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    "mens lest not resort no name calling now, come on if anything I was a little annoyed, but bitching, come on. Also you kept say "why don't you leave" you were trying to get me to leave because you didn't have a justifiable reason to ban me , so when I said I wasn't you just came up with a rule on the spot, " no one can have a different opinion then me" well something like that, oh but you'll deny that of course. My reason which I already said on my last post was to get everyone to see the problems in this."

    No, you were bitching about it and placing signs up alllll around the base to "protest" it. Mens said he wasn't going to change it so just drop it. HE is the one paying for the server. HIS server. And saying you were bitching is not name-calling. He did not come up with a "rule on the spot." The number one rule ever since the server started was do not harass the admins. It has always been that way and it always will be that way.

    "You don't see the similarity in what you described to what you have know do you, invading will be rush obby blocks but you can see my edit for that. and it never took a mouth, it's much more faster then what you have now. We don't have the number to station a group close by the dams in case blue attacks this isn't real life, this is Minecraft."

    No, what he said was nothing like the way wars used to be. And yes, it did take that long for wars to occur. We had like two wars in how many years? And it was pretty much only because Mens and myself PUSHED people to do it. The server almost closed a couple times due to no one fighting and us getting tired of it. Now, people are fighting all the time. Also, red has more than blue. Why are you complaining about not having the numbers?

    "What I did has nothing to do with how broken its is, and you can't justify it being broken on my action, and really, calling out my faulting, that are unrelated to this, wow you just proved even more you have no counter arguments for this."

    This makes no sense in response to what he said. He was not saying YOU broke it. He was saying you die pretty much as soon as you leave the portal room, therefore you have no right to call anything broken.

    "Ya it was a long shot, and I like how you frequently use the words 'Bitching" and ,"Whining" your obviously using this to convince your self that you are the superior in this, that you can keep you cool, and of course the other guy can't, of course, and I know its hard to tell someone tone on the internet, but is it would help, I can use emoticons if you like :)"

    No sweetie... He IS superior here. He is the admin. He is the one paying for the server. You are a mere idling player. And Mens never acts "superior" to people, but in all honesty... HE IS. (And that is why he's such an awesome admin.)

    "and I LOLed when I read that can't accept a person can find fault in your system, and you and them, that classic power abuse."

    I have NO IDEA what you said here so I can't respond to it...

    You aren't going to make him change his mind and change the war system back and invite you back on the server. Why are you wasting your time with these posts? You are just making a fool of yourself.


    "A team rep or leader must make a forum post declaring war on their opposition. 24 hours from then, but not before 6 PM EST or after 12 AM EST, the warring team will be able to go into each others towns/capitols. In certain circumstances where each team has a significant number of people on this waiting period could be shortend with approval from both teams reps."

    Unless both team reps are okay with the 24 hour waiting period to be shortened the war has to be at 9:40pm or later, since that was when Keebes posted it.