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    That's just a bug in bibliocraft. I see no reason to make workarounds for it.

    I think it's not really a bug, since bibliocraft items are coloured according to the type of wood that they were made from. I think the modder just didn't coded items for non vanilla woods. Of course, anyone could simply ask him if he could do this, but this is not the point. It would function as a general workaround for any kind of situation like that. Or just something you may do if you are in the middle of a birch tree forest and hate birch wood, so you may convert it to oak wood paying for it. i don't know. Just something that came to my mind. Probably not as good as it sounded in the first time, though. Well... nevermind...

    Yes, I would suggest that reprocessing the wood chips into the extractor would lead to wood pulp, then compressing it would make paper. I never liked paper from sugar cane. Papyrus is not paper.

    Another use could lead into making fertilizer, or at least "bonemeal" (It should really be fertilizer, made by reprocessing wood chips into the macerator to get sawdust (yay, another dust), then adding sawdust, water cell (or bucket, for what matters), and dirt, mud or scrap into the workbench would give some fertilizer. It should output more with scrap and less with dirt, mud being in the middle. For mud I mean a mud block, not mud balls.

    Yet another one would be a recipe to enable the conversion of one type of wood into another one. If you have a biomes o'plenty wood plank, you can't make a Bibliocraft item, for example. Only vanilla wood planks are accepted by some recipes. So, you put six wood chips into the workbench and you may have one "standard" wood plank (I can't think of anything more standard then oak wood plank). Some waste, but it can be useful sometimes.

    I'm new to IC², but already totally loving it. Specially loving how neat and cool is to mine with technology instead of a rough, primitive pickaxe. The drill and the mining laser are, for sure, powerful tools, but is the miner the apple of my eyes. How amazing is to go to a pleasant underground tunnel, set it up with his power net and a pump and go fishing anywhere while it does it's job! When you come back, boom! Resources. Minecraft is about, well, mining and crafting. The miner is the industrial revolution of the crafting to mine. And it should be a bit more powerful (and a bit more expensive, too).

    My suggestions are:
    - the miner could be able to dig not only downwards, but in all directions based in the position you place it, just like a batbox, for example, that faces you on placement, but exactly the opposite: the miner will dig towards the direction you are facing when placing it (north, south, east, west, up or down);

    - the miner could have an upgrade to make it dig a larger area. Something costly, for sure, but rewarding. Let's say, you put a miner in the crafting grid with a couple advanced circuits, a couple advanced machines and four advanced alloys and boom! A miner that works only with diamonds drill and ov scanner, consumes way more EU to work, but has a range of 16x16. Too OP? Well, 12X12, then. Also, should not accept less then 128 EU/t. High end industrial drilling machine needs high end powering net, no? Maybe it could also need water cells to cool down its drill (or else it would break);

    - together with a pump, the miner could function as a mega powerful ultra pump of doom by simply placing a water cell or a lava cell into the drill slot. The miner would then drain all the respective liquid within its range into the pump that, on its turn, will fill empty cells with the drained liquid. The result should be a large dry hole (I don't know if it's possible to make this, but it should not let water regenerate itself, really draining it from the world). Useful to drain a lava lake on the nether to feed some geo-gen.

    I'm sorry if this suggestion was already made, I did a little search but I'm afraid it may not have been as extensive as it should.


    I always wanted to have luminators that i can switch on/off, so i installed mcp and eclipse and modified the TileEntityLuminator to have an internal storage of 32 EU instead of 10k EU.
    Result: The luminator will remain switched on without energy for about 10 seconds instead of 2 days.

    Saving the day again, uh? Hopefully this jar also contains that pretty nice fix to that texture bug you did...:P

    Will give it a try asap, but you have my thanks for your effort since now.

    Yap. Agreed. Lowering the internal storage of the luminators is a must. I don't have any knowledge of coding, but I'm willing to learn just to do this if someone could point me a good manual or something like that...