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    Step 1: Install In-Game NBTEdit.(Here)
    Step 2: Make sure you're in creative mode and cheats are enabled.(or you have admin powers)

    Step 3: Place down an MFSU, this will be your box of infinite energy.
    Step 4: While looking at the MFSU, type in /nbtedit.
    Step 5: Click the arrow next to ROOT, click the word energy, then click the I icon at the top.
    Step 6: Type in 1,999,999,999(No commas) then click save twice.
    Step 7: Enjoy 2 billion EU :D

    Note: This may not be too useful in creative mode as you can easily set up compact solar panels but this is still awesome.
    Note 2: This works with anything that can store EU.

    You are amazing! Thank you so much for updating this.. AND you made it independent without the need of ic2.. That's just fantastic. Now we can use it in vanilla if needed. Nice to see there are copper and silver chests now! Unless I'm stupid and they were in there before lol. I always just go straight for diamond when I can.

    I also made a suggestion for DM/RM chests

    I putted 8 stacks of cobblestone in my recycler with 9 overclockers and got 1 stack of scrap
    Edit: what items did you give it?
    Here's my theory:
    When you putted in items on the "blacklist" like sticks, you didn't get any scrap
    You only putted "blacklist" items when you had 6 overclockers
    And with the diminishing results, you putted in a non "blacklist" item but the randomness involved produced less then 8 scrap/stack

    If you right click on the crops with a hydration cell it keeps using the hydration cell, even if it's used 2 seconds ago(and takes damage)
    It can't be me messing around with time as I fixed that
    Sorry if I've done something stupid again or Somebody already reported the bug
    Edit: Fertilizer does a similar effect
    Edit 2: It stops consuming fertilizer after a few clicks but hydration cells still don't work

    The mini generator should only be used to power the machine

    Edit: I discovered that overclockers waste a little bit of enegry

    Did you people forget about this one? http://forum.industrial-craft.…page=Thread&threadID=2444

    Although he only adds EU>MJ conversion, and a Petrochemical generator for burning the excess oil/fuel.

    Although2 its not updated to 1.1 yet, but its owner its fairly active so theres quite a chance it will get updated soon.

    I don't like that mod, as you still have to run water to the machines or have 100 small ones
    It's nearly as bad as using fuel
    Power crystals's mod features direct converting, which is what I want but I read that he won't be updating it which makes me sad
    I hope somebody will revive it soon, I don't want to run water systems and complex stuff like that for BC enegry

    I have a lot of ideas for modules and I would like to post them
    But most of my ideas must be used by different machines and not just the 4 basic machines
    I won't provide recipes but I will mention how expensive they are
    Firstly, most machines can now use modules

    The transformer can be used by any machine that uses power(along with the storage units) and can also allow machines to use better batteries
    The enegry storage works in any machine that has a buffer(except the mfe and mfsu)
    The overclocker upgrade now works with generators, geothermal generators, miners, pumps, eletrolyzers, terraformers,recyclers, your typing speed and any other machines like that I forgot(but of course it uses more enegry)

    Now onto the new modules(In a random order)

    My ideas:
    The overcharger, usable by any machine that accepts batteries, will charge and decharge batteries faster
    Enegry is also wasted by using them
    This is about as expensive as crafting an overclocker

    Next is the enegry storage Mk.2/3, they add 100k/1m enegry respectively and can only be used in a MFE or MFSU(Mk.2 only works for MFE and vise versa)
    I don't think I need to mention how expensive they are

    The efficiency module makes machines use less power, generate more power and reduces the amount of enegry *wasted* caused by the other modules(it also makes the mass fabricator consume less scrap)
    It's pretty expensive though

    The recycling module, works only with the recycler, it gives a better item to scrap ratio but also *wastes* enegry

    Module storage upgrade, stores more space for modules, up to a max of 8
    It's very expensive though

    Tesla coil range upgrade, increases it's range but uses more enegry
    Somewhat expensive

    Solar nighttime efficiency module, Allows to convert convert nighttime light into enegry, 16 should mean that daytime and nighttime light produce the same amount of enegry(adding more then 16 does nothing)
    Pretty cheap to make but better solar panels need more expensive versions

    Mini generator, generates 1 eu/t
    Price should be about 2 solar panels worth

    Underclocker, very cheap, slows down machines but consumes WAY less enegry

    Disguise, makes the block look like another block at the cost of 1 EU/T

    Combine module, can't be placed in machines but can be crafted to combine 8 machines into 1
    There are 3 tiers
    Note:this is a similar system to advanced machines but it would be nice to have a dedicated item instead of XV transformers

    I might post more later
    I don't expect many of my ideas to get added but I expect at least one or two are added
    Post your module ideas below and I'll put my favorites on this post
    Nuclear reactors don't get module slots, don't ask why

    You shouldn't insulate him or you may get banned from his mod

    OT: Battery input should just me merged with the transformer upgrade while the Storage space should stack to 64 like everything else(but lower the I/O caps to 4 and have 1 upgrade add 1 slot to input or output)

    Don't edit the post away, that'll render the search function useless. You're usually not the only one having a specific issue.

    Ok, I made it a help topic or something like that

    Sort of off topic edit: Lapatron crystals also don't work with the cropnalyzer, but enegry crystals do
    I'm not sure if it's a bug or not

    Do it several times (Its not like its going to break anyway) and it should show the correct amount. Do note that for best results try not to aim at any transformer or Storage unit.

    But it's still annoying and should be fixed
    Here's my theory
    Every like 64 ticks it adds an insane amount of ticks instead of 1
    If that's true, then it's impossible to get accurate readings