Nargon's Reactors: Mark I, Mark II, Mark III, Mark IV, Breeder

  • Here is some of my reactors designs:

    Mark I-O C, Effeciecy 2.00, 2 Uranium Cells, 2 Reactor Chambers, 40 EU/t, Air cooling (4 blocks)
    Good starting reactor, effecient and cheap

    Mark I-O C, Effeciecy 2.33, 3 Uranium Cells, 4 Reactor Chambers, 70 EU/t, Water cooling (11 blocks) OR Water cooling (9 blocks) & Air cooling (8 blocks)
    High effeciency on Mark I

    Full Reactors (6 additional chambers, full water cooling (20 blocks)):
    Mark I-O D, Effeciecy 1.5, 8 Uranium Cells, 120 EU/t
    Less effeciency, but Mark I and 120EU/t :thumbup:

    Mark II-8 C, Effeciecy 2.50, 4 Uranium Cells, 100 EU/t
    Average effeciency, good EU/t, 8x full cycle before needs cooldown

    Mark II-7 C, Effeciecy 2.00, 6 Uranium Cells, 120 EU/t
    Less effeciency, but 2 is still good, higher EU/t

    Mark II-1 B, Effeciecy 3.00, 4 Uranium Cells, 120 EU/t
    High effeciency, Mark II, but he is capable only one running before needs cooldown

    Mark III B (2500s), Effeciecy 3.00, 8 Uranium Cells, 240 EU/t
    Good effeciency, high EU/t

    Mark III C (2500s), Effeciecy 2.00, 14 Uranium Cells, 280 EU/t
    Less effeciency, higher EU/t, a bit faster cooldown

    Mark III C (1250s), Effeciecy 2.50, 16 Uranium Cells, 400 EU/t
    average effeciency, high EU/t, short running, but it is still Mark III

  • Mark V B (625s), Effeciecy 3.00, 18 Uranium Cells, 540 EU/t
    good effeciency, high EU/t

    Mark V B (625s), Effeciecy 3.10, 20 Uranium Cells, 620 EU/t
    better effeciency, very high EU/t, but still capable running about 10 minutes

    Mark X Perfect Breeder, 9k heat, 1 Uranium Cell, 4 Depleted Isotope Cells, Water cooled
    Yes it's possible make Perfect Breeder 9k heat with water cooling, but it's difficult set heat to 9k.

  • You can connect cable/restone from side of chambers. This hasn't effect on cooling. You can use all 20 water blocks.

    On left side is cable, on right side is redstone.

  • The number in Mark II reactor's names means how many times (in full uranium cycles) can reactor non-stop run before needs cooldown.
    And the Letter is effeciency classificator. i.e. C = effeciency is greater or equal to 2 and lesser than 3.

    Both has described by Alblaka in this thread

  • Nice, well calculated designs Good work!
    I will be unable to regularly update my own designs so feel free to use/improve on them :)

  • Congrats for the great work Nargon.Finished the testing of two of your reactors(The ones i will be using)The MK-II 1 and the perfect breeder.They both work perfectly,even the times to heat up the breeder are precisely correct.I used your thermomether addon for the testing.The breeder got only 50 heat up due do water not being in there in the tick.It is really perfect.Unless you are planning to do 121 cycles in a row,which i doubt.The test was for a full cycle.

  • I am not sure on your cooldown time calculations. Seems like you calculated in TICKS, then set them as SECONDS - hence the long cooldown timers. Correct me if I am wrong, though.

    [EDIT]: Nevermind, I misunderstood, somewhat.

  • I built a Mark IV B (625s) and was using the thermometer mod as well, but unfortunately it ended poorly. I was also using Watch of Flowing Time from EE and forgot to check up on my reactor. I was in my machine room which is right beside the reactor, and boooom! Luckily, I had Quantum and my rooms were made of Reinforced Stone which parried some damage. But no!!!! I lost so must material! My MFSU and MFS managed to survive which is fantastic though, managed to collect 6Million eus.

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    I'll be upgrading to the Mark II-1 B at some point (probably soon). I just don't feel the NEED to play a risky game with anything higher.

    I've got a small solar farm (5x 13 solar flowers), and a pretty nice Geothermal generator room that is really only optional.

    Until there are more machines to use energy on, I just don't need any more than I've already got stored in my MFSUs.

  • Hey there, well i just finished building my second reactor, which will be a breeder one, and then i copied the one you posted here, i managed to get it to 9500 heat but i dont know why when i put the breeding configuration it starts cooling itself i dont understand please help me!!

  • I seem to have the opposite problem.

    I used the heating configuration on the breeder, to get it to 9000 degrees. Then i swapped over to the breeding configuration, where there should be no added nor removed heat. But even with an additional cooling cell in the setup, the heat keeps slowly increasing. :?:
    This is using IC2v1.15

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  • I built the :Nuke TNT: Mark III-B. :sleeping: It's flawless. I can run it for 41 minutes(just over 2 MineCraft days) total and pickup 6 million EU :thumbup:
    Takes only about 1.25 hours to cooldown - its badass. Thank you, i love you Engineers, no-homo

    God blesses the child that can hold its own.

  • It is realy Perfect Breeder Work Fine for me Thank you :Reactor: :Reactor: :Reactor:

    @ black012589 and Cyperangel

    you guys have to try keep heat 9000+ [ i am at 9091] if its go down put one uranium cell then heat back to 9100 remove keep doing that 5-6 time then its stay at 9090-9100 if go up do other way remove ur uranium cell like 10 tick then put back