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    Machines were bumped up a tier in the earlier builds of IC2 experimental but this was reverted later on. I don't know where exactly, as it wasn't in the changelog.

    Hello fellow omicron :). Ok that's exactly what the problem is then, we just reset and updated our world and we must of updated our ic2 build so we were using an earlier build before where all machines were raised a tier to 128eu/t and now we're using a build where it was reverted back to first tier 32eu/t. That's good to know so I don't blow up all my machines later on trying to get them working on 128eu/t.


    Can someone explain why 2 geothermal generators would blow up a macerator? This is running ic2 2.0.301 experimental so the macerator should be able to handle 128 eu/t correct? and geothermal generators only output 20 eu/t for 40 eu/t with 2; so why did my macerator explode? :S

    They were connected directly to the macerator with copper cable.


    As the title says can you mix and match diff cable types?

    For example say I have 4 power sources all outputting max 128 EU and I want to combine them into 1 line at 512 EU. I know I can just hook up gold cable to all 4 sources and meet them in the middle to 1 line and now that one gold line can hold all 512 EU fine, BUT.. can you say use copper wire from all 4 sources until you meet in the middle and then start using gold cable at the intersection.

    Everything there seems good, just make a windtower with 32 windmills, as the average is actually 1,66 EU/t . Nearly impossible, the output will reach 5 EU/t and even if it does, it will just waste some output that is not worth trying to get.

    Technically though even if a small chance if 32 wind mills did all hit 5eu/t and your connecting them to your mv transformer with copper cable you'd burn the cable right? 160eu going through a 128eu cable.

    I wouldn't assume that the previous loss values would remain. (copper and gold would likely be the best of the metals)

    Yeah for sending higher EU vs loss.

    Ok i think in my previous example the transformer part wouldn't work like that if you use a MV transformer without being reverted doing 512 to 128 and having tin on the output then later on the tin cable would melt when meling it added because it'd be trying to send 128 EU down a 32 EU line

    So the proper setup if I have an MFE to utilize the max 512 input of it would be having 4 towers with 25 wind mills each (max eu generation = 125 EU/t then) connected to a non redstone MV transformer (512 EU to 128 EU) via copper wire (max 128 EU). Followed by connecting the output of the transformers to the mfe via gold cable (512 EU/t), so then all 4 towers are generating/sending out 128 EU/t for a total of 512 EU/t down the gold line. Sounds correct right?

    Then technically later on down the line I can mimic the 4 tower setup up top 3 more times for a total of four 4 towers that each generate 512 EU/t and change out the gold cable to the mfe with iron cable to an mfsu.

    As I said, the EU/packet concept is gone, now the maximum is EU/t , therefore if the EU/t (sum of all incoming sources) are exceeded, boom!
    Also, MFE and MFSU got bumped up one tier, accepting/outputting 512 EU/t and 2048 EU/t respectively.

    Thats why 16 windtowers sending 16 packets of 128 EU wont blow a MFSU (2048 )

    Ok that makes sense, didn't realize mfe/mfsu has a limit on there input, haven't played modded in so long, so I'm guessing when cable burn is added it'll function the same way with its max EU correct?

    Therefor its not feasible to use tin cable in the middle of the windmill structure or from the sky to the ground storage, even though it does work now I want to make sure I future proof as much as I can so if 1 day I update and load the game all of sudden everything explodes and melts...

    So if you had 32 wind mills which can output 5 EU/t then the max possible EU/t would be 160 EU/t so you'd want to use gold cable between your windmills right? Or limit your towers to 24 max wind mills for a max EU of 120 then you can use copper is that correct?

    Is that the same when it comes to the transformer, if I use a MV transformer do I need to make sure I use copper cable for its output? or when you use a transformer it splits the EU into multiple ticks? So if I use 24 wind mills connected to a MV transformer with gold cable and not revert the transformer so it outputs 124 EU/t then if I use tin cable off the transformer to my ground storage it wouldn't melt the cable later on when cable melting is added as it'd send that 124 EU/t in 4 smaller 32 EU/t right?

    If all that is true then I think I finally understand how this all works.

    Thanks again for all the help.

    EDIT: I know glass fiber cables would be the best to use from the wind mill transformer to the ground storage but I dont have the resources for that as I'm still early game and also energy crystals recipe got changed recently to use 4 diamonds instead of 1... so yeah, 4 diamonds for 6 glass fiber cables isn't reasonable right now and I know tin and glass have the best loss per block so that's why i want to use tin from my sky mills to ground storage.

    Oh do MFE/MFSU's have a max EU/t they can intake? I've never read about any just they they have a limit on there EU output so they should be able to take in 16 windtowers sending 512 each.

    Just did some tests in creative and looks like it still works fine with the setup from your thread although I don't know if that'll change as experimental gets more developed, also it looks like cable loss isn't turned on or implemented yet?

    When testing the wind mill farm i also used tin cable for the line from the MV transformer to the ground energy storage, do cables not melt anymore? or how come you can send a 512 EU/t feed down a 32 EU/t tin, is it breaking that 512 EU/t into 16 32 EU/t burst? That's what it looks like; if so I'm guessing there's no way to melt a cable then if it'll just going to break it down into whatever max EU it can handle or is it just this case because I'm using a transformer?

    You can always look the changes on the jenkins :
    Although it is not very detailed, i'd say.

    I don't find any reason to use LV, except for safety, because if you accidentally input 1 more EU/t on a MV line (a solar panel f.e) , boom!

    Gotcha, gotcha alright cool.

    So 1 more question, I was planning on doing a wind mill farm using the info from your 1 post all about it. Since there is no more EU/packets does that change anything with using that setup in experimental? How does that work if you use tin cable in the middle of your windmill towers and it can only handle 32eu/t and the combination of all your wind mills are say generating 100 eu/t it'll melt the cable right? Since there's no more packets its not each windmill sending 0-5eu packet down the tin line they all combine to form a 100 eu packet? so you need to use a copper cable?

    The 128 EU is split into 4 ticks, no energy is lost.

    Forgot that all IC² machines (except batbox and luminator) now accepts up to MV (thermal centrifuge accepts up to HV).
    Since the LV solar array is from an addon, it could be that it screwed something.

    Ahh just tested in creative, so they do... It's like with every question answered it spawns 2 more lol :whistling: is there a link or any place to see these type of changes or new info on IC2 experimental?

    Also since machines do accept 128 EU/t now is there a reason to use or not to use 32EU/t? Wouldn't using 128 EU/t inside machines be better?

    LV transformer will accept up to 128 EU/t, emitting 32 EU/t and all machines will share the 32 EU/t coming down the tin cable.

    One LV transformer will solve your problem, by limiting the flow to 32 EU/t.

    Thanks for all this info and help SpwnX, really helping me to understand this. Thought I got it until your explaining it now lol.

    I know LV transformer converts 128 to 32 and that would makes sense to work with the miner but I was just using a MV transformer and it works with the miner? You can test it in creative and see yourself, 3 LV solar panels or any source of power connected to a MV transformer side by side to a miner and the miner doesn't explode and works fine, is that a bug? Below is the setup I've been using that works without blowing up the miner where the MFE-transmiter icon is a MV transformer not a LV transformer.

    LV Solar Array :Glass Fibre:
    LV Solar Array :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :Glass Fibre: :MFE-Transmitter: :Miner:
    LV Solar Array :Glass Fibre:

    Also so to get all 6 machines using there own 32/t line you'd have to branch off a higher output and convert/transformer each line to its own machine? So you'd have a mfe spliting 3 ways each to a MV transformer converting the 512 to 128 and then from each MV transformer split 2 ways each to a LV transformer and now you'd have 6 LV transformers branches all receiving 32/t that you can cable to each machine to have there own 32eu/t is that right in my assumptions of how things work?

    Also when sending a 128EU/t line into a LV transformer to convert it to 32EU/t what happens to the other 96EU/t, that goes into a buffer right and just gets sent after the next tick? so if you sent 1 128EU/t into a transformer it'd break it into 4 32EU/t pulses?

    The concept of Eu/packet is gone on IC² experimental, now you only have EU/t , if it exceeds the maximum, boom!

    That said, 3 generators will make 30 EU/t, as the miner can accept up to 32 EU/t it is fine.
    Now, one LV solar array produces 8 EU/t, but it outputs 32 EU every 4 ticks, therefore with 3 LV solar you get 3 * 32 EU (higher than 32 EU) which explodes the miner.

    I just reread this and still a bit confused, so there is no more eu/packets in IC2 experimental hmm. So how do things work when say you have a LV transformer down stepping so its sending out 32EU/t and you have 6 machines connected to the tin cable coming from that LV transformer, what kind of power are those machines getting if they are all running? do they all share the 32EU/t coming down the tin cable? are they all getting 32eu/t each?

    And finally how does with my original problem of the LV arrays and miner just by adding a MV transformer between the arrays and miner fix the issue if a MV transformer sends out 128 EU/t?

    Thanks for explaining that but now I just found something else out...

    Compact Solars is totally messed up with IC2 Experimental when it comes to EU generation isn't it? People are always complaining how solars are OP but that's because isn't a low voltage solar array just suppose to give you 8EU/t its just meant to compact solars into a single block not really increase the power.

    But I just went into creative and placed 1 LV solar array connect to an MFE and 8 regular IC2 solar panels connected to an MFE and WOW.. there is such a big difference in the speed of which the MFE charges in the two, the LV solar array is SOOOOO much faster but shouldn't they be the exact same? Am I missing something here in how compact solars really works or is it that messed up with the new IC2, I don't know if its the same with the regular/normal IC2; no wonder people think solar is so OP....

    Never mind what I said here, they do match up, I didn't have my cables hook up right when testing the 8 regular solar panels.

    IC2 version = 2.0.266-experimental

    I thought I understood the mechanics of IC2 experimental EU and transferring of power properly and how cables work but this has me at a loss... So I have a IC2 experimental miner setup with tin wire going directly into it being powered by 3 generators using coal, that seems to work. I went to add 3 low voltage solar panels to the wires and all of a sudden BOOM the miner explodes along with my drill and scanner...

    I almost rage quit the server I was on at the time but instead went to single player survival/creative to test and find out why this happened, even without the generators running and just using 3 low voltage solar arrays connected directly to a miner with any kind of cable will cause it to explode. Can anyone explain this to me?

    There is so many inconsistencies to it also for example if you go test it out and place 3 low voltage solar arrays then the cable and then the miner, for some reason when you first do this in a newly loaded world it might not explode, UNTIL you put a drill and pipes in to to activate the miner then it'll explode, whats weird is after that first explosion now if you repeat the same steps it'll blow up as soon as you place the miner without even activating it. If you start with just 1 low voltage solar panel connected to the miner and then add more it doesn't explode, until you start it.

    I don't know you really have to play with it just to see how inconsistent it is, but I don't understand why it explodes... I thought maybe i'd use a batbox to connect to the low voltage solars arrays to it and then connect the miner to the batbox but for whatever reason you can't charge a batbox with a low voltage solar array? (again confused)

    I'm not trying to connect spend resources to connect solars to an MFE an then transformer it lower just to run a miner there should be an easier solution and after spending like an hour trying various things like charging a batbox or using lv transformers or mv transformers the simplest solution i came with was 3 low voltage solar arrays like before, any cable connect to a mv transformer thats connected to the miner. How that solves the problem I don't know... a low voltage solar panel can only make 8eu/t so I don't understand the exploding of the miner or the need to use a mv transformer or why they cant charge a batbox directly. #SoConfused