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    Now, at least you didn't crash.
    However, items disappearing upon shiftclicking them from GUIs is new.

    Please try to reproduce the error with different items and try to figure out from which slots of which machines it disappears. This will help locating the error within the code.

    I wish I could help but I was griefed on the ModernCraft server and have nothing left with which to try to reproduce it. Perhaps I will soon have my things refunded and I can help you out more.

    I was charging my Quantum Helmet in an MFSU. When the helmet finished charging, I shift-clicked to send it to my inventory, but instead, it disappeared. I think that I shift-left click but I may have shift-right clicked by mistake. In either case, the item should not have disappeared.

    Other info:
    The MFSU was directly connected by 2xins gold cable to a reactor chamber which was on at the time.
    I searched the area and had no luck finding the item.

    I really hope that we can get the town onto a new map. But if you can't, I'd prefer a new map, myself. We'll be slow getting started, but it won't take long before we're on our feet (particularly if we work together). Also, I've been looking at buildcraft and it seems to me that it will force us to spread out a little bit anyway.

    OK, so for whatever reason, I wasn't whitelisted. Lets try this again...

    IGN: marbakka
    Age: 30
    MC Exp: 6ish months
    IC Exp: 3ish months
    On the rules: I hate cheating & griefing and have for 10-15 years
    Why do I want on this server?: Because as much fun as I have had in single player, I'd like to work together with others toward common goals and add to the community

    I would like to apply to be whitelisted.

    My in game name is: marbakka

    I've been playing Minecraft since spring and discovered IC a few months ago. I have spent all my time so far in single player and would like to try my hand at IC2 alongside other players. I'm too old to be griefing, and the rules sound perfectly in keeping with my style.

    - Marbakka