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    I wanted to install the new version of IC (1.22) since a lot of the add-ons are now up to date. But, when I'm deleting the META-inf folder and I launch minecraft I get a black screen. So I go back in the .jar, and I see it had created a new META-INF folder!
    I also tried to rename the folder, what previously worked (already had this issue), but even with renaming the folder it still comes back (recreates itself).

    Is there a way to prevent this form happening?
    I'm running Mac OS 10.7.2, 8gb RAM, 9600m, 2,53GHz C2D.

    Thanks a lot,


    Edit: Also tried to renames the files inside the folder and it just re-creates them.
    I've done some research and found this , I'm not the only one with this problem. No solutions in that thread though. :(


    I've been playing IC2 for about 2 weeks now, and had no problems at all concerning lag / framerate issues. But then with no reason, I had (still have) arround 4-5fps IG. I thought it might be to many entities, so installed SPC to delete them, ben still the same.

    I've tried to re-install IC2 on a clean MC-install but it still lags. I've also tried to create a new world, it starts fine (∞35fps), but quickly after 10-15min it gets laggy again (5-6 fps).

    The mods I've installed:

    • IC2
    • Advanced Solar Power add-on
    • Buildcraft
    • Redpower
    • Portal gun
    • Equivalent Exchange
    • TMI

    Would be much appreciated if anyone know a solution to this.

    I'm running on a Macbook pro, Mac OS 10.7.2, 8Go ram, 2,53GHz core2duo, 9600M.