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    Does anyone know what happens when it's full of matter and fully charged?
    Does it's speed increase with EU?
    If so, what's the max speed?
    Is it better to hook it up to MSFU's or directly to the power source?

    Since you said "Feel free to correct me" I will :) . When you measured by the MFSU, you know that it added the 512EU/s that it outputs? So You would be getting 820EU/s in reality. And I'm talking about normal solar panels, not advanced solar panels, because they would most likely make more power than you could probally deal with, and cost a diamond per panel, which = 2000 diamonds +. The other problems is that you can set the amount of power the advanced solar panel output, which makes them WAY overpowered, and making a solar panel that wastes power due to cable length is really inefficient. And if you built a full array you would have to subract a few rows of 40 panels because you would be double counting them. And how did your computer survive with that many cable intersections??

    Oh and also, our solar panel designs out the EXACT same amount of power. :thumbup:

    But if you noticed, I added an extra row of solar panels on one side, so if you made a full array, yours would be the most efficient one.

    I don't think it did Add the 512 EU/T, it wasn't even connected to anything, i just used cables to jump up to a bit above the tree line, and i don't know how my Computer did so well in handling, i think i got 10 FPS, And no i would not have to subtract a few rows, if you look at the Links of the Wing i designed, you see it's only connected on one side of the MSFU and there's only 1 row that connects in line to the MSFU and this is just a Point of How much EU/T can be generated. Although when i look at the Guy's Set up of wire, That would save up on Framerate because of the pathing in the wires. so actually i was wrong, Your wiring Design is fine because it is most efficient, in saving up wires, but my panel design IMO is better, so i misunderstood the post, Also Everytime i added a length of tin, it had lag spikes so that's why i limited it to a quarter, and to answer the massive iron and Diamond requirement, TMI or Equivalent exchange or Custom Big trees! (allows to spawn big tree's out of any 2 blocks with the 2 blocks a block of obsidian and sapling). One more thing, i'm going to rebuild a wing just to see if the MSFU is adding on 512.

    This is not the most efficient design.


    that is, at a 1/4 of power i was getting 1332 EU/T so at max i was getting 5,329 EU/T (if i had built a full array, but i was already lagging)

    also i've just finished the maximum power solar design with advanced solar panels, If they are set at 16 EU/T during the day and you used Glass fibre cables, you would get a 319 Radius Solar panel Array, so and entire array (including the energy loss an all that) is 407,692 EU/T

    MATH: 319 Lengths, therefore 319 columns that go from 1 to 319 consecutively (in a single Wing, the full array would have 4 Wings + 1 Adv. Solar panel above the very storage device), 319 is and odd number therefore if you pair up the ends of the numbers in the group ( 1 +319 = 320, 2 +318 = 320 Etc.) to help multiply you come out with 318x320 = 101,760 + 159 = 101,919x4 = 407,676 + 16 = 407,692 EU/T

    Advantage: Maximum Free Power, Produces power at night (i am not going to do the math for this because i'm not sure if it rounds up or rounds down due to the power loss at distance) Able to Paint wires to reduce lag (not enough probably because of the extreme length)
    Downsides: Massive massive size, Massive massive resource requirements, May not generate full power because chunks are not kept loaded, will create a massive darkness zone if area is not well lit. And this time i didn't get pictures because i didn't even bother to build it, it's just way too CPU intensive and too time-consuming to do this. I hope i'm right on the calculations, If i'm wrong PLEASE feel free to correct me

    EDIT: i may have been wrong with the Pairing of numbers within 1 and 319 so actually it could be 204,172 EU/T in total, 319 Numbers that are numbers 1 through 319 consecutively, if you remove the middle and pair up each ends of numbers you'll get 159 pairs of 320 and 159 therefore it may be 159x320= 50,880 + 159 = 51,039 x4 = 204,156 +16 = 204,172 EU/T, So, I hope someone makes a power-Grid Design with MSFU or something.

    Composite Set

    Pretty much just complete the set, there should be an effect where it reduces knockback a bit, but reduces movement speed, because sometimes when i'm underground, and a creeper comes up and blows right next to me, sure i'm fine from the explosion but then i either get knocked down a chasm or a shaft or even into a pool of lava, so i hope there's going to be that sort of thing

    recipes are pretty easy, just make the :Iridium: = Advanced Alloy :Copper Ingot: = Leather piece of armor :Refined Iron: = Iron piece of armor
    Pants: :Copper Ingot: :Iridium: :Refined Iron: so here would be leather pants and iron pants
    aaaaa :Iridium: aa :Iridium:
    aaaaa :Iridium: aa :Iridium:

    Helmet: :Copper Ingot: :Iridium: :Refined Iron: Leather helm and Iron helm
    aaaaaa :Iridium: aaa :Iridium:

    Boots: :Copper Ingot: aa :Refined Iron: Leather Boots and Iron boots
    aaaaa :Iridium: aa :Iridium:

    PS: Sorry about all the A's

    Hey um, just got the add-on to work'n everything so uh, where do i go to change the settings of the Solar panel, i'm trying to change it to 8/2 EU/T Day/night but all i have are the PNG's for the block and GUI and the class files, Please help :S

    I am sorry but "legit-ly"? Have you heard the word "legitimately"?

    Well, thank you for your experiment despite the illegitimate acquisition of your resources.

    Okay one, i wasn't really focused on my spelling but who cares, it doesn't matter so long as people understand what i'm saying
    and i'm sure your happy that i did this all within about 10 minutes

    Anyway, just a note, since each solar panel produces only 1 EU/T if you had the advanced solar panels add-on and replaced them all, since they send out a current of 11 EU/T i can no longer use Tin wiring, and for max efficency, use glass, although on the upside, i can now color code it so it doesn't drain out my framerate, this would produce 2,992EU/T (for no energy loss during the day,272 at night) which is a quarter of the entire array, so the full array (with no energy loss) would produce 11,979EU/T during the day and 1,089EU/T at night, if you expand past 20 meters with the glass fibre then you won't gain any EU/T at night and you'll gain EU/T of 11 - (D/20) = for each adv. solar panel with D equaling distance, rounding down always. With all of this in mind, the max length you can go out from a single MSF while still gaining some power is 220 blocks, so that'd be a very large grid...and i'm not even gonna bother calculating how much energy that will produce mainly because i wouldn't be able to wire a quarter of the array without extreme lag. so yeah someone else please figure out how much a 441 diameter solar panel array will produce with advanced solar panels (adv. solar panels produce 11EU/T during the day and 1 EU/T at night versus the normal solar panel with 1 EU/T at day and 0 at night)

    this was just a test for the maximum output you could get with a single solar panel array nothing else, yes i TMI'd it who cares? its just to tell me how much EU/T it gives, i doubt anyone would legit-ly do this do due the enourmous amount of refined iron you need.
    and to me it doesn't matter if it doesn't work in SMP, i can't connect anymore for some reason.
    i also did it to test if Solar panels really did only send 1EU/T each and they do so i'm happy.

    So basically i just TMI'd a bunch of stuff to test if tin wire could handle so many solar panels, so i made it so it's 1/4 (minus 1 solar panel on the very top of the MSF) of the maximum potential and i got 1,332EU/T so if i built the entire Solar Panel Grid (which would lag to hell) you'd get a 5,329EU/T or 106,5280EU per second which translates a whopping 63,948,000 EU per day, obviously at the price of so much refined iron and framerate, anyway this was just something i wanted to test out

    1/4 of the Complete Solar Grid

    Testing of EU/T

    solar panels are free infinite energy. you just pay to build it and after that it provides free infinite energy forever. hook a mass fabricator up to it and you can make everything else in the game, for free. this is not exactly 'new'. cactus farm will make free cactus forever which can be used to make energy or recycle into scrap boxes for free diamonds. cobblestone generators can make cobblestone out of thin air which again can be recycled for free diamonds. those machine can be powered by solar panels for a factory that essentially make stuff out of nothing. why are people keep freaking out that EE allows them to get 'free' stuffs? vanilla minecraft allows this, IC2 allows this, BC makes this REALLY easy, EE makes a LOT of stuff from other stuff. it's a video game. it's okay.

    well geothermal generators produce the most energy safely, and not applying to the quote, EE is somewhat balanced because you have an incredibly slow start, so far i'm using glowstone aggregators to produce the blocks to turn directly into diamonds. along with the coal chunks to diamonds (using the philospher stone you can make diamonds tools out of industrial diamonds, recycle and get regular diamonds) although, i find that uranium is found wayyyy too often while mining so, also the geothermal generators gave me a purpose to go to the nether again (besides cooked porkchops). And even thou i have TMI i sometimes just want to play without spawning items, because that makes it boring REALLY fast.

    Yep had the reactor running in the background as i was posting and just was looking at it going (why are you getting so hot) Good thing i looked to see if anyone posted about it.

    Ok. I have a Mk2 layout. Done a run gets to 6619 heat so needs time to cool but not to bad. 80 EU/t…HCCHHCCCUCCUCHUCCUHCCHHCC

    its still not as good as dezuman's, his one gets 5k heat and it only need 4 uranium cells to produce 60 EU/T versus your 8 uranium cells to produce 80, i don't like using up twice as many cells to produce a third more power

    if it doesn't need to cool down during a cycle its a Mark 2 or 1, but because your's needs a to cool down from the hull heat its a mark 2

    also Dezuman improved my design make a pretty good Mark 2 reactor only needs 4 uranium cells provides 60 EU/T with 3 efficiency and you end up with all your components and the hull about about 5100~ Heat



    okay i've run some theoretical tests and if the water around the reactor does evaporate, the reactor is screwed, i've tried the best case (practical) scenario where i have 8 stacks of 64 ice blocks as additional coolant and the water evaporating at the 4000 heat point, and it went up to 9800~ ticks before failing and i ended up with about 18500 heat in the hull (which would cause a meltdown and explosion) so i'm 5000 heat off in the best case scenario, however this is all pratical, i'm going to go try this out and i'll bring in my results.