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    Yes in real factories you don't need to move the machines, but in real factory you don't have updates, patches, fixes etc which would force you to rebuild or change parts of your factory.
    Anyway I also think that, this should be a parameter option in the config file.

    Awww Scrap Boxes are gone ? That's sad. When we were bored with my friends, we always made a lot of scrap boxes and we made a competition to see who will get a better item to drop from it. It was quite funny and addictive :D I would really love to have then in IC2 too.

    There were some news on the official Minecraft forum regarding patch 1.8 recently.
    It said 1 Important things 1) Adventure mode will replace Survival mode and new Creative mode will be added.
    With this change and the amount of contents added in 1.8 (new biomes generation, rivers, oceans, dungeons, NPC vilages etc.) It's a question if 1.8 patch will be compatible with worlds generated for 1.7.x Survival mode and even if it will be, who would like to play in the old world where you don't have all those new cool things from the new patch ? ;)
    Also they say that 1.8 should come out in a few weeks (I wonder what few is 1-2 maybe ?)

    So i guess, coding any type of compatibility with the old IC would be waste of time right now.

    p.s. I understand your frustration, I have SMP server running with 4-5 of my friends from school. We have Buildcraft and Industrial Craft there and we spend a lot of time, digging, building and developing it. But oh well we already submitted to the fact that we will have to start over and we decided to make it even better than the old one :D

    Hey the patch, is awesome, I have patched both single player and our SMP server and no issues at all, thanks a lot.

    It's great that someone is still fixing issues with the old IC so we can continue playing it and enjoying it while we wait for IC2.

    p.s. I hope Alblaka won't be offended, me and my friends are really excited about IC2 and can't wait to get our hands on it ^^ I'm just happy that we can play IC while we wait, better and with bugs fixed.