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    Any chance on getting a reply to the blast furnace-CPU issue? I know flowerpots are a critical part of the game, but I'd love some assistance.


    Oh wow, okay, I totally apologise. That's gotta be the weirdest issue I've ever seen. It was not in fact the blast furnaces, but a problem with redpower2. Apparently, if you run red alloy wire along a block adjacent to a transformer, and put a timer on it, it causes the transformer to wig out and start doing a crazy amount of enet recalculations. Also interesting is that even though it's receiving a redstone signal (albeit a very quick one), it does not in fact flip the voltage on the cable it's connected to. The More You Know(tm).

    This is a bit off the wall, but I'm encountering a very strange bug on my server.

    I have something like 3100 hard earned windmills attached to ~576 MFSUs. Nice little power output. I'm basically throwing all that power down one cable (Hooked in serial, so, 75,000 eu/t). Minecraft doesn't even sneeze at it, I've never had any issues with it. I go about my merry way, hook up some grinders and upgraded electrical engines, no problemo. I also hook up about 6 Standard+Lava Industrial Furnaces, with the requisite MV transformers.

    All of a sudden, my server's freaking out - averaging 50-60% CPU load. MineJMX/VisualVM reveals that it's entirely almost the enet distribution calculations. I fiddle around a little with how things are hooked up, and lo - I discover that everything works perfectly fine UNTIL I attach the blast furnaces to the net. I have grinders hooked up with no problem so it's not the transformers. Any idea why I'm getting this? I've got no error logs of any sort to show since it doesn't crash the game, but I figured I'd give you a heads up nonetheless. I can provide timestamped images/the heapdump if necessary.

    Bloody brilliant stuff, this is the only higher-than-32x texture pack I've seen and actually liked. Only gripes I have is that some of the nature textures (Regular and Pine trees, some ores f.e.) don't mesh as well, but I don't know if you're drawing from a premade stock or actually doing the vanilla textures. Either way, much appreciated.

    Perhaps I am misunderstanding or not seeing something, but my understanding is MagicLauncher injects the files (which is what I'm assuming you're referring to as "Magic launcher [letting] me do this directly".). As such, the below photo shows exactly that - Magic Launcher is set up to inject the majority of the mods except for some NEI modules that were finnicky. Maybe I'm missing some "Install these files directly to minecraft.jar" button, but I believe I'm set up correctly as literally everything else works except when I try and load this mod.

    I'm getting this issue also, but my Minecraft installation works fine. I'm using Magic Launcher fwiw, and forge, but it's also failed with the older recommended build (3.3.7). I think I've tried installing forge directly but it fixed nothing. Bit confused to be honest. Don't worry about it, it's not a pressing issue and 1.3 is right around the corner.