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    Yep, lazurite is missing, as well as some other materials that should have a storage block.
    Basically every gem or "gem-like" material that can't be used as a lense is missing.
    I want to add them all to the mod, but be aware that every lazurite block will vanish if you choose to switch back to the "official" version.

    I think you should probably remove your link, when I have my mod updated to 1.4, because it could cause some confusion. But until then, it's fine.

    There are 120 metals to add. I have to be lazy, especially with the textures or else I go crazy :rolleyes:

    If you're addingniggling missing things from GT5, could you make it so uranium/uranite/etc make U235 as a byproduct instead of plutonium?

    That is not really in the scope of this mod or something I have done before. If it is possible to do via the GregTech api, I will consider making a "GregTechFix(es)" mod. 8)

    Edit: New version with the metal blocks is up. Includes lots of lazy textures :thumbup:

    Edit2: It is of course possible. It's extremly easy! (Sorry Greg :rolleyes: ) I will add it to the mod as a config option that is disabled by default.

    Edit3: Aaaaand done!

    I will probably add the metal blocks (I didn't notice they were missing), but there are so many of them ;(
    Any help with texturing is appreciated and I would like to add your textures if I feel they fit the "Vanilla GregTech Feeling" ;)
    Keep in mind though that this mod will be obsolete soon...

    Maybe it's easier to just use a texture pack ;)

    Wow, this is indeed very basic. Every Block uses one ID. With all those used IDs I could make 819150 different Blocks. XD

    I'll keep that in mind for my next mod (if that ever happens...)
    I probably won't change this mod to avoid incompatibilities :P

    Note: You should register those Blocks as "blockGem" too. That is the Prefix used in the future for those Storage Blocks. Otherwise only half of them would be re-registered due to Crossmod-Compat-Code (since I only selected very few Gem Materials to be re-registered).

    I will do that though I don't think it's really necessary in this case.
    By the time people switch to GregTech6 they have to restart their worlds anyway and my mod will be obsolete by then.
    That's the best thing for me about this mod: I don't have to make it really future-proof because it has a very limited life expectation :whistling:

    This small mod tries to fix some issues with GregTech 5.
    It adds most of the gem and metal storage blocks that are missing. This restores the ability to craft lenses and to progress through the tech tree.
    GregTech detects the storage blocks and adds the usual recipes by its own.
    It also adds an option to replace plutonium with uranium 235 as byproducts of uranium and uraninite.

    The mod was created for GregTech 5.07.07 but I recommend using the unofficial port by Blood Asp.

    Download (v1.5.0)

    Source on GitHub

    License (v1.4+)
    Additionally I grant everyone the permission to include and redistribute the mod as part of a modpack.
    Feedback is of course appreciated. :)

    Note: When you switch to GregTech 6 and restart your world, you should not use this mod anymore.