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    My turn.
    I'm known under two nicks: Vilaz and Kitty.
    Crazy cat maniac. Yup I simply love these psychotic furry balls.
    Age was never relevant same comes to gender. We're in internetz after all.
    Fan of absurdity, randomness, sci-fi, ponies, fantasy, psychology, science... nope. SCIENCE! That sounds better.
    Guitar player
    I'm also Learning to draw digitally through pain and suffering.
    ...and from few days I'm student accepted on automatics and robotics studies. Yay!

    1. Flame-thrower. I can see that working especially when there is (or it's supposed to be) fuel in mod. Massive forest fires were never so easy.

    2. Handheld gauss gun? I would be against weapons when mining lasers are actually enough to take most of the mobs without any problems ...but I would like to remind that adventure patch is coming and with it some new mobs. Saying without spoilers it's possible that some new firepower would be helpful to deal with them but it's simply issue of balancing things.
    Also there should be limited amount of soft blocks that a rail can get through

    3. I don't see that working as a weapon. I mean placing, wiring it all takes time. Instead it could be bigger version of digging laser. Thing that can reach higher blocks without moving from place. Something for better reach then drill and more precise then digging laser in cost of immobility.

    4. I dunno what to think about it.

    Name/Nick: Vilaz/Kitty both 100% acceptable
    -MC-Forum Nick: mr.vilaz
    -IC-Forum Nick: vilaz
    -Minecraft Acountname: vilaz
    Timezone:GMT+1 (Poland)

    The position you want to take:
    I would like to apply for a beta-tester. Beside this I could provide from time to time some fan-arts and thingies that helps create interest in whole project.
    Previous experience on the position mentioned above?
    I was beta-tester for FOnline2238 project as well as few other FOnline engine based servers.
    I'm currently learning to draw things digitally. Lots of experimenting while creating new pieces but here I have some made for people on requests Clicky for DA account! Be aware: ponies!. (Yea, I'm
    one of these crazied pony guys called bronies. To be honest it's a great topic for learning about creating art with amazing access to professional artists).
    Oh. I also made this way back.

    How could i possibly refuse to accept someone batman-approved into the team ^^