Maximum solar panel power

  • So basically i just TMI'd a bunch of stuff to test if tin wire could handle so many solar panels, so i made it so it's 1/4 (minus 1 solar panel on the very top of the MSF) of the maximum potential and i got 1,332EU/T so if i built the entire Solar Panel Grid (which would lag to hell) you'd get a 5,329EU/T or 106,5280EU per second which translates a whopping 63,948,000 EU per day, obviously at the price of so much refined iron and framerate, anyway this was just something i wanted to test out

    1/4 of the Complete Solar Grid

    Testing of EU/T

  • You can use painters to reduce the intersections, thus reducing the lag. Apparently only works in SSP though, sa the wires will revert in SMP. Here's hoping for better framerates.

  • Why does it matter, if you are TMI'ing anyways, just cheat you some filled Lapitron Crystals... That freak-solar-farm is just horrible.

  • this was just a test for the maximum output you could get with a single solar panel array nothing else, yes i TMI'd it who cares? its just to tell me how much EU/T it gives, i doubt anyone would legit-ly do this do due the enourmous amount of refined iron you need.
    and to me it doesn't matter if it doesn't work in SMP, i can't connect anymore for some reason.
    i also did it to test if Solar panels really did only send 1EU/T each and they do so i'm happy.

  • Ah! Expected as much. As an energy packet does not merge with others on the same cable, you can just create a single line of tin from a batbox with 32 solar panels connected to it for example. Well, as I understand it. Thanks for the testing! Should be able to make more interesting solar farms with this instead of the default ones. :)

    For test projects like these, who cares about using TMI. It's for testing! Things tend to blow up with testing. Which makes you cry when in regular gameplay.

  • I am sorry but "legit-ly"? Have you heard the word "legitimately"?

    Well, thank you for your experiment despite the illegitimate acquisition of your resources.

  • I am sorry but "legit-ly"? Have you heard the word "legitimately"?

    Well, thank you for your experiment despite the illegitimate acquisition of your resources.

    Okay one, i wasn't really focused on my spelling but who cares, it doesn't matter so long as people understand what i'm saying
    and i'm sure your happy that i did this all within about 10 minutes

    Anyway, just a note, since each solar panel produces only 1 EU/T if you had the advanced solar panels add-on and replaced them all, since they send out a current of 11 EU/T i can no longer use Tin wiring, and for max efficency, use glass, although on the upside, i can now color code it so it doesn't drain out my framerate, this would produce 2,992EU/T (for no energy loss during the day,272 at night) which is a quarter of the entire array, so the full array (with no energy loss) would produce 11,979EU/T during the day and 1,089EU/T at night, if you expand past 20 meters with the glass fibre then you won't gain any EU/T at night and you'll gain EU/T of 11 - (D/20) = for each adv. solar panel with D equaling distance, rounding down always. With all of this in mind, the max length you can go out from a single MSF while still gaining some power is 220 blocks, so that'd be a very large grid...and i'm not even gonna bother calculating how much energy that will produce mainly because i wouldn't be able to wire a quarter of the array without extreme lag. so yeah someone else please figure out how much a 441 diameter solar panel array will produce with advanced solar panels (adv. solar panels produce 11EU/T during the day and 1 EU/T at night versus the normal solar panel with 1 EU/T at day and 0 at night)