to provide at least 5 amps.
    (All calculations assume that you have put your buffers directly next to the Engergy Hatches, so the EBF gets the full 32Eu packages without cable loss. There is still some loss, but that is taken directly from the buffer)

    Now you only have to be sure that your batteries don't run empty.

    Edit: Sorry, I got the question wrong... So you have fixed all maintenance problems...
    As SpwnX said: 4 diesel gen probably are not enough, because there is some loss when energy leaves a machine.
    In this case your diesel gen output 32Eu/t, but the buffers swallow a part of that. Eventually one buffer is empty because the EBF does not use the energy from the hatches evenly.
    Can you post a screenshot of your setup?

    I haven't tried it yet, but it should work if you put your gens directly next to the energy hatches without a buffer inbetween.
    If the diesel gens work without interruption the EBF would get all the energy it needs. Could be a bit risky though...