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    This mod's awesome! :thumbup:

    It's quite expensive and takes a bit of time/effort to build, but in a good way. I love it. Been using the copper coil only as I can't afford the redstone and coal I need for the shiny gold one. I Think it's fairly balanced compared to the other generators. Have not used rockets yet but have plans for them. It's like a cheap teleporter to go to my sky fortress with, time to start the bio farm again. You did a good job!

    When I was pumping up an oil pocket with this, I had buckets and empty cells in my inventory. It seemed that after the buckets were filled with oil, it started filling cells. Unfortunately, it turned the oil into water cells X(

    Odd. Should not happen, unless oil has the same ID thing as water stuff. I donno. Didn't make it with BC in mind.

    And, I have a suggestion: have a key to toggle between modes.

    No. It sucks.

    Also, maybe include being able to fill tanks from cells. Not sure if it should return empty cells or not. Perhaps after any buckets are emptied, consume cells to keep filling tanks to balance it out a bit.


    Edit: and howsabout compatibility with the batpack?

    Maybe will look into it in the future. Might miss an interface.

    Edit: Anyone tried making BC fill watermills with water? 2eu/t is quite neat...

    Also @ the person wanting almost 1 eu/t: That would be twice as much as solars (works at night) with a much cheaper recipe, that works anywhere (A perk no other no-fuel reactor has). Thus, OP ;)

    You do need a bunch of other mods to do this automated. Yes you can set it up easily, it does create 2eu/t day and night. But it does require a lot of maintenance day and night. If you automate the water mill with other mods you choose for the OP (debatable if indeed OP). (Though the amount of effort and space it takes to make it automated is still high in my opinion). Would not mind seeing the watermill accept cells but create less eu/t then bucket (0.5 or 1.0 eu/t?).

    Fill it however much you want, put it on your back and mine away. As you mine the batpack will replace the lost energy in the mining drill with it's own. So you can mine a lot lot lot more.

    You can just leave it in a batbox if you want it fully charged. If the batbox has power it will put it in the item to be charged until full. It won't overcharge so remove it whenever you want. There's no energy lost at any time.

    You can apply redstone to the LT-Transformer and you can supply all the 1 dotted sides with power. Then gold cable at the three dotted to.. stuff!

    MFE is kinda expensive, but you can upgrade it with the Electrolyzer to hold massive amounts of power.

    Not sure why Forge config would make a mess of things. Only seemed to do then when reloading. Used ModLoader instead. Should work better now. Sorry! Updated to 0.8.1. Also works with BC tanks! Yay!

    Uhh.. Updated to 0.8.2! Now with even better BC tank support! ZOMG! You'll need an empty bucket in your inventory if you want to put water/lava directly into a cell from a tank though. Best I could do.

    Rick, could you make a screenshot how you set it up? Am curious as most of the time it's solar setups. More wind generators setups would be nice. Though Wind generators tend to look more ugly in mass with their space requirements. I've been thinking about hiding them in/on trees.

    Ah! Expected as much. As an energy packet does not merge with others on the same cable, you can just create a single line of tin from a batbox with 32 solar panels connected to it for example. Well, as I understand it. Thanks for the testing! Should be able to make more interesting solar farms with this instead of the default ones. :)

    For test projects like these, who cares about using TMI. It's for testing! Things tend to blow up with testing. Which makes you cry when in regular gameplay.

    The water mill generator is bit lacking compared to the other generators but you could put buckets of water in and it will output 2eu/t for a little while. Can easily make/find a infinite supply of water. Only takes quite a bit of upkeep to keep them going. In theory you could build an automated BC factory that fills buckets and puts them in the water mill. But that sure is more effort per eu than a bio farm. Normal/Geo generators, a high voltage line or batteries/crystals do make it more easy to move your base.

    I personally like the high voltage line solution, just to have a high voltage solution and cables everywhere.

    Name: Mobile Pump
    Summery: Mobile pump to fill cells/buckets faster.
    Default Item ID: 31008

    The Mobile pump makes collecting lava/water easier. When you right click on water or lava with it, it will suck it up and place it in a cell or bucket (or do nothing if you have none of either). Collecting lava costs a bit more power then water. (can fill 56 cells/buckets of lava or 2*64 cells/buckets of water atm). Just stuff the device in a generator/batbox and it will charge up again. Tested on SSP only, seems to work. (I like the lava generator but the bucket switching or lava/water cell making got me annoyed. Too slow for mass production.) It's like having an electric bucket!

    Now 250% more obsolete!
    You can right click with a cell in your hand in 1.23. So you don't really need it anymore. It does still work with 1.23. This guy made a better pump thing, along with more interesting and awesome things Here. So check that out.

    Throw into your mods folder. Maybe change the ID in the config/mod_IC2MobilePump.cfg.

    From 0.8 to 0.8.*: Remove config/mod_IC2MobilePump.cfg

    SMP compatable

    Known bugs
    -No animation when you right click.

    Version History
    -Updated server version. EntityPlayerMP.onUpdate seemed to do the trick. Hurray! I miss JavaDoc/API docs.
    -Cleaned code, should perform better and won't jiggle items. Should be good now. Except for SMP.
    -Removed the remote possibility of using it without using energy.
    -When pulling stuff from a BC tank or such, it will try to first put it in a bucket. If it's water or lava bucket, it will try to put it in a cell. So you need an empty bucket as an intermediary. You won't notice it, it'll do so automatically.
    - Works now with Buildcraft tanks. Though items still jiggledance when the tank is empty. (has to do that it removes the bucket first, then tries to do BC things. If it failed it will restore the bucket)
    - Fixed minor oopsy. Oops. :) (If using cells failed, it would ignore buckets)
    - Changed Forge config to Modloader config. Please remove old config, sorry for the trouble.

    I hope it works! First mod and all that. But it seems like I didn't forget everything about Java. MCP was a big help though.