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    [TRANSMISSION BEGIN. RECIPIENT: Whoever it is broadcasting those goddamn GregTech ads.]
    KINDLY STOP PLEASE THANK YOU. You've managed to partially corrupt my outgoing transmission feed. Seriously, s--Hey, is that a Minecraft 1.3 advert? -watches- OW GOD MY FUCKING EARDRUMS. That's what I get for using headphones...

    Hey, the outbound transmitter is working. I wonder how that happened... Ahem. Hello. My name... *static*...but call me Patsy. None of you know me. I, however, know at least some of you. I've been monitoring all open transmissions from the safety of my moon base, courtesy of Aperture Science. Thanks Cave! I've also been running scans on Minecraftia. The results are... disturbing. I have reason to believe that the spambots are planning something. I'm not sure what it is. But I believe they're trying to reach critical mass. Again, I have no idea what they could be planning. However, this much is certain: This solar system is no longer safe. The bots have been ramping up their replication rates. If someone were to teleport all the bots out of the core, they would replicate themselves back in, if the planet didn't collapse first. If someone were to wipe out all the spambots on the surface, they would simply repopulate from the core. If both were wiped out, the resulting instability would destroy Minecraftia. If even one spambot were missed, it would begin replication again, and within days, we'd be back to square one. And if even one spambot hijacked an interstellar-capable spacecraft, we would be doomed. I believe the best solution would be to... wait. Is that dubstep I hear? OH GOD TURN IT OFF. *static* ... WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB WUB.

    Teleporter: Deactivated. Awaiting reactivation codes.
    Main computer: Unaffected.
    Secondary computer: Disabled due to spambot corruption.
    Scanner arrays: Disabled due to spambot corruption.
    Fusion reactor: Disabled due to spambot corruption.
    Backup generator: Operating at 24% optimal efficiency. Estimated time until fuel depletion: 4 days, 2 hours, 18 minutes.
    Energy storage: 2,000,000 EU. Estimated time until depletion: 3 days.
    Life support: Extremely limited.
    Dome integrity: 2%. Supplemented by force field generators.
    Force field generators: 48%.
    Food supplies: 18% capacity. Estimated time until depletion: 1 week, 4 days.
    Water supplies: 24% capacity. Estimated time until depletion: 6 days.
    Defence systems: Offline.
    Overall status: Critical. Request extraction immediately.

    4 hours later...
    Oh god please help me. Spa... *static interspersed by dubstep* ...aken over. All systems fa... *static interspersed by dubstep* ...n't hold out much longer. The transporter is... *static* ...tivated again. I'm sending the co-ordinates embedded in a reCaptcha encryption protocol. If you ca... *static* ...then I at least beg you to give me the teleporter co-ordinates to a safe place. Keelah se'lai.

    111--Would you like a kitchen?--8234--We have very good kitchens.--0984--BUY NOW FOR 500 UU MATTER!

    Acid rain, need of gasmask, and in the more contaminated areas, oxygen + hazmat suit, with life support systems for bases in these zones.

    Now I'm gonna stop dreaming about my perfect cyberpunk world.

    That. Would be. AMAZING. Don't mind me, I just want an excuse to have things like CO2 scrubbers in my base. Because that would be awesome.

    This work for 1.95?

    Apart from the MFFS blocks disappearing from the map for good when it's loaded in MC, I've encountered no problems. Well, one...

    There's a slight Toggle Latch rotation problem with some of the doors (every door facing a certain way) which completely disables the door and forces it open. Thankfully, all that needs done to fix this is bashing open the door mechanisms and re-rotating the latches just once, so that it realigns with the rest of the circuit, followed by a quick patch-up to the walls so that it doesn't look like you've done anything. Apart from these two issues, the ships have worked perfectly so far! I look forward to more soon.

    Thanks. But, I think I've got a few ideas ranging from the portal system in Thaumcraft, the TF2 Teleporters and (maybe) the Portal Gun mod. I'll definitely have to check my block ID's. Thanks guys.

    You are most welcome, sir! And if you do end up using Portal Gun, I recommend getting Wireless Redstone as well. A Receiver under a Portal Spawner with the Remote addon for WR really works wonders if you're lost and away from home. If you're lost and at home, how the hell did you get lost!?

    Anyway, you are most welcome, sir. If you require any help with Portal Gun, just ask, and I will be available. -bows and walks backwards-…faith-plates-and-pellets/
    Portal Gun mod. Relatively easy to use, and it gives you a crapton of other things to play with as well. And if you'll check out some of direwolf20's earlier videos in season 3 of his LP, you can see a rather good portal system that he starts to set up.
    It may not be early-mid game, but direwolf20 managed to get it by the 5th episode of his LP, I think.

    Barring that, I'd go for the TF2 Teleporters as suggested earlier.

    With a portal you can actually see your destination prior to entering.

    Stargates are pretty much portals (except they do the whole de-reconstruct thing as well), but you can't see through them... JS.
    Well, based on a guess, I'd have to agree with the above. In my opinion, it's one of the cheapest options, in terms of materials/energy costs, and the most sensible in not being technically murder or suicide to use one...

    Currently, the lightning engine of minecraft doesnt have support for colored lights afaik, and trying to code something like that would take a lot of effort (And like someone above mentioned, overwritting a shitton of base classes). Its similar to how light 12/15 (I forgot) its the max amount of light you can code in any object + losing 1 level of light every block the futher away you are from the source.

    Edit: Looking at the video above... its really not that big of a thing? RedPower2 had their own "Colored Luminators" (if you want to call them like that, But they are basically a colored sortish glass like block that gives white light) but they work with a constant redstone current. I Guess Real Colored Lighting its not possible unless mojang coded it in their game.

    ... X( I should have linked the test rave! I'm sorry! There it is! Much better...


    PS. If I offended any SG fans here, sorry. I'm a bit rusty on my SG tech.

    No, you're good.
    And, just FYI, they work through wormholes in the quantum foam to artificially created pockets of subspace-time, where all the zero-point energy gets sucked out, the pocket reaches maximum entropy and collapses, and the ZPM becomes nothing more than a very nice paperweight.

    God, I am a nerd. Still, it would be pretty awesome to see one in-game. I can imagine what you would plug it into... xD