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    I've reported this aswell and it's very annoying. Only thing you can do is turn off unification but I'd prefer this to get fixed.

    My unification is turned off, It does not happen in my inventory but mostly due to machine process.


    Also, someone please tell me, how do I turn off requirement of plates etc. for tool and armor crafting? I just want to use ingots to craft pickaxii and armii, pl0x.
    If possible. Please and thank you, kind sirs.

    B:TooEasyMode=true does that I think.

    I have a problem with ore dictionary which happens after I restart a game. For example smelting rubber chip would give me rubber(ic2) one time and after game restart it will give me rubber bar (MFR). Same happens with data circuits/elite circuits in assembling machine. While not fatal is screws up my AE autocrafting.
    I'm not exactly sure if its GT fault or not, but so far I've noticed it with GT involved recipes.

    Afftor, you can convert the Sulfuric Acid into power by making the new (and actually useful) Single Use Batteries with it. I imagine it would be a small machine + automation line to dump Sulfuric Acid cells into, then ignore them and enjoy a bit of bonus EU you didn't have to turn your Generators on for.

    Yes, I know of that, but I really don't want to waste time/space/resources for mere 12k eu per cell. I suspect even automation will eat more energy than that pretty quickly.

    Works fine for me. Post screenshots of GT Machine GUI and ME interface GUI please.

    Clearing my head I've discovered that I can't import items from same side i export them now (the side with square). Previously I could just put AE interface on top and whole system would be done, but now it seems to prevent items from going in. Is there any way to make it work without adding more AE per machine?

    Having an issue with a Thermal Boiler + Steam Turbine setup. I'm on version 1.5.2 by the way.

    You can use pump modules + thermal expansion tesseracts (or gregtech if you are not afraid to put extra resources into that). I think you can also pump thermal boilers with liquid logistic pipes saving tons of space, those are pretty decent at transfering liquid, although not enough for steam turbine. For obsidian you set output hatch with screwdriver to output only items and put conveyor module on it. Also try using lava filters, I found them astonishingly productive.

    Here i am to request another thing : Can you make wrenches auto recharge themselves if there is a compatible electric chestplate (lappack) ?
    Because when crafting i have to manually charge it everytime and thats annoying.

    Advanced electric wrench has about 10 times more energy than normal, thats enough for all my crafting need at least.
    Oh yeah, also rightclicking them when in hotbars recharges them from your armor.

    Is that just me or thermal boiler/lava filter a little bit OP? Before I used them I had about 4.5k iron and only 1.2-.3k copper, but after using 2 filters on boilers supplying steam turbine my copper jumped over iron and I have 6k both now (I use quarry in a meantime though and it used to mine rubies halfway thru). Needless to say tin and obsidian are just as abundant and electrum hitting 700ea. Why I consider this op, it took just a hour or two to produce all this stuff and lava filters are what? 128 coal dust? Certainly not a problem, even though I have only 2.5k of pure coal right now lol (compared to ingots).

    I do not know if that's intended behavior or not, but a solution would be to have the logistics pipes dump into a chest, and have a conveyor cover set to import on the regulator.

    The problem is only logistic pipes can track down amount of items in inventory and keep it as I need. You can't stack reactor components, regulator has only 9 slots and I use 8, 2 wrong items and reactor wont resupply as supposed. And the only easy solution is to use logistic pipes. And by "easy" i mean not making ridiculously elaborate AE settings with multiple networks.

    Bug: For whatever reason advanced regulator/translocator (other inventory managers?) refuses to accept items from logistic pipes. Specifically supplier pipe. Just ruined my epically easy automated nuclear reactor idea. :(