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    Hello, I've searched around the forums, the net, I even looked outside my window a few times trying to find the answer on my own, so my apologies if I overlooked something.

    Whenever I open the GUI for a batbox, all the icons for my inventory and 4 armor slots are not aligned with the interface displayed.

    I have several mods installed, and after researching the troubleshooting methods found around the way for various issues, I am at a point where I think deleting the IC2 api's for a certain few mods will resolve my issue, however, it's not an issue that I would call an "emergency" as it still functions, it's just annoying to look at. My true question is, will deleting the IC2-api for the other mods eliminate their IC2 functionality/interaction, or will it simply cause them to establish some sort of new interaction? That may be a bonehead question for some of you more familiar with the various aspects behind how the mods function, but I am not one of those people :)

    Thank you for your time