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    This is a issue with ENDER IO. Try removing that mod and booting up the most recent version of GT. Might be something different but I have a open issue here in case it is the same.

    So yeah I run a public server that has no restrictions. The IP comes pre loaded in a public pack that is downloaded around 1000 times a day. Players tend to do some dumb ass shit but even the new to gregtech players that have no clue at all. I have not witnessed the lag described above when profiling. Not saying its not a issue but a general rule is you cannot fix stupid there is just so many ways they will surprise you to cause issues with TPS.

    I found a nice Exploit to make Nether Portals with the Lighter on Mars/Moon too jump Back not need a Rocket :P

    You can use to black list any block in any dimension an example…nnedBlocksByDimension.xml Last I looked depending on the mod loaded there is a lot of ways to exploit lighting a portal. Also a updated ore charts

    I'm not sure if you are aware of the bug with Minefactory Reloaded, but if you are, do you think it is fixable? I would love to include Gregtech in my private modpack, but I can't because,when both mods are installed, the client crashes. I have both the latest version of Gregtech and IC2 Expermental. If you need a crash report its here:…ml-client-latest.log?dl=0
    Sorry for the dropbox upload, the log is too long to put on PasteBin.

    Cannot see anything that has to do with gregtech in your crash.

    [22:59:52] [Client thread/ERROR] [FML/]: Caught exception from MineFactoryReloaded|CompatVanilla

    Your possibly using the wrong version of MFR/minecraft

    Here is the Crash Report

    So I was getting a crash on recipe lookup with bloods recipes. I went ahead and transferred it to a MineTweaker script heavily inspired by Bloods Recipes

    Wow have i missed some stuff in this thread (Mostly Reika), still feeling saddening (saddy,bad,ood?) void inside about there being not enough Gregtech youtube series (i would make one if i had motivation, time and a good voice and some equipment but who cares?) right now the most newest Gregtech series is a damned beoyond reality modpack (Ruins and botainia, they ruin the BALANCE /rant i don't like dungeon exploration looting or raiding ) i mean if there would be atleast a German Let's play of GT 5 (not in the beyond reality pack or any modpack that has balance issues).

    So yeah you must of watched bevos lets play. So to start this off Beyond Reality is still in beta and I have only recently taken back over maintaining it. The pack it self is by far not the most balanced out there. Due to it including some mods that really have no proper place with gregtech like you said. The two mods from the quote have had small tweaks because yeah was kinda stupid.

    This is what the pack attempts to do is balance everything in a mild way. While still placing gregtech front and center. It does include some great mods that do offer additional gameplay and some easy ways around a normally harder task. How ever one of the great things about including these mods and attempting to semi balance them. Is we get a ton of new gregtech players each day that otherwise might of just skipped over one of the best experiences in minecraft. My hopes with BR is that after they are done with it they also come here to bash on it being unbalanced :)

    I am always open to any suggestions so you can ether find me on IRC Espernet@beyondreality or drop a issue on git…es?q=is%3Aopen+is%3Aissue


    "I'll have to check that out thanks, as long as its not to big of a mod pack my pc sucks"

    It is a big pack should be fine with 4 gigs ram and a semi decent CPU. The server it self runs of 64 gigs of ram dedicated box. We do not accept donations for items and there is very few items banned. So pretty much wide open!