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    Admittedly I calculated off of U-235 alone, that would result in needing 91 stacks.

    If he set up a smaller MOX reactor first to help convert U-238 into plutonium as well, he'd obviously need less. But then he could just keep using that one and not the silly design here :P (Which I still cannot see. This is why we have an online reactor planner...)

    sorry about that, i'll link it when i get home because it was blocked X(
    http://www.talonfiremage.pwp.b…0dml32i50d79wblwabr5vyznk there's the link, replace quads with quad MOX :I don't comment on the INSANE amount of stuff you need to run it, but think of the theoretical aspects of it ;) inevitably someone will probably find a way to make one in survival :P

    I was thinking that being able just to take apart and move nuclear reactors wasn't difficult enough, so I suggest realistic nuclear decommissioning!
    1: Decontamination. The structures and components must be cleaned, dismantled, packaged, and stored in a safe area, perhaps a new lead storage box or just a reinforced stone building!
    It would also be nice to see proper storage of fuel rods in lead-lined containers.

    Hehe, sorry :p Its late and I am cranky. Besides, that design uses 96 mox fuel per cycle and probably a INSANE amount of redstone and simply huge running costs (I doubt those reflectors last long either). That kind of design is like ultra mega endgame in ic2, I could probably get a fusion reactor from GT before I got one of those.

    haha yeah, this is more of a theoretical setup. My new design uses 13 RSH consumes the RSH charge in ~30 seconds meaning you consume ~4420 redstone per cycle sooooooo XD I actually plan on using one of my designs for this (20k eu/t at 7k heat) in FTB soon with the energy manipulator mod (basically EE2 condensors) :P

    Nuclear power definitely needed a buff though ;)

    So this is my first post (which i'm doing from school so I can't continue my nuclear testing currently) so I apologize for my noobiness. Anyway, I recently started looking into nuclear engineering and I came up with the MOX reactor design in about 5 minutes!

    As you can see by that picture, at ~9500 heat it produces INSANE amounts of eu/t. So much eu/t you need GREGTECH to handle it @_@... anyway, make sure to set up a thermal monitor and automated redstone coolant replacement. Of course, you'd need some way of obtaining these insane amounts of redstone, most likely a witch farm, turtles, quarries, or MFR laser miners. Fix your mod! :P