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    I see a small problem with that: currently the controller's inventory slot is used for mining pipes for both the drilling rig and the advanced miner ii.

    Ill be honest I completely forgot about that. Considering how much distance the miner might have to travel, if it works the same as the ic2 ones never really used, I would of thought it would use a input bus for all the pipes.

    Or when there's no oil for the drilling rig to pump? I just tried the oil drill for my first time (in previously playthroughs I used oilberries or oilsands ore instead), and I don't see a way to do that, even looking at the source for the drill (I haven't tried the advanced miner ii). It looks like one needs to use a pickaxe (or a tool that counts as one, such as a drill) to recover the mining pipes.

    I might also want to retract the mining pipes if I want to move on to get a different kind of oil, or stop the advanced miner ii and move it somewhere else. I'd write up an issue for it, but I'm not sure what to suggest for signaling to the multiblock that I want to retract the mining pipes - with the IC2 miner, the Wiki says one removes the drill to tell it to start retracting the mining pipes, but the drilling rig and advancer miner ii don't have removable drill bits.

    What about using the numbered circuit do do it? Have one setting for mining and then remove it or use a diffrent one to retract the pipes and have it be placed in the multi block controllers inventory.

    Does 1 HU correspond to 1mB of Hot Coolant? If so, should I expect to have the reactors reported HU/t output as that amount of coolant per tick, or do I need to worry about the losses you mentioned in #5?

    1 HU equals 1 mb of hot coolant and it is produced each reactor tick which happens once a second.
    As for number 5 im not sure what hes talking about with heat loss unless it is referring to failing to create a hot coolant system that can keep up with the reactor and letting it build up heat to a possible boom. Mabey author such clarify what he means by loss in this case.

    So, over at the TerraFirma Craft forums they told me that GT has a "world unification" feature that can't be turned off, unlike its inventory and machine unification.

    I'm wondering if there is a workaround using minetweaker or another method that you guys could recommend. Basically there are multiple types of TFC copper and iron ores, all of which unify to one type of TFC copper or iron when picked up. Turning off inventory unification and giving TFC unification precedence in the configs doesn't help, apparently GT still tries to unify all of TFC's ores registered under the same ore dictionary value to a single type of TFC ore. If I remember correctly, TFC's mod authors use metadata to delineate between their various ores.

    What do you guys think? Is there any way of fixing this short of writing my own compatibility mod?

    While I haven't checked in a while did you look in the unification config? but ya ores should not be unifying in any case.