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    Oheyo, me again. The mods seems to keep crashing when I open machine guis, and it's spitting out a generic forge crash report (doesn't reference any of your mod files) so I was thinking I might have a semi-incompatible forge version. What version do you recommend using with .6?

    This mod is stable using forge-1.7.10- which is the old recommended version of the new variant. Currently forge 1230 is now considered a recommended version. Try either of those two versions.

    I will agree there. NC2 is a very useful mod but not useful enough to bother with a rewrite. However instead of a rewrite would porting the 1.4.7 version work? From what i am understanding. This version of IC2 is a base level port of 1.4.7 IC2 with the original API intact or am i missing something?

    It's too of a pain to handle two different energy apis.

    wouldn't it be simpler to just make a second mod specifically designed to use the original API? Better yet i think all Immibis really has to do is simply port his 1.4.7 Advanced Machines to 1.7.10. It's already got the original API's mappings. So all he would need to do is port it. However that in of itself i won't be surprised is the hard part.

    Seems i did happen to find a bug after all. 3 to be exact but they are very minimal and more like continuity issues then anything.
    1: Fuses on nukes don't hiss when ignited.

    2: Nukes don't set other nukes off with explosions. Also TnT doesn't set off nukes as well. It just consumes the nukes.

    3: Fuses on nukes seem to be a bit too long. I seem to recall nukes taking only 6-8 seconds to detonate rather 10 or more.

    I would like to see some more uses for the miner. People these days rely to much on the quarry or turtles or MFR's mining laser. I honestly don't think i've seen people make a real use out of the miner. Imagine being able to write a mod that expands it. Drills with durability, scanning modules that apply speed / range buffs. Even going as far as custom filter modules so the miner only targets specific ores. mmm yes that would be lovely.

    I had my suspicions of this... my friend who updated the mod told me he doesn't work with API's very well. Its possible he may have made the mod function. But did not use the right API. On the original coders github he has the IC2 API for 1.5.2 there. ugh i hate the idea of it but i may take up learning java just so i can work on the mod myself. thank you for this information however.

    One of the biggest hitches he was having was something to do with xml and the gui. That is all i remember.

    Me and a friend originally started this mod back in 1.5.2. A new friend updated the code in a working "error" state to 1.6.4. even stated he doesn't work well with API's. I asked him about the errors and he couldn't provide much for me. However what i did get was quite perplexing.

    The mod loads fine on its own without IC2. But whenever clicking any machine it crashes the client. (probably a bad method with the GUI) but when IC2 is loaded. It crashes MC before it fully loads. I'm no coder and would like answers to solve this. Even going as far as looking for someone to help get the mod on its way.

    I only ask for answers regarding these errors. If you wish to see the source let me know. It is on github and is open to the public for viewing. Its supposed to be a addon to IC-2 with a more interesting take on solar energy.