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    Does it happen on the first cycle or did you automate the reactor and it happened sometime later?

    It happens right away. I assumed it was stable so I powered it up, watched the MFE it was filling, then looked back in it about 3-4 minutes later and saw components were gone. After making some more I ran it again watching the whole time and that one component deteriorates to 0. I believe the one to the left does as well, but it takes much longer to get there.


    I am using the following reactor setup which has been listed as stable.


    According to the IC2 Experimental Reactor Planner it is stable. However in Age of Engineering (IC2 version I have a component that degrades to 0. It is the Overclocked Heat Vent in the top row, fourth slot from the right. I degrades and when gone causes the reactor to fail.

    Does anyone have any insight as to how I could make this plan stable?

    I also tried automating replacement of the vent using EnderIO conduits with an Advanced Filter. However setting the filter to >25% damage doesn't seem to register. I can set the filter to use exact NBT data and it replaces fine, but I can't quite grab all of the damage levels necessary to assure getting the weakened component out for repair.

    Any thoughts or insights are greatly appreciated.


    You can use item pipes instead of machine boxes and electric sorter/buffers/manager/other blocks to sort your items

    I might go that way then. I can also use the ME as a soltution but it isn't quite as elegant. When I saw the new stuff on the Conveyor module I thought it might be equipped to handle this.

    Thanks for the response. I appreciate it.


    I am trying to use the conveyor module configuration to make a closed-loop factory (essentially, dump all ore in a box and it gets macerated, washed, smelted and re-boxed).

    I understand how to make the conveyor module works with a Machine Box to move things around, but I am having a hard time understanding how to make it sort. I notice there are conditional options when using the screwdriver but I don't know how to stipulate those conditions.

    To be more clear, after washing I want the small piles and stone dust to go one direction while the purified crushed ore goes another. I was intending to use a Machine Box with an input on one side (smushed-up to the washer) and conditional outputs on the other two faces.

    It is possible this is either not yet implemented or I am just too dense to figure it out. Either way if someone can lend an assist or point me to a search phrase for the forum I would appreciate it greatly.