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    I just released another exciting update for Crafting Guide! This update adds a lot of small tweaks and adjustments to
    the site's animations and some performance enhancements, but the big news is an enhanced crafting algorithm and
    Railcraft support!

    The new crafting algorithm, instead of using the first available recipe for any given item, will now choose the recipe
    which is most effecient at producing that item. In other words, if you have a Macerator, it will be smart enough to use
    it. It is also smart about using machines like the Block Cutting Machine to make plates. And, as an extra bonus, it's
    about twice as fast as the old algorithm.

    With Railcraft support not only comes the huge richness of that mod, but the first multi-block structures in Crafting
    Guide. For example, check out how to make a Blast Furnace!

    I just pushed up another big update! This one adds detail pages for each item from each mod. These detail pages show:

    • the item's basic information (name, icon, ...)
    • a link to the item's full crafting plan
    • the list of all recipes for that item
    • the list of all items it can be used to make
    • the list of all similar items

    All of this gives you an extensive reference of related items and recipes. Check it out by seeing what you can do with
    a Diamond!

    A few more updates to report! First, now your preferences for which mods are active and whether tools are included will be remembered between visits. Second, I've finished adding support for Thermal Expansion 4. The crafting algorithm doesn't yet taken into account the ore-doubling/tripling machinery, but all the recipes for the entire mod are present and functional. I'll work on using the machines in a future update. Next up: IC2 Experimental!

    Interesting, waiting for IC2 Experimental (and maybe, really maybe GregTech) recipes.

    Definitely on the list. I started the project some time ago when IC2 was still in the "classic" versions, and I just updated it to match with the new site. I definitely want to upgrade to IC2-Exp as soon as possible. GregTech (among others) is definitely a mod I would love to add.

    have a mod to dump all recipes/items and textures/icons

    I've heard that suggestion before. Unfortunately, while I do know Java, it's been a long time, and I've never gotten into making mods. I'd certainly welcome some collaboration, though!

    allowing everyone to upload stuff would break it instantly

    I've set things up to go through GitHub to avoid that specific problem. Anyone can submit a pull request, and I can deploy to a staging site for testing before releasing the content to the wild. Not quite as easy for people to contribute, but I think it will keep the quality much higher.

    Thanks, I found the culprit. In my case, it was RailCraft. A few versions back, they switched over to the experimental line. Unfortunately, the last build they have which doesn't use the experimental line isn't compatible with 1.6.4, so my initial guess was correct: either go back to 1.6.2 or use the experimental branch.

    I tried taking RailCraft out, but I still couldn't find a compatible version of IC2, so I just decided to bite the bullet and upgrade. I'm now using IC2-exp 2.0.288 with RailCraft, and things seem to be working happily. :)

    I'm putting together a mod pack for myself based upon the latest 1.7.3 launcher, but with the 1.6.4 version of MC. I've been looking at a ton of forums and download sites, and as best I can tell, there isn't a working version of vanilla IC2 (i.e., non-experimental) which works with 1.6.4. It appears I either need to use a version of IC2 experimental, or fall back to 1.6.2. I'm a little wary of using IC2 Experimental due to all the disclaimers (world-crashing bugs, lots of changes, etc), but all the other mods I want are up to 1.6.4, so I'm a little stuck.

    I should mention, all of the non-experimental versions of IC2 I've tried yield the following error message: "IC2: minimum version required is 2.0.140" which (consulting the Jenkins site) appears to be a IC2 experimental build.

    Also, here are the versions of MC & Forge I'm using, as shown on the MC title page:

    • Minecraft 1.6.4
    • MCP 8.11
    • FML
    • Minecraft Forge

    Is there a version of non-experimental IC2 for MC 1.6.4, or do I need to choose either MC 1.6.2 or an experimental version of IC2?


    I suggest working on the ability to calculate the raw ingredients for multiple items first

    Thanks for the advice! I've definitely had that in mind from the beginning, so I've set things up to make it easy to add later. Actually, I"m a professional software engineer, so I'm very used to planning out code for being modular for future growth. Everything is open-source, so you're welcome to take a look at the project on GitHub.

    Seems the general consensus is to add the links, so I've updated the entries for the Bronze Armor (Helmet, Chestplate , Leggings , Boots) to include the links. I also noticed that the general format of the "Recipe" section varies quite a bit from page to page, so I homogenized these four to a style similar to what is used in the BuildCraft wiki.

    I'll stop with that for now, and let folks here chime in with any feedback or objections. As I'm adding links, I'm happy to homogenize each entry, so I'd like to make sure everyone is happy with the format before I get any further.


    Do you manually add them or do you have some sort of automated process to "rip" them out from within minecraft?

    At this point it's all manual. I haven't gotten into making mods myself, but that's a intriguing idea.


    Your job isn't over yet, you should see ALL the new recipes for IC2_experimental! (Possibly add it as another library, and add functionality to disable and enable libraries.)

    Yeah, it would definitely be a separate recipe book, and being able enable/disable recipe books is definitely on the list of future additions.


    You may have seen my announcement for a little while ago over in the general discussion forum:


    Have you ever wanted to figure out how much of what materials you need to craft something? Ever notice that certain recipes are pretty easy... until you account for all the machines you need? Ever wonder how much stuff you'll need to make a Quarry or a whole stack of Quantum Bodyarmor ?

    I've just started a project which will help. Pick from a list of recipes (or add your own), select how many to make, and it will automatically figure out:

    • How many of what resources do you need?
    • What tools / machines do you need?
    • How many of what resource do you need for the tools?
    • What items do you need to craft in what order?
    • What will be left over after you've finished crafting?

    I've just launched the bare-bones version with support for many vanilla, Buildcraft, and IndustrialCraft recipes. It's all open-source, so anyone can help expand it to cover missing recipes, other mods, or add new features. Check out the GitHub project if you'd like to get involved!

    Well, I've gotten a lot of great feedback, and I've also just finished adding all the recipes for Industrial Craft 2. So... I was wondering what people think about systematically adding links from this wiki to Crafting Guide? There are a few pages which include this sort of information already, but none which allow you to dynamically play with quantity or include the costs for making the required tools. There are also many, many pages which don't have this information at all. These links have already been added to the BuildCraft Wiki , and have been well received over there.

    What do you guys think?