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    Damn... so much has changed with my mods, and this world has gotten so buggy and slow. I was hoping to at least save the resources and machines I have gathered in my current world and just move on. Guess I can try and take a count of the majors I have (i know the machines, but titanium, tungstensteel, etc). It'd take a long time to creative it all in!

    I know this isn't exactly an IC2 question, but I figure you guys should know best. I'm trying to transfer all my stuff to a new world, and the only hangup I'm hitting is that a new world has a different numbering of items. I can copy and paste my base into the new world just fine, and I've figured out getting my stash there (AE drives in ender chests), but i hit the snag that generating a new world classifies items under different numbers. Thus, when generating my structure I copied over as a schematic, it'll generate with all the wrong bricks and cause a massive crash.

    Short question: can I copy over my ID# list to another world so it'll classify everything the same? It'll be the same mod list for the new world.

    I have tried literally everything... I can't figure this one out. I have tried straight from a fluid canner emptying the correct chlorine cells to liquid then auto-outputting to the chem reactor, and from all sides too. I can find NO way to put this stupid chlorine into the chem reactor.

    And yes, I have the fluid in the ME network, plenty of it (fluid form). It must be something to do with the machine itself- possibly multiple machines. I cannot get chlorine into the chem reactor or oxygen into the input hatch on my EBF. There is just no method I can devise to get it in, across multiple mods. I even did a fresh install (copied the mods and configs though, so if its in there then I copied the problem too). I HAVE however gotten molten redstone to enter my assembler, so its not all fluids and all machines. Really stuck on this one! Any other ideas?

    Definately, I've tried liquid chlorine, and chlorine from both regular cells and universal cells, and I just CANNOT get the machine to accept it from any side. I wanted to use extracells fluid export bus to load it, but when trying to get this to work, I've tried fluid export bus, enderio fluid conduits, and a few other random ideas that came to me. nothing.

    Edit: OK, additional and possibly related issue: I can't get my electric blast furnace to accept oxygen through its input hatch either. Oddest damned thing! The fluid export busses seem to not register anything when i configured the output, and I can't even get the input hatch to accept oxygen via putting actual cells in there. Weird!

    If you need it, mod list:
    GregTech 5.09, IC2ex, Mekanism, ProjectRed, AE2, Extracells2, PressurePipes, Galacticraft, EnderIO, Railcraft, Buildcraft

    Hey all- maybe you can help out

    I can't seem to make titanium tetrachloride in the chemical reactor- It's not accepting the chlorine into the chemical reactor. Am I missing something? I've tried it in creative with an IV tier (i know, gregtech) chem reactor, and I just cannot get it to accept the damn chlorine from any side. I'm stuck with a bunch of Rutile dust and desperately in need of titanium! Can anyone help? thanks!

    Note: Sorry if this is all GregTech stuff- I couldnt tell which mod was making this part of the titanium process. It felt complicated- thus probably GregTech, but hopefully you can help anyways!

    Figured it out! Reactor was melting down, just wasn't going Chernobyl on me, and the steam generators were exploding because I was losing water in the system. My bad! Ha!

    I feel like I'm missing something here-

    I have a steam generator setup, and I am getting constant problems with getting it to run correctly. Can anyone help? Pic attached.

    I have two heat exchangers on the sides of a steam generator, 221 and 1mb, with the exchangers oriented with copper side in. Behind the steam generator is a kinetic steam generator, with another one right below it. Both have fluid ejectors oriented to eject below (shift-clicking the bottom of a block, etc.). Then I have a condenser (or in the case of my attachment, a fluid distributor trying to pull water out of the last generator and eject it). I then have the mirror image of that setup below it, sharing the condenser/distributor and with ejectors oriented to eject to the top. I've tried just the condensor, a fluid distributor into a condensor, and just the fluid distributor (since its all distilled water coming out). Nothing works!

    No matter how I orient it, i get massive plumes of steam all over the place. Each generator is getting distilled water in it, either filling up or keeping just 1mb in it.

    Can anyone see the issue here? I'm using hot coolant and enderIO fluid conduits to move the distilled water.

    OK, and for another oddity, I keep having the oddest issues with disappearing/rotating blocks. Admittedly, I used worldedit to copy my coolant chiller design, and it was understandably all rotated incorrectly, however after fixing it, I saw that the original chiller had gone crazy. All mekanism pipes had disappeared, and so did the steam generators. Am I missing something obvious here, like it just being a reaction to a badly designed device and the steam generators blowing up (with no other damage)?

    Hopefully I'm not the only one who has had this, and if I am missing something written about it, I do apologize.

    My reactor keeps disappearing from inside my nuclear fluid reactor. The pressure vessel remains intact, and I see no evidence of a massive meltdown, however I try to access the hatch and get nothing, then open the reactor and find it empty. This has happened a number of times... I'm at the point where I just NEI everything back so I stop dumping in resources. Anyone else having this?

    I DO have it build just over a chunk border, but it was happening at my old base before a big remodel and that one was within chunk borders I think.

    Only major mods I'm running (that I was running before when this started) is Gregtech, AE, and Railcraft. There are other small mods but I don't think they'd be involved.
    Anyone know what it is? Am I melting down and just not going Hiroshima? I have watched it alot and I see no problems, but I then come back to find it totally disappeared.

    Quick question... in the interest of space, are there any plans in the works for some of the seemingly useless materials (sapphire, pink plutonium dust, etc.)? Just curious, I feel like I should keep hoarding them but it seems like theyve only gotten less useful.

    Alternatively, since its entirely possible that I'm just ignorant to the glory that is sapphire and plutonium dust, I'd love a hint of where I should start to try any find a use for them. I'm at the point of trying to eat the plutonium to hopefully become a super hero!

    Nope, can't be factorization, I dont use it. All ive done is update ic2 and gregtech. I did update te3 and extracells too, but that shouldnt change much. That recipe gives me iron fencing. Annoying too, since it was in my ae autocrafter and it burned all my iron rods when I tried to make a heat vent... have enough fencing to block off a few biomes now

    Just ran into an oddity, appears to be a duplication bug. Using a Large Gas Turbine generator with methane cells, the cells are emptying correctly in the input hatch, however the output hatch is also filling the bottom slot with empty cells. Seems to be exactly double, I started with one stack of methane cells and no empties, and ended with two stacks of empties. Output hatch is set for items only, however there is no change if it is set for items and liquids (still gives empty cells). Unknown if orientation matters, however if it does, the Turbine setup is: (with turbine face facing north) maintenance then input hatch on east side with output and muffler hatch on the west side, with dynamo on the south side. If it REALLY matters, the diagram is as follows:

    * T *
    O * Maint
    Mu * I
    * D *

    Also, did something happen to the iron bar recipe? Can't find it in NEI anymore, it seems to just make iron fences