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    From what I'm experiencing around with reactors best EU/t safe reactors are Mark II ones in pairs. The one posted above by dezuman becomes a great reactor if reproduced four times alternating two by two. So you get 120 EU/t while a pair of reactors are cooling.

    Hi all! I've builded my first two phased perfect breeder!
    1: Heating Phase - Labeled as Mark IV EC by reactor planner. Any kind of external cooling will do, but air or blocks is recommended.
    2: Breeding Phase - Labeled as Mark I-0 EA by reactor planner.

    While in heating phase the reactor outputs a nice 5 to 7 million EU at 75 EU/t. It will go meltdown if left unatended, remember this is a heating phase. To enter breeding phase, the reactor needs to get at least 21 (22 recommended) of external water cooling, if not, it will not reach a balanced state and build up heat (so babysitting is needed). Once the requirements are met, it does not build or lose heat until isos are re-enriched, then it will cool down if you let the heat go. It does two enriching rounds per uranium cycle, so around tick 4800 (Hour and 20 minutes) four iso cells will ve enriched. To enrich four more in the same cycle, put two uranium cells in the empty bottom spaces just before iso cells are going to be full enriched, and switch the enriched cells for depleted ones. Then remove the two bottom uranium cells. Same procedure to switch the central uranium cell to a new one. Also, ice on those empty spaces maybe can avoid a meltdown in a emergency.

    With my alternating twin reactors Mark II-1 EB that uses 4 uranium cells each and this breeder I can get in a cycle to get renewable uranium to go forever. What do you think?

    Let me fix that... ok there you go. Modified design
    It's a slightly improved version of what you posted, less components, more cooling and 5 amazing spaces to pour your ice in it (or leave it without, but dont put anything in there). I haven't tested it out with ice, im going to test it right now and post the results in a edit.

    EDIT: Meh, not too shabby... this Can run in 20 mins (or more) intervals, but needs refeeding of ice. If you are an EqEx mod user and you don't feel too ashamed of transmuting all the ice, this would be reliable.

    If this isn't against rules, I'm in, but keep in mind that no mark I reactor it's 3 or more on eficiency (without ice nor water, that is), so the contest will heavily rely on component usage, and it will be component ties for sure.

    EDIT: Meh, I gave up, this is the better you'll get and it's everywhere around the forum design

    Yeah I have been working with than desing for a while, but I'm trying to get this on my own (even if I came with the same result). Also I might try to get better EU/t for cell.

    I liked how you modified my desing, very clever. So the point is to independentize the sources of heat to try to get the maximun coolant effect out of them, is this correct? Also I'm trying to scale the design down by removing chambers rather than adding more. I'll keep in mind those hints. I also apologize for my english if im wrong somewhere (hopefully not!).

    EDIT: Check this bad guy I made from the last one. All the same, 4 chambers. Better design
    Oh and I forgot to say, this actual design it's meant to be in a twin reactor fashion (100 EU/t from 12 uranium cells), so that's the reason why I try to scale it down to 3 or 2 chambers, at least.

    Hi industrialcraft2 nuclear engineering forums, i'm urbanshadow and I'm new here ^^ . I'm having trouble classifing one of my reactor designs and I would like someones help me on that. I'ts a 5 chamber reactor and AFAIK seems like a Mark I. I don't know what type of Mark I reactor it is so I'm asking for it. Another specs are: heat stabilization (not only hull heat, also cooling elements heat) at 30 heat in tick 89, 50 Eu/t, 1.67 eficiency, thought out to work water cooled. Here's the simulator design.

    Also, any coments or modifications you can made to my design are highly appreciated (If package comes with explanation, I will be happy). EDIT: Did you guys think a 60 Eu/t, eficiency 3 Mark I in 2 chambers can be built?