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    My first reply to this thread. YEY :D

    I think that Kirrara should be GT HardMode oriented, so any mod that is added needs to either be native GT HM compatible, or be tweaked to become GT HM compatible.

    TC4: Haven't played Thaumcraft since 1.4.7 so I don't know anything about this mod anymore, if the rest of the server thinks that it will fit, then add it. I don't really care.

    Hunger Mods: Nope, nope, nope, nope. Sorry for the negativity, but even now on the server if I try to run more than 500 meter my hunger meter gets to zero. I do support mods that add more foods with different attributes if the rest of the players wants them.

    Galacticraft Planets(Mars): This has been my biggest concern. As I'm running MC currently on a crappy laptop I have very little RAM to dedicate to MC. The problem is that I can't even load the game if I have Galacticraft Planets installed because it takes far too much RAM. I do understand that some people will want to keep it, but if it's possible I'd like it to be removed.

    One last request: Please do try to keep the RAM requirement under 1.2 GB. If it goes over I won't be able to play.

    Taco out.

    So I haven't logged in for some time now. Mostly due to IRL stuff.

    So I need to update most of my mods, but I can't seem to find a Iron Chest dl that is the right version. On the official dl it only gives me 1.7.2 versions. Could somebody post their version so that I can download it.


    Well I haven't checked on RotaryCraft as I have been gone from MC for some time, so I didn't know about it's unbalance and lag issues.

    I just wanted to point out that this may be something to consider as it's quite good looking.

    (I don't really like how the GT fusion reactor looks like..... sorry Greg)

    I haven't been logged in for quite some time now, mostly because of IRL and other games (Kerbal why do you do this to me), but recently I went to check the Feed The Beast sub reddit and I found something interesting:…uld-you-build-this.40763/

    That thing to me look like a real beasty Fussion reactor. So my idea is why not manually replace the GT reactor with this one(only for the our server that is, not for the official GT mod). I'm not so good with this kind of stuff, but I'd love feedback from those who are more experienced.