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    I noticed that the HV solar panels show the "sunlight" symbol in their interface at night on my overworld. With four HV and 2 MV solar arrays hooked up to a MFSU (in the latest version of IC2 experimental) the MFSU explodes immediately. There is no problem during the day with this setup; it only happens at night

    Hey, all.

    Is the EnergyPack supposed to keep the nanosuit armor charged at the cost of its energy? I created an EnergyPack (which is listed as Power Level: tier 3) and the NanoSuit armor (also listed as Power Level: tier 3). However, when worn with the EnergyPack, the NanoSuit armor loses power as I take damage as normal, while the EnergyPack does not.

    Any suggestions?

    I am running the latest experimental version for v1.6.2 (industrialcraft-2_2.0.274-experimental) and I have a couple of recipes which require silver. The problem I am having is that I haven't found any silver in the wild and I turn up empty-handed when I search in NEI for silver ore. Is there a "recipe" to make silver in IC2 or is it somehow thinking I have access to silver from another mod? Is there a list somewhere of which mods provide which materials?

    I am in the Nether and I am trying to use lava as a fuel source for Geothermal Generators. For some reason, when I try to connect a fluid transfer pipe from Buildcraft to the Geothermal Generator, the pipe will not connect. Is this intentional from IC2 standpoint? Is there a tutorial for using Geothermal Gens in the MC1.6.2 IC2?


    I am using IC2 version 2_1.118.401 and Compact Solars version 1.6.2- When I place down a High Voltage Solar Array and try to attach a glass fiber cable to it, Minecraft crashes and deleted my world. Completely deletes it. I have no idea how to retrieve the world if it's still stored somewhere. It is no longer in my list under Single Player.

    I have used this mod before in 1.4.7 and in 1.5.2 and this always worked before. So, is this a bug in Compact Solars or in IC2?