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    Hi I'm Tahu
    (got this nickname a long time ago from a lego robot from my younger brother :D)
    Tahu came to earth with her space ship when the first clothing store opened. ^^

    I've been searching for a new mod project to help with and here I am, participating in the development of my favorite minecraft mod :D
    I also like playing rpg games especially The Elder Scrolls. (I TOTALLY love elves!)

    I'm looking forward to be working with you guys ;).

    - Name/Nick: Tahu
    - tahu44 / tahu44 / tahu44

    - Timezone GMT+2 (Belgium)

    I would like to help you do some spriting or some modeling.
    I could also help with moderating the forums.
    When needed, i can also test Smp versions on my minecraft server.
    I don't know if it is needed here but I can also help doing some translation work.

    - I've done some texturing for a Command and Conquer Zero Hour mod but it was discontinued due to the lack of contact we had with the mod-owner.
    - I have also done some mod re-texturing for my private minecraft server.
    I think I have the all right software with my Adobe master collection


    Taken ^^ Good to have a real Modeller onboard, though i'm yet unsure about how much of your ability will be ned, exspecially in early developement ^^'