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    I don't get where people think solar doesn't put out much power... 1eu/t is 20eu per second, or 1200eu per minute. It's a hefty amount of power...

    And if you want to make comparisons of costs... A stable always-on nuclear reactor typically puts out what? 60eu/t? Compare the planning and resource costs involved in that to a mere 60 generators and some macerated stone & coal.

    I would quite like a tier1 scuba helmet: Short battery life, gives ONLY water breathing (doesn't fill the food bar).

    Being fed by the Qhelmet feels too much like cheating.

    The more I think about it, the more I am beginning to see the reasoning behind your suggestion.

    No matter how weak "free" energy is, players can always just build bigger and bigger generator arrays. If there were no solar or wind, players would flock to water instead. It allows the creation of "fire-and-forget" power systems that just feed you infinite energy.

    That being said, I don't like the idea of banning them outright. It would practically remove the core of this mod. Perhaps if the renewable energy generators had some sort of ongoing cost or risk instead?
    example maintenance cost: Generators containing inverters that wear out every 5 million eu (approx 69.4hrs of continuous operation for a solar panel).
    example risk cost: Outdoor generators getting damaged by thunderstorms. Doesn't happen often, but requires some time spent repairing them when it does.

    This would leave renewable energy as far far more efficient than standard generators, but they would still require some ongoing time investment to keep it functional.

    The problem with the Q-Suit is that it makes everything else pretty pointless.

    Food, monsters, water, lava... It's all just scenery once you have your suit. It's very much an "end-game" item in that the game ends after you've got it.

    It makes an excellent reward if you want to "finish" this mod and then move on after having obtained your reward... But it's not very good if you want to keep the rest of the game interesting beyond that. It needs drawbacks, and a short battery life is one such way to provide such a drawback.

    Yeah, the suit really is over the top... It's almost like the mod is saying "Hey, you won the level! Here's god mode for your troubles".

    That would be great many situations... Unless you're the type that gets bored when there's no challenge left. Water, lava, massive falls, armies of creepers... Nothing frightens a Q-Suit player. If I make myself one of those, it'll only be a matter of time before I lose interest in Minecraft and stop playing yet again...

    All the storage devices wait until they have enough power to send a full pulse.

    This is what will be happening on each tick:

    • First MFSU reaches 500eu. Nothing else happens.
    • First MFSU reaches 1000eu. It sends 512eu down the line. Now your first MFSU has 488eu, your second has 512eu
    • First MFSU reaches 988eu. It sends 512eu, leaving 476eu.
    • First MFSU reaches 976eu. It send 512eu, leaving 464eu.

    You can see the pattern here. Every 42 ticks or so, your first MFSU wont send a pulse.

    EDIT: Oops, seems you're generating 510 instead of 500. Your first MFSU will only skip a tick once every 256 pulses.

    Sorry man, you've come to the wrong place. Those small coloured wires and logic gates are all from RedPower or RedPower2, and I'm not sure where your elevator or motor is coming from.

    Industrial craft is just generating the electricity.

    Too mention the obvious: Watermills are meant to be crafted 2 for each recipe. I've got no clue how that slipped through the IC porting.

    Oooh, okay, I'm looking forward to that getting fixed. I'm going for space efficiency instead of generator efficiency, and packing the towers in densely enough that they only touch ~15 blocks of water instead of ~21 blocks of water looks like it will get 50% more eu/t per tower section (going by my napkin math here), but at the cost of using 112.5% more water mills. Having the cost of the mills halved will make this plan a heck of a lot less crazy.