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    As I understand, IC2 team doesn't have plans to make machine blocks be power wires in the same place.

    So I'd suggest, for balance reasons, to make Conductor Upgrade
    * Makes machine function like wire (i.e. allows power to pass through
    * Wire's power tier equals to machine's effective one (own tier + transformer upgrades)
    * Allows for more compact setups at the cost of some resources and upgrade slot
    * I don't know if there are any issues with energy net search algorithm than can show up if power sink would pose itself as wire

    And in SMP, someone comes over and paints your machine room. With your least favorite color.

    It's already an issue - griefer can repaint your cables - and you'll get your power grid messed up. BTW, connector sides are usually hidden behind walls. And we can paint not the whole side, but at example thin border or like.

    For now, cables have their max. thoroughput in tooltip.
    I'd like to propose this good practice to be extended, so we can easily see:
    * Cables' power loss distance
    * Storage units' output
    * Machines' power input tier
    * For transformers, two tiers of voltage they convert between