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    The Cropanalyzer GUI pops up like it should, I can place a Seed bag in the left slot, but the slot with the lightning doesn't want to take my RE-battery.
    Am I doing something wrong or have I found a conflict with one of my other installed mods?

    Mods installed:
    Forge (.60)
    Mythcraft 0.7.11
    Buildcraft 2.2.13
    RedPower 2.0pr4e (Block ID conflicts resolved)
    EquivalentExchange 2 v1.4.1.1
    Risugamis LightSensor, Shelf and Recipe Book
    Treecapicator 1.2.3.b
    And of cause IC² 1.81

    I have something that might be related in a way.
    I just found out, that if I place a batbox directly under a SolarGen, tha batbox can not be accessed anymore, even I use the latest Forge (
    After placing an insulated copper cable between the two, it worked like it should.
    May it be, that SolarGens aren't able to transfer energy to directly adjactant receivers anymore?

    EDIT: Now I'm confused... It works in one place, in another it doesn't...

    Hey there, I have a fairly basic question.

    A Batbox (or MFE/MFS) should stop transmitting power as soon as a redstone signal is applied. In my game this doesn't happen.
    Is that a bug in the current release (1.64) or a Problem with the other mods I've got installed?

    The other mods are:
    - RedPower
    - Buildcraft 2.x
    - Fossils/Archeology

    EDIT: Found the answer already. Why do I always find the answer after posting even when I do a search for it before...
    So, if anyone else is wondering about this: It was changed (that's sad - it was very useful IMO)

    hey, i was wondering if someone could help me. ( FYI im awful with mods)
    so i have installed buildcraft and industrialcraft but now i want to add advanced machines on so i can get on a server... when i place the two advanced machines files in my Mod folder and then open minecraft, it crashes at the mojang symbol??? what do i do or have i done something wrong?

    You only have to put one of the files into your mods folder - the 'Client' one.
    You only need the 'Server' file if you want to open up your own Server.

    Yeah I wouldnt mind knowing this too, weather these can take 128 input or something. I dont want to playtest this incase of violent death :p

    I can answer this - they do take 128EU/t input. Just checked.
    EDIT: Damn, ninjad :)
    EDIT2: The Machines can take MV for use, but the preheating thing (bringing the RPM or Pressure up before use) seems to only function with LV...
    But that doesn't seem to be a problem with the addon - the Induction Furnace shares this problem.

    It crashes on my install due to two blocks having the same ID.
    I can't change the other one, since I'm a litlle into my game, and changing it, would crash my save.
    is there a way to change the Block IDs?
    There is a IC2Adfmachine.cfg in the config folder, but it's empty.
    If it is possible to define the block ID in that config file, please let me know, what I have to insert into it.

    The problem is users who run PVP servers and thus want all potential tools weapons of mass-destruction nerfed. They really need a server-side nob in the config file.

    I really don't see that point, since the ML us completely useless as a weapon in IC². I had to shoot a skeleton multiple times (about 6 I think) before it bit the dust. And that's ok - it's menant to be a tool, but when I use it, it runs through about 4 smoothstone and then dies off. With all the positioning to do a straight tunnel, I'm faster with the mining drill.
    This was way different in IC1 - it had a higher range and way better penetration. I even used it to cut away large land overhangs. Loved it.

    I have a question on this: Why?
    Adding another material only for cans, even the cans work just fine the way they are now doesn't make much sense for me.
    I'd say go for it, if you (or the devs :P ) find some more, other uses for it , but as long as it's only for cans, I'd say "nay".

    [...]I don't think anything should be made to depend on 1 mod to another.

    I agree. IC² should not depend on BC. But if both mods are present, it would be nice to have the ability to use a feature of one mod on a feature of the other. And mostly this already works without any problems. You can feed your machines with transport pipes. For example stuffing Iron ore into a chest, using a pipe to transport it to a macerator and using another pipe to get the metal dust out and into another chest. I haven't tried it yet, but it should work, because it's not dependent on what mod the target block is from, but if it has a container where the stuff can be put.

    But since Tanks for Liquids are not in Vanilla Minecraft, the two mods developed with both their own shot at this. Since both mods use lava storage (BC: Tank, Combustion Engine, IC²: Geothermal Generator) it would be really nice to get them compatible to each other on this.
    So IC² would not be dependant on BC, but if both mods were present, there would be a feature enhancement.

    I completely see, that it isn't thought to function as a weapon.
    The problem is, that it isn't very functional as a toon anymore either.
    In IC I used it a lot for long straight tunnels, because it mowed stone away like crazy. That was good :)
    I catually rarely pointed it at enemies, because you risked to mess up your landscape when you misshot.
    If it's makeable, it would be nice to have its excellent cutting ability back.

    Look it was built for the PVP server owners who requested it, because nano suits were not balanced for them, not for SSP, if you don't like it, guess what you don't have to make it, and you don't ever have to think about it, obviously it wasn't designed for you, so what difference does it make for you?

    See, even your language is a bit harsh, I get it. The problem was, it doesn't have a label "Designet only for SMP"
    I've just seen, that in my SSP game, it's redundant, and thought I'd make a suggerstion to make it better.

    Thread can be closed.

    I support the idea.

    I use my miner with a MFE and (therefor an LV Transformer) and 4 Energy Crystals. Add a chest to it, and you have 4 Blocks, 6 Items (4 Crystals + Diamond Drill + OV Scanner).
    Add my regular equipment to that, and my inventory is nearly full leaving almost no space to bing home the goods afterward. All this running to bring home goods and to reload the crystals between base and mining site make me feel like I am from the redundant department of redundant redundancy :)

    A upgrade to the miner (that might even be made from way more expensive components) would stop all the unnecessary running. I'd really like to see that and would definetely use it, no matter if as an addon or officially integrated into IC².

    Description: IC² and Buildcraft integrate into each other neatly, especially with PowerCrystals addons, but it would be even better if not only items could be fed into machines, but liquids as well.
    The thing I'm talking about mostly here are the Geothermal Generators. It would be superb if we could just connect it to a liquid pipe from BC and keep it running instead of constantly bucked feeding them.

    If Balance is your concern here (this would be a lot of energy really easy to get) include some kind of hindrance to that. Either a "continous flow module" that needs to be attached to the GTG, that needs tons of precious resources (diamonds, glowstone dust, advanced alloy, ...) alternatively a second group of GTG could be made and have a destinction between "Batch GTG" (The classic one we already have) and "Continuous GTG" (The one for BC-Pipe-connectivity, would be way more expensive).
    If that's not good, you could instead add a temperature problem similar to the Nuclear Reactor.
    Another option would be the need of a simultaneous water feed - either as coolant or to make steam that propells turbines (thats how GTGs work in real life...).

    No matter what variant you choose, I'd be very glad to see something like this come true in the future of IC²

    The recipe for the continuous flow ADDON to a normal GTG could look like this:
    :Alloy: :Empty Cell: :Alloy:

    :Advanced Machine: MinecraftZombie :Advanced Machine: (Where MinecraftZombie = Pump)

    :Alloy: :Empty Cell: :Alloy:

    The recipe for the alternate continuous GTG could look like this:
    :Alloy: :Empty Cell: :Alloy:

    :Geothermal Generator: MinecraftZombie :Geothermal Generator: (Again MinecraftZombie = Pump)

    :Advanced Machine: :Empty Cell: :Advanced Machine:

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