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    Another bug report: The new version of Forestry natively support both RF and EU, it seems ENet Bridge can't decide what to do, and when connected by cable, the connection flickers between connected and not connected very rapidly. It does seem that the machine still draws the correct amount of power, but it is visually glitchy and could cause lag.

    still an issue?

    Just wanted to post about Stardale now that its showing up on Kickstarter.

    Stardale is a large scale 2d procedural generated universe. It has the same basic principles of most 2d side scrollers like Terraria and many others but it goes well beyond by adding detailed tech progression and fully player controlled space exploration. Yes, that's right, you can fly your ships around space. Even better, ships have slots and tech modules for upgrades and to mount weapons and customizations. With this you can join in space battles against other players and mobs! In addition, Stardale will allow you to tech up from the stone age to space age; after you fire your first rocket engine and send out a probe or a player into space you'll discover the entire universe is at your disposal. You will be able to build and create player owned stations, setup mining outposts, create trading routes and much more. On top of that the universe changes based on how players interact with each other and their surroundings; you can shape the course and fate of the cosmos! Either way there is tons more information at the Kickstater page linked above.

    If you like the 2D worlds or flying in 2D top down view space then you'll probably love this game. I really think a lot of people are going to love this because you will have Single Player, Multiplayer and even dedicated servers capable of hosting 100's if not 1000's of players! The best part is that as a player you can actually run your own servers if you want; that means you can run and host your own MMO scale sized servers or just small ones - whatever you decide. The choice is yours there will be 100's of customizations that server administrators or normal users can add to the server configurations.

    Make sure you check out the Youtube Video:

    Mine are bigger then yours!

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    As a random an observer. Don't worry about new features. Worry about 1.7.10 support then making it stable. If you commit to taking on a job of updating someone else mod they created then you need to be loyal to the people who supported this entire time. You update it make it stable and from there if they choose to continue with your new additions that you add overtime from there on that is up to them. But you should not be worried about adding new content till you know all the kinks been worked out and stable for 1.7.10.

    I myself am Not touching this because you seem so aggressive and eager to add new features now that you have control over the project. Its a turn off myself and I just wanted to share some my experience and feedback.

    Good luck.

    Ok... you win! it works on the server. Gonna show off this mod to my friend later :)

    Thanks for this. I think I was too lazy to report this if it was the same bug I had crashing on the server start up. I noticed more and more mods crashing on Dedicated servers. I thought they made it so that was next to impossible but maybe forge adding stuff that can cause this now. I seen so many mods in 1.7.10 causing server crashes but not client.

    You mean to add a flying entity, that kill mobs?

    Exactly! I mean it uses power and you would need a few to guard a big enough area. But yeah it would be a Quad copter that would protect the area around the base. I'm tired of using MFFS or 10000 torches. Everything out there is overpowered and boring. We need new ways to help clean up mobs with unique methods :)

    This was such a silly and amazing mod:…-mp-lan-turret-mod-v3-0-1

    You build turrets and they could even collect exp and such. What we did is place them all around the entire area and it was a ton of fun rather just placing 100's of torches :)

    I have not tried the mod but it looks pretty sweet. One suggestion I want to make it might be in already. Allow each feature to be turned on and off. Also I would love to request down the road some kind of laser defence system that the Quad Copter could be stationed all around a players base to protect them from mob spawns overtime.

    There has been very few and very great defensive type mods when it comes to laser turrets of any kind.

    Keep up the good work :)

    Kane: If you're looking for Gregtech configured for less interference for 1.6, check out TestPackPleaseIgnore on the FTB launcher. It has heavily adjusted configs, and even has a custom mod (TPPI Tweaks) that adjusts things that they couldn't adjust in the GT configs. Its GT version is something like 4.08p.

    If you're looking for GT configured for less interference for 1.7, you'll probably have to do that yourself this early in the 1.7 game.

    Damn. Any tips on what I should look for.

    Disable Vanilla Anything.
    Disable Anything but IC Usage.
    Anything else conflicting.

    I might as well ask this....

    How easy is it these days to setup Gregtech to fuck nothing but IC for people on my server who like to play the challenge but not to mess with other mods mainly vanilla... Also last time I was playing around GT had so many interactions with so many other mods and teir ores that you could start duping and looping shit.

    Just asking. Feel free to send me the configs if you like to help out. I been out the GT Game way to long to go through it I tried it before and fucked it up bad.

    I just want no Vanilla interaction, No using parts from other mods but IC to build things like if the server just had IC/GT only installed. If that is possible.

    Thanks! Hope things gotten more stable. I stopped using this a while ago something was driving me mad. Not sure what but I'm going to give it another go :)