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    There are some 1.10 version on github but i heared about that it wont work. I never touche mc 1.10 but i will ask techlone to help me out here.

    I took a look at your github and made a build. It works but has only one issue, and that is the recipes are not showing in JEI. They did something in some of the versions (don't know which one) which broke most of the modtweaker/gttweaker stuff.

    GT tin cables are supposed to be able to connect to a Forestry electrical engine, right? They don't for me. If the non-connection is deliberate, I suggest adding a mention of it to the GT5 mod compatibility wiki page.

    No. Forestry electrical engine is IC2 EU producer, so you need to use transformer first and then cable (same as you do with other IC2 energy producing machines.

    Hey Zuxelus.I wonder if you would be able to add a support for GTEU power in NetworkAnchor.

    With this I have also found slight issue, and thats if I have the Network Anchor connected to GT cable it fills with energy, but as soon as something on the line will start demanding power, the anchor stops working (energy drops down into the yellow area)

    Hi. I am making huge overhaul to my InfiTech modpack and I am in process of messing with NC2 recipes. i have unfortunately stumbled upon interesting issue.

    I have Big Reactors instaled and I see you have added a Remote RF Reactor Kit and Reactor Monitor. I wanted to change the recipe but minetweaker is telling me that the item doesnt exist. I triple checked I am using correct name.

    Is there something you can do about it? Thank you

    I am currently in progress of making little overhaul to Infitech 2 and I am looking bit deeply into IHL now. But I am finding hard to find out some recipes.

    For example recipe to make Steel hammer head is not showing anything. Well it does show furnace recipes: Tar pitch bar => Small piece of tar pitch; Bucket of spruce resin => Bucket of tar pitch... both of these when I try to look up the recipe for that Hammer head.

    Another is Tiny stell bar. Again it shows only furnace recipes for the tar pitch.

    And a lot of others. When looking at the id names its most of the items ihl:item.ihlSimpleItem doesnt show any recipes, or only "Tar" in furnace recipes.

    edit: Oh and also forgot to add, that even when it shows correct/working recipe for the item, it is still showing the Tar furnace recipes as well...

    Looks awesome. I have a request what could be added. For example some mods, when you have interface of the machine opened and you will hover over some item, it will show you an information what it will do when put in (for example when you open ExU generator and hover over coal it will tell you how long will it last and how much RF it will produce.

    I think it will be a good addition, because when for example when people are recording LPs its better to actually see the "material values" ingame. And with that (i guess you will implement this, or maybe you already did) also hovering over the Modular Armor and holding shift could reveal the properties :)

    p.s. Definitely will use it in InfiTech :)

    I haven't built anything except one or two bronze age machines using so far.
    Do the already generated ores work together with GT6 or should I even then generate a new world because of the save game incompatibilities?
    Also are there recipes for at least the bronze age machines and maybe some early game electrical machines in GT6?

    Short answer: No.
    Long answer: Already enerated ores from GT5 will be gone (from my understanding). So all in all... no you cant use GT5 generated worlds with GT6, unless you want to move away to generate new chunks. But still the machines you build, ores you mined will be gone.

    Chisel is not compatible with Railcraft For a fast workaround go to chisel.cfg and disable railcraft integration (along with RC* entries as well)