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    Really it just doesn't work right now because Spacetoad moved to fuel to the API after I coded it. I intend to enable it eventually, no ETA. It is just hard to do right now with the BC energy pipe bugs, I can't test to see if it works right.

    Understood! so probably wait until BC3.0. Thought it was as simple as with furnace fuel: define with a custom recipe or something a new material to burn like dirt for example and how much it burns and voila!
    Played around some more with the petrochemical generators and it seems that if I move away from them(10 or more blocks) while they are on, it starts to get laggy but if I turn them off with a redstone signal there is no more lag. Other people probably noticed that already.... just wanted to make sure.

    silentdeth First of all I want to thank you for this mod! I used other power converter mods and it lagged like hell. You managed to make it run much smoother and, again, you have my thanks.
    Getting to the point: on my install of Minecraft I also use Forestry which produces, among other things, biofuel and biomass. I tried to use both with the petrochemical generator and it doesn't accept it. Is there any way I can make this work? Looked into the config file but there is no setting to allow other liquid fuels. It would be logical, more fun and actually LESS overpowered to be able to only use the biofuel ( which is distilled from the biomass). Could you please look into this?!
    Hope to hearing from you soon.

    Thanks! I'll read it right away! About those people who don't want to get that many bones to make bio-diamonds (it's only like 8 for one diamond, if you have EE, a mob trap, or the peaceful pack, it really is not that hard to get bones. Or you could just wait for the sun to rise up and tons of skeletons would die outside your house.) how about instead of an alternate brick recipe (which I don't think would make much sense because what do bricks have to do with carbon?) you use bone meal or sugar. That would mean a lot less bones or no bones at all. (although those might be too inexpensive, in my opinion the bone recipe is still the best.)

    I am also interested in the mod creating business. Not much of a creator.... i'm more into shaping and improving existing stuff but would love a starting point and some guidance!

    Hi there cpw! First of all I want to thank you for the time invested in the game. I love the minecraft community because of people like you.
    I want to ask you for a starting guide do modding minecraft. I feel that I can contribute to the wonderful community but don't know where to start from. My programming skills can be rated as borderline absent but I am a fast learned and self taught "genius" :).... I just need a nudge.
    Maybe some links of forum thread or ideas. Any help is much appreciated.

    Thank you very much for the info. I actually found this solution the hard way... and managed to solve it the same night :) but your response is excellent for other people that have the same problem since it is the first detailed tutorial on this. So again thank you!!!

    Alblaka might argue that it is the same case as with coal and charcoal and unfortunately I have to agree with him but I am a fan of renewable resources and wood and cobblestone are as infinite as you can get. Can you imagine a fully automated diamond farm from start to finish? with the help of BC and Additional BC pipes the sky is indeed the limit. I already have a semi-automated tree farm and cobble generator and if I install the redstone (wireless) wiring mod (regular redstone would take a lot of space) HEYO!!!

    Otherwise it all depends on the supply of coal and gravel my BC quarries can mine. ;(

    That's exactly what I am talking about. I thought I could mess around with the custom recipe mod but it doesn't cover the IC2 machines..... only standard workbench and furnace. Also asked around and someone suggested I modify the API somehow but I'm not a programmer..... or .... search around the addon area but found nothing.

    Hello there you wonderful IndustrialCraft developer!!!
    First of all I want to thank you for all the hard and consistent work you put into this project. It is most appreciated.
    I would like to propose a small change with the Compressor and Macerator recipes:
    --Cobblestone >> Gravel
    --Gravel >> Sand
    --Gravel >> Flint

    Also, is this the right place to ask for incorporating industrial diamond into BuildCraft recipes?( for diamond pipes and quarries) or should I find a way to communicate with SpaceToad? As a temporary solution I use custom recipes mod in order to make the transition at a rate of 3 indDiamond >> 2 Diamond (just because I am lazy to write all the recipes but if it helps I would be more than happy to do it ).