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    It is my understanding that miners ignore water now so there is no way for it to pass the water source blocks to the miner. This is at least what I believe as I haven't had a miner get stuck on nor suck up water in a very long time. So the configuration you have is good for pumping lava only.

    For water cells I just slap a pump on the ground put a chest next to it, and then create the standard 2x2x1 infinite water source under the pump. Give power and it works.

    edit: Also you say it draws water in to its' piston area, I think you are mistaking the tear drop for "cycle/ready" indicator.

    Let me trying to understand (screen shot would help) there is no other cable runs besides the one piece of copper?

    You have two rows of solar panels? and only 8 of them are working? which is correct even if you were only using copper all the way down.

    If you were using fiber they would all work, or if you made it more densely compact it would work.

    Aye I know about the wiki, 'tis why I posted here before I modify the whole array. The complete design is flat on the roof of my new building which makes the array 11x17 with a MFSU in the center. At the 4 corners the solar gens either show 0 output or are not passing the eu to the next cable length, which is what lead me to test it in a control setup. The Fiber cable runs have two spaces between them allowing two gens, which then all lengths lead to the MFSU (basically connected H shapes). current output is only 144, yet there are 158 total gens.

    edit: counting the gens themselves no length is longer than 12 to the MFSU.

    Not sure why my thread was removed, simple question.

    "Fibre" Cable not 20 blocks

    Was troubleshooting my new large solar flower and noticed that fiber cable is losing 1 eu every 10 blocks not 20 as it is listed on the wiki. Is this as intended or a bug?

    Someone suggested it was rounding, however between 10 and 20 there should be no rounding. As you can see in the picture the fiber cable is 11 blocks long.