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    Replied to the thread Pump doesn't pump water.
    I'm not sure why you posted this in the IC2 forum, since that is a Buildcraft pump, and as far as I can tell, there are no IC2 blocks in that screenshot. However, I will try to help anyway. You need to provide power to the pump, not just the wooden…
  • MauveCloud

    Replied to the thread Need help Cross breeding stickreed.
    It's a rather low chance for any given crossbreeding attempt - I usually make at least one 9x9 field with 40 regular reed and 40 cross-crops in a sort of "checkerboard" pattern (water in the center with some sort of slab over it), and even then it can…
  • MauveCloud

    Look in the "Advanced" tab. There's an option to make it output old-style codes.

    As far as the mobile app, I am not involved in developing that.
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    albijoe based on your screenshot, you're using an older build of the IC2 experimental reactor planner. I seem to have neglected to announce it in the planner's forum thread, but in v2.3.1 I added output of Base64-encoded reactor codes (with "erp="…