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    Im trying to figure out what would be a good setup. Im hoping to get some suggestions on doing things a little differently then what i am so i can run more then 1 machine at a time.

    Current setup is kinda like this

    1MV array+6LV array+2 panels -->MFSU-->MVT-->MFE-->LVT--> Machines, 3 macerators, 1 extractor, compressor, 2 electric furnaces.

    Each machine has 5 overclockers, but if im running more then 1 or 2 machines. Its too much for my power input. Now i know ill need more arrays, but i know i sould be doing something different. Like upgrading the machines EU input tier and setting up some kinda array with my MFSU/MFE/Transformers. Just not sure whats optimal. Anyone have some suggestions on what works good? I want to maximize the speed of the machines as much as i can without have to have a crap ton of solar. Just looking for some tips/suggestions or even some youtube links.

    Yeah it looks like your using plain water cells

    If you have a MSFU that has redstone power applied to it, then it will only supply power to a mass fab once its full and doesnt have anywhere to go with the extra power.


    This is a basic cut out of how im thinking of feeding everything. Feeding each of those MSFUs would be 234 solar panels. Makes the total about 1638. Now how should i run them to the to the other MSFU parallel im looking to have? Run those 7 into 1 msfu then go into the parallel or go direct into the parallel?

    Not sure how practicle this is, but once IC2 gets updated to 1.0 then ill be restarting my server and my friends can play again. So there will be about 5 people all chipping in on resource gathering.

    There is 234 solar panels. I know im not past any limits of the wires, so there is no eu loss. But not all the MSFU's in the parallel get equal eu. It gradually gets less the further out from the central point. Now i was thinking that it was going to output 20 packs of 512 into the mass fab once the one was filled, but they would have to be right after the the main parallel. So im guessing i would have to apply redstone to each of the msfu's in the parallel for it to only feed the mass fab once they are full? If thats the case im just going to set them up with switches and manually shut them on and off. Now im not just going to have 1 solar array setup like that feeding that many msfu's. But i can figure that out later.

    Im looking at setting up a large solar array on my roof. I think its a pretty common setup, but it looks like and upside down T. The one layer is solar panel, tin wire, then solar panel, with a 3rd panel on top of the tin. Now tin looses EU after 40 blocks. My question is if i run tin up out the top of my MSFU 2 blocks and then head out in opposite directions like 37 blocks? Which makes 222 solar panels in a row. But with the MSFU in the middle i shouldnt loose any EU correct? Then is running a bunch of MSFU's in parallel after that with any mass fabs the best setup?