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    I know that Bug. Happens with almost every Mod, as soon as an ItemStack with Wildcard Damage Value gets rendered it will crash, due to not making any Range checks in the Arrays.

    But the Wildcard Damage got changed from -1 to 32767, so that other Mod which is causing the Stack, is also problematic.

    I haven't seen that error before.

    I need the entire ForgeModLoader-client-0.log file (put it on pastebin, attach here, whatever works) in order to troubleshoot the issue.

    Thanks for replying. Heres the attachment.

    Edit: Greg, can i just say what an awesome mod you have created. GregTech adds so much more fun into modded minecraft for me. Since the early days of playing just with IC2 + buildcraft i craved for something more "Industrial" and your mod certainly added that aspect for me. Also, please dont kill me when you see what im using to launch my mod pack.

    Hi all,

    Me and a friend are using this mod on our server, and its been working fine for the past few days. The only item we have currently is a Storage Monitor. Today, we both locked up at the same time and are receiving the same crash report.

    Any idea if there's a fix available for this?

    Thanks in advance.