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    First off, thanks Alblaka for IC, it's awesome!

    However, IC2 is slightly less awesome than IC1; batteries are a pain in the ass.

    The batteries of IC1 was great (imo), easy to use, did what they were supposed to, I never experienced any hassle using them, ever... However, with IC2 and it's partially depleted batteries; functionality has been greatly reduced (which goes against the intended idea of improving, not ruining, the battery system).

    When I start out on a new IC map, i usually just get a macerator, a generator, and then a crapton of solar panels, along with a nice stack of batteries which I can just leave in the solar panels, in stacks of 5-10, to have them recharged.

    This, of course, is impossible with IC2, given it's partially-depleted batteries, whereas I have to manually take out and insert batteries when recharged (this becomes quite a hassle when having atleast 10 batteries).

    It really does discourage me from playing -- I mean seriously... Try it, it's a pain.

    Now, I wasn't sure if I should put this in suggestions or support, so I just took my chances and went with support... Considering the suggestions that have already been made to change generators, adding an additional slot for empty batteries that will be put in the refill-slot (and the filled battery goes to the chest).

    I'd love Eloraam OR BuildCraft style cables, anything other than the not-so-pretty cables we have now, that has more resemblance to compressed cow dung than cable (or maybe Al prefers cables to be humongous to fit with the setting, i dunno :| ).

    Name/Nick: Lahrmid

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    Timezone you're living in, given in GMT: GMT+1 (Sweden)

    The position you want to take: Beta Tester, don't know what else I could really contribute with.

    Previous experience on the position mentioned above: Beta tested plenty of MMOs - WoW, Warhammer Online, Mortal Online, Terra Online (Only for 1 week), Haven and Hearth, Age of Conan, All Points Bulletin, and a few Indie Games.