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    Allways possible i mixed up some calculation.…

    Here you can see what actually happens.

    Cant read Code while Melting :D

    I Think i found the Problem tho. The Gt Net seems to take the right amount. If you let the EnergyCell set to 800 rt/t Maximun Output it seems to Dump 400/rf in the Transformer, which it doesnt need, but if you Limit the output to 240 rf/t which is the amount it needs for Running the 120 eu/t Recipe (again 2:1 Ratio Config) it works Just fine and you get roughly the correct Total Rf Transfer of 400000 Rf + Loss that you would expect.

    So Thermal Expansions Fault? Gt Transformer says "Give me the Powers" and Energy Cell says "Here take all of it" ?

    Dont know much about how the different Energy Networks work and my current Coding knowledge is mediocre at im just guessing here :P

    tl;dr : Limit the EnergyCell output to what the GT Machine actually Needs

    But i didnt Use any Cables in My Test. Just an Energy Cell adjacent to a Transformer adjacent to a Battery Buffer Connected to the Ebf and it still used more than Double it should have.So Loss on Battery charging in Pairing with Rf->Eu Transformation then i guess. Not that RF Energy Generation is Hard nowadays :D. Might not even Use it. Just wanted to Clarify :)

    So i tested this again and set the Config to 50 for testing purposes I:100RFtoEU_20=50

    Same Setup. The Aluminium Dust Recipe for the EBF shows 204000 Eu at 120 Eu/t which should be 408000 Rf at ~240 Rf/T +- Blockloss but the Transformer draws a flat 400 eu/t from the Cell and a total of 678400 RF. Not Double the Amount it should have but ~50% with the changed config now.

    Heres the Setup

    I dont feels off

    There is still a lot of internal losses. Cable loss, Internal Block loss and batterys charging/decharging also has loss. On MV 4EU loss every 128 Transferred. If you have also quite a bunch of cables in there too, 50% additional loss is quite possible.

    But i didnt Use any Cables in My Test. Just an Energy Cell adjacent to a Transformer adjacent to a Battery Buffer Connected to the Ebf and it still used more than Double it should have.So Loss on Battery charging in Pairing with Rf->Eu Transformation then i guess. Not that RF Energy Generation is Hard nowadays :D. Might not even Use it. Just wanted to Clarify :)

    Hey all. Just a Quick Question about the Rf to Eu Config


    Do i understand this Correctly, in that 1 rf yields 0.2 Eu?

    Cuz that seems Off somehow. I tested this on an EBF with a TE Energy Cell + MV Transformer + MV Battery Buffer and it used around Double the Amount of Rf that it should have for the given Recipe.

    I think it was the Aluminium Recipe which uses 202000 Eu if i recall correctly, so that should have used around 1010000 Rf but it used a bit more than 2 Million.(all Gt Blocks and Batterys connected where fully charged when tested.)

    I know there is Loss between GT Blocks, but the Numbers dont seem to add up. I could test this again and give you specific Numbers, if you want.

    Am i wrong in my Numbers or is there something off? might be im just stupid, cause today is freaking hot and my Brain is really fucking slow

    Ah gregtech has config options for the unification... Very interesting. Thanks, on phone too so I'll try it tonight (tonight in my timezone).

    Yes you can Unificate allmost everything, which is a freakin awesome system if you ask me.

    Just search for "B:dustPyrotheum_false=false" in the "Unification.cfg" under the "thermalfoundation" subsection and change it to B:dustPyrotheum_false=true. should work.

    btw if you set InventoryUnification in the GregTech.cfg to true after setting the above, all the gt pyrotheum dust in your inventory should get transformed into thermal expansions pyrotheum dust. just give it a few seconds.

    Did you actually witness them turning into the Missingtextures? Also do they still work or are they just unclickable? Because unclickable doesn't mean they don't work.

    i am 99% sure that they only turn into missingtexture-mode when im not looking at them. they are uncklickable but they appear to be still processing stuff.Happens to other players on my server aswell.they get the same bug on those machines.relogging allways fixes it

    the blocks under them are cables from Steves factory manager. The Blocks work again after a relogg but stop working after 5-15 minutes.

    edit:they even work like normal. furnace smelts, hammer hammers...the factory manager works as intended aswell.

    Well a normal person would now post the Log Files, fml-client.log, GregTech.log and latest.log as a simple Forum attachment WITHOUT putting them into a rar or zip File. (I did not say that because of you, I say that only because others were stupid enough to do that)

    Fair enough. I checked all and didnt see anything, which i shoudlve said :D . Anyway maybe you see something.

    its looks like serverside keeps running btw. just a client thing

    Hey you guys!

    Have a slight Problem on my Client.Weird Texture Bug/thingy/whatever that is.

    After a while of Playing my Machines turn into ".name", loose their texture and stop working.No idea whats going on. Happens with and without the texturespack.
    Any suggestion on what might be causing this?

    edit: i am terribly sorry if this problem has been explained before...couldnt find anything :/

    Id like to ask for people to maybe join our server (German and whitelisted atm, but I wouldn't be against a few people who speak english ;) ) or use our modpack. We try to center it around gregtech, yet have some mods which are independent from it, we try to balance everything to match the gregtech standarts. It definetly isn't finished yet, but we would be happy about a few more people :)
    Project Sunrise (Techniclauncher, hopfully ATlauncher in the future, but we will see)
    If you would likte to see a modlist, you can find it here (just click it :P)

    I hope it is allowed to post this here, if not just make something funny with my post :thumbsup:

    oh ho one stack of Posts ....Very interessting

    Looks basicly like my Modlist..on my Server...on which i play alone right now.Without the HQM tho. Might be interesting to play with others for once tho.

    I already have my first steel so my intention was to build a battery buffer first. But then it makes no sense since I can't craft a battery.

    i build a Steam turbine and powered a Basic Canning Machine directly...with that i could make a small cadmium Battery. So you need some Electrical Machines without a Buffer to get the Battery Storage

    You'd expect it to be dropHoney. Do you know which mod adds it?

    thats what i was thinking. Lets see. Minetweaker Oredict Log Output says:

    COMMAND: Ore entries for <ore:dropHoney> :
    COMMAND: <Forestry:honeyDrop>
    COMMAND: <harvestcraft:honeyItem>
    COMMAND: <Growthcraft|Bees:grc.honeyJar>

    sooo not those i guess.

    but then again:

    COMMAND: Ore entries for <ore:honeyDrop> :
    COMMAND: <Growthcraft|Bees:grc.honeyJar>

    A Thingy Greg..bugs me for Weeks now :D might have been reported allready, but who knows.

    i mean...i dont know much about the OreDict, but "honeyDrop" sounds wrong to me

    Are you using Windows? I had a similar problem where my Environment Variables in windows had a maximum-allowed amount for Java. I'm not at home atm so I cannot give you the precise name of the flag, but it should be immediately apparent.

    Some applications seem to ignore this. For instance, FTB manages to allocate the memory it needs. MultiMC on the other hand respected the amount and stopped me from playing certain packs until I found (and deleted) that flag.


    Yes! Check if theres something like: "_JAVA_OPTIONS=-Xmx512M" in the Environment Variables and delete it.Might be called differently...just out of my Head