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    Ingots obtained by using super-heated options on ore block are not possible to gather. They appear on the ground and one of them is appearing in backpack but rest of them just lays on ground. If you mess around with items in backpack sometimes another ingot shows up... but it doesn't stack with the rest appearing in the same way, it just disappears after moving or using it in hand. First obtained ingot stacks well with normally obtained (refined or melted ingots). This things happens to iron, tin, copper and gold ore. Very same thing happens with charcoal from trees created by super-heated mode.

    Error occurred when you I tried to to put mining laser with few other tools (electric wrench, diamond tipped drill, some cables etc.) in toolbox. Game crashed right after using toolbox.

    While trying to recreate bug I got rid of bugged toolbox and tried to store different tools without laser and it works fine. Then repeat the same with mining laser and tools crash again. Another attempt was to store just mining laser without other stuff and it was possible to close mining laser inside toolbox alone. Then again with some tools and without others. It looks like bug happens kinda randomly at this point. Sometimes game crashes while getting stuff out of toolbox and sometimes while putting it in there but it's always somehow related to mining laser.

    Also after getting in the same game items are getting multiplied. Picture under spoiler.

    I've noticed that someone was already on creating polish wiki-like site for IC^2 but it ended kind of nowhere Click

    On the other side if plans with actual creation of translated IC^2 wiki will move forward. Feel free to PM or mail me about help on translating. I'll be glad to help especially since i wasn't much of help to IC^2 project lately.

    err... I don't see reason to create another bug topic so I just place everything I've found in here. If You have found anything or confirmed/reproduced bug. Go ahead write it in here. It might be helpful.

    1. Teleporter can't be wrenched. After digging it up. It drops unnamed block (which obviously crash minecraft after placing).

    2. Confirming cables does not connect to teleporter. Even further teleporters doesn't get any energy.


    ...but I'm letting saying anyway...

    Jeez... I wrote that? Eh... nevermind.

    I had two things already written to report but My opera crashed because of some realtime blahblah... strange enough. I'll try to recall what was it.

    1. I could'nt test crafting recipes that needs depleted RE batteries because they are bugged but alternatives with charged RE are working fine. (well... I had to create charged battery with TMI uncharge it partially and then charge again to max... lol)

    2. Transformers are unnamed.

    3. There is a recipe for jetpack which is empty but is'nt for full one (which would use fuel can instead of empty fuel can).

    Rest of recipes (beside mentioned) are working fine. I've tested them all.

    You are indeed these just crushed Me.

    vilaz has joined the server, don't worry he'll be banned in no time.
    vilaz has joined the server, He's allright meow nothing to see here.
    vilaz has joined the server, autokick in 5... 4... 3... 2...

    I will do it in a more legit way, like 32k solar farms, link it to multiple HV ring setups , link it to multiple mass fabricators, and continue that to buildcraft factory setup. Even better if I can get redPower mod in it to allow fully functioning factory.

    AND then blow it up all! Brilliant!

    Sounds to Me like a fair deal. Win-Win situation.

    Cables does'nt join machines and generators. They just float and magically transfers energy by air from and to other machines. It's probably a known thing but I'm letting saying anyway just in case.

    Windmills does'nt create any energy.

    Freshly crafted RE batteries does'nt charge after placing in generators of any kind or MFSu/MSF. Crafted Red crystals and Lapotron are getting charged in MSFu anyway.

    TMI shows this thing even though next recipe is correct and works allright.

    Crafting recipes until page 34 (out of 49) that are showed in Recipe book mod are working fine. Tomorrow I'll continuee.

    Crash after connecting luminator to source of energy. In this case directly to working generator.

    5.4: Happy jumping works. Don't try it without rubber boots or jetpack though. Yuppieeee just as when I was little kid. (maybe without breaking legs every landing but still!)
    5.9: It's quite powerful I must say. I thought dynamite sticks are for for quick and effective mining.
    5.10: Testing more and more! Wa-haha nothing will hide.
    5.11: That's possible will tell for sure tomorrow.

    1. Tools
    1.1 Bronze tool sets + Sword : Checked, working fine.
    1.2 Mining Laser: Can be used to obtain wood. Sometimes set it on fire sometimes does not.
    1.3 Drill : Checked
    1.4 Diamond Drill : Checked
    1.5 Chainsaw : Checked
    1.6 OD Scanner : Checked, long lasting battery? It have around 4-8 times more usages then OV scanner.
    1.7 OV Scanner : Checked

    2. Armors
    2.1 Bronze Armors : Checked
    2.2 Rubber boots: Checked work fine. Decrease damage from falling a lot.

    3. Machines
    3.1 Canning Machines : Crashed game, can't get back to world. Error log under raport.
    3.2 Compressor : Crashed game, can't get back to world. Error log under raport.
    3.3 Crystal Charger : ---
    3.4 Electric Furnace : Crashed game, can't get back to world. Error log under raport.
    3.5 Extractor : Crashed game, can't get back to world. Error log under raport.
    3.6 Miner : Crashed game, can't get back to world. Error log under raport.
    3.7 Pump : Crashed game, can't get back to world. Error log under raport.

    3.8 Magnetizer : Can be placed. Works with iron fences. Does'nt require energy.
    3.9 Macerator: Crashed game, can't get back to world. Error log under raport.

    4. Generators
    4.1 Solar Panel: Crashed game, can't get back to world. Error log under raport.
    4.2 Water Mill: Crashed game, can't get back to world. Error log under raport.
    4.3 Wind Mill: Crashed game, can't get back to world. Error log under raport.

    4.4 Nuclear Reactor: Can be placed. If uranium cell provided creates energy. Happily blowing up after overheating.
    4.5 Generator (standard): Burns fuel (coal, wood, planks) stores energy. Charge batteries.
    4.6 Geothermal generator: fills with lava fine, stores energy and charge batteries.
    You can't place stacks of batteries in generators because they won't get charged.

    5. Misc
    5.1 Machine Block : Placeable. Works fine.
    5.2 Rubber Tree : Provides 3 planks after crafting. Seems to be fine.
    5.3 Sticky Resin : Burnable into rubber. Works fine.
    5.4 Rubber sheet : Placeable. No idea what it's supposed to do.
    5.5 Cable : Crashed game, can't get back to world. Error log under raport.

    5.6 Dynamite : Works fine. Placing single sticks and throwing them as well.
    5.7 Sticky Dynamite : Works fine.. placing single sticks and throwing them as well.
    5.8 Iron Fence : Can be placed. Works fine with magnetizer.
    5.9 ITNT : Can be launched by hand without redstone wiring.
    5.10 Nuke : Powerful as hell Destroys 3x3x3 reinforced stone around it but can't get any further. Obsidian seems to be weaker now in this case. Nuke destroys 3x3x3 blocks of obsidian around and also wipe out random blocks from another layer of obsidian wall.
    5.11 Electric jetpack: acts strange. It disappeard after depleting. Then second one did'nt disappeard then again third disappeard. I checked if that's becasue of using hovering mode and nope. Neither 4th and 5th jetpack did'nt disappeard. Need to be further tested
    5.12 Standard jetpack: Same as electric jetpack.

    Every above mentioned crash had the same error

    Rubber trees are possible to find growing naturally. From what I noticed even if You plant normal sappling there is a possibility that it'll grow rubber tree. Then every cutted down rubber tree creates rubber tree sapplings.

    Sure netherrack and coal are easy to obtain but these thing still needs to be macerated (proportion 1:1 not like iron ore) and then crafted. Actually it's now just question of balancing things. I see some easy solutions.
    1. Recipe could include something that You need to look a little for. Like soulsand.
    2. For example 5 ratherrack dusts and 4 coal dusts (or way around 4:5) creates one stick of dynamite. You need 4 or so to craft whole tnt. (dynamite stick could actually be new item. Looking like fence with different graphic and not joining other sticks. Explosion would be all cubes around placed stick excluding the ones placed diagonally.)