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    Hmm I haven't looked much into forge yet

    Huh... I do not think it is caused by this addon because of the nature of it.

    I had that problem with portal gun way before I ever even heard of this mod. Apparently its something in either wireless redstone, the non CBE, or its a slight conflict with which chunks are loaded. Neither of which has anything to do with this mod.

    Updating to the new wireless redstone mod, CBE, does the trick, according to the thread on the forum

    Maybe Sides? Side 1 and 2?

    Just mentioning for clarity, you mean pages, right?

    Multiple pages. Corr. I am just going to swap this mod for my EE... Only reason I really had EE were the alchemical chests, and with this mod, well, out it goes. The rest of it felt too cheaty somehow.

    I edited one to make it able to increase in heat very slowly. My design heats up extremely slowly, but works. If you replace the Plating with a coolant cell, it starts cooling, but slowly. You could heat it with lava buckets to make it run faster. Or just remove some of the air cooling.…CCHCCCHCCIUCCHCCCHCCCHCCH

    You write air cooling, but when I look at the schematics, it says water cooling. What should i go for?


    I just visited my oil-well, which is two boat rides, a trek across a mountain, and half a desert away. With no crashes.

    The solution? Tear down anything even remotely energy related. Wires, machines, the lot. Save, exit minecraft. Reboot minecraft, load game, rebuild the entire factory including solar arrays and such. Wait for energy to re-accumulate, hit the on switch, and pray. Oh, and put teleport pipes from the additional pipes submod for buildcraft all over your factory, along your wiring paths, and such, to make sure the chunks stay loaded, even when you are not around.

    I really, really hope this can help others in this situation, because its no fun at all.

    Thank you for your help and attention. Nothing to see here, move along.

    Zeldo, who made the additional pipes mob for the buildcraft mob, said the following:
    "IC2's EnergyNet does not like chunks being unloaded, its a known serious bug."

    He suggested I stuff a load of Teleport pipes around my house, and energy net, so that the chunks were kept loaded.

    Unfortunately, even that didnt help. When I am near the machinery, it runs with no problem. The moment I get out of range, i get "saving Chunks" and a nice error message about the energyNet.

    Perhaps there is a patch somewhere?

    Nope, that didn't solve it after all. It still crashes, only now it is not ccomplaining about a specific machine / generator, but IC2.common.energynet and so on.

    Minecraft error message is in the first spoiler, and simple minecraft error test in the second. What is going on?

    Hi there.

    Im trying this again, this time with the right prefixes. :P

    Minecraft has started crashing on me, as soon as I load my save game. It happened after I left my house, and traveled far enough away for the chunks in which it was, to be unloaded. It happened twice on the way where I were going, but loaded fine after each crash.
    Then, once I arrived (At an oil deposit,) and set up a pump with a teleporter pipe, it crashed, and did it hard. This time, it loads the game fine, but crashes around 3 seconds after it is done loading, with the same error message each time.

    I did a search, but found no errors just like the one I have.

    The teleporter pipes are supposed to keep the chunks they are in, and around them, loaded so machines will run even when you are not directly around them. Could that be part of the issue?

    Thank you very much in advance, and this time I hope I have done everything by the book.

    By the way. Below here is most of my error code from the simple minecraft error test. I had to short it down a little to make it fit with the character limit, but I left what I think is the most important parts in:

    Edited to add:
    Removing the generators and the batbox with MCedit seemes to have fixed it, for now. But I would still be very happy if someone could tell me what went wrong, so that I can prevent it from happening again, and having to delete som rather expencive pieces of machinery to get my savegame back to working order.

    So, any and all help is still very much appreciated and anticipated.

    Thank you in advance.