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    What I meant is that for example Tungsten ore I see sevrol versions of this ore in a row in NEI with the same name but with different textures for each one. Proply one for every type of rock it can spwn in. This dose not Include the small versions... Also before I miscounted. There are 5 of each.
    NOTE: I count small and regular ores as different ore types.

    appliedenergistics2 --Late--> crystalFluix uses an unknown Material. Report this to GregTech.

    appliedenergistics2 --Late--> dustNetherQuartz is ambiguous, this is an Error.
    appliedenergistics2 --Late--> dustCertusQuartz is ambiguous, this is an Error.
    appliedenergistics2 --Late--> dustFluix uses an unknown Material. Report this to GregTech.

    EDIT: Feature request can you chose one version of each ore to show in NEI... seeing 3 of every ore is kind of annoying with how many you have now.

    They can produce steam and you can changed the config to make them use steel and reinforced/hardened glass.

    I use 391

    How many Certifuges/electrolyzers are needed for a fusion reactor now?

    Havent built tested this and unless some of the numbers have changed very recintly this should work... or at least math says it works.

    t cell 24 IC
    d cell 120 IC
    hydrogen cell 4 IE
    electolized water cell 46 IE
    water cell

    EDIT: I suggest doing some testing to makr sure this still works... and I assume your doing the T/D cell reation.

    Go tell at the author of gravity suites to update his recipes to work with IC2 EXP recipe charges that happened recently ish.
    EDIT: FUUUU quotes

    Here you go:…bf9c3112bd34050f473b9bae0

    BTW 2 more questions:

    • :?: Does gregtech nerf diamond and gold spawn rates?
    • :?: There are some recipe issues. For example: You need steelplates to craft the Blast Furnace. But how to get steel without having the Blast Furnace? (without other mods like RailCraft installed). Same goes for the stainless steel. You need the Industrial Electrolyzer to get chrome, but you cant craft the electrolyzer without either having steel or stainless steel oO

    Look up the Bronze tier Machines on the GregTech Wiki...

    Also Greg can we add something along these lines to the Q/A?