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    GregTech ores still aren't generating in the Nether when the latest Biomes O' Plenty is installed. This is because BoP adds several new biomes to the Nether, completely removing the "Hell" biome. These biomes include Boneyard, Corrupted Sands, Phantasmagoric Inferno, Undergarden, and Nether Base (or Nether). If it helps at all, I believe the mod NetherOres solved this issue by telling its ores to generate in the -1 dimension rather than any specific biome.

    I look forward to a fix. Thanks.

    Gah! I was just about to build my wiremill when much to my disappointment I found I had no zinc for the brass plates required by the wiremill. I checked NEI to find out where to get zinc and found it was from the 'S' nether ore. I went to the nether only to discover there are no gregtech nether ores in the nether because I have Biomes O'Plenty installed and the nether has been replaced. Now I'm stuck. There does not seem to be any config options in either mod to allow me to progress. I suppose I could disable the nether biomes in BoP and delete my nether dim folder and see if it will regen. Gonna go try that.

    I'm beginning to wonder if a new thread should be started for the 1.5.1 info, as it differs so greatly from 1.4.7. I'm getting ready to build my first reactor in 1.4.7 and the 1.5.1 stuff (while interesting) is a bit distracting when I'm trying to find info regarding 1.4.7.

    Oh wait, that's a uranium cell in slot 0

    That's a lot more efficient. 14.2.

    Second problem though: converting it to Mark I drops its isotope output by 40%, its now got only 15 extra isotope per cycle. This would be good, if something of a nightmare to automate, as a single reactor if 367 isn't enough.

    Well, I did say I had no idea what I was doing. I did have something similar to the Mark I design you showed me but I was tinkering with it to try to get more Depleted Cells out of it. That's where I came up with the Mark II, and 3 min 20 sec of cooldown didn't seem like a big deal for the large boost in Depleted Cells. You can even squeeze a few more cells out by preheating the reactor.

    As for automating. I haven't the first clue of how to automate even the simplest of reactors so if it is possible it is beyond my ken.

    I really don't have a clue what I'm doing here as I've never built a nuclear reactor of any type before, but I've been reading through this thread and playing with the IC2 Reactor Planner and toying with some of the designs you guys have come up with. I really don't understand how to swap components into and out of a reactor while it is running (I would love to see a video) but here is a design I stumbled across that might interest you.

    Of note with this design, bumping up the starting heat can increase the number of Depleted Cells charged should that be desirable.


    I'm playing a game now with the same mods as you, plus a bunch of others, and it works fine with me. Did you check all the input/output sides for the dynamo/gearbox/mfe? Can I see a screenshot of your design? Right now I can't think why is should not work.

    This shows the setup:

    This shows the dynamo is receving mechanical power:

    This shows no EU in the tin wire:

    Also, I updated to dynamo 1.36 just in case. Alas, no change.

    Works like a champ! Thanks Aresenic. I really only use the advanced macerator, but it is awesome. I don't use extractors or compressors often enough to warrant the advanced version. The no sound on the advanced macerator is also nice.
    Now if only the advanced solar panels would get updated. I haven't had a chance to play with them. It would be nice to see some advanced wind/water mills too. You know, something that is actually worth building.

    My dynamo just does not work. I have a water wheel. It is spinning. An axle comes out of the WW into a gear box. The gear box is smoking (meaning it has power). Another gear comes out of the GB and goes into the dynamo which is also smoking. I have a tin cable coming out of the dynamo and going into the MFE. No power is being generated. My EU meter shows 0 EU/tick on the dynamo, the tin wire, and the MFE. Any idea what's wrong?
    I'm using version 1.35 of dynamo, 3.0 of BTW, and 1.23 of IC2.