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    Not much new here...
    1) Deforestation - everything but jungle (Using TreeFeller with duability turned on for lazyness.) Till 4 of 5 full satcks of wood, Rubber Saplings (rubber), and usualy mushrooms from the swamp biomes that I find the rubber trees in.
    2) Digging - I usualy make my starting room with the floor at water level, 14x3x14 often underground always with ladders/trapdoor. (First room is always chunk alligned)
    3) Oring - First priority is always a basic Generator, closely followed by a drill and batpack. (If I'm using EE (1.2.5) then the only thing I make is the Alchemical chest ->Condenser)
    4) Rubber Tree farm (manual at this point).
    5) Rooming - from first room down to bedrock, then up past ground level to the 100's, then building up adjacent rooms, ground up, then down. Lava gets tanked, ores get saved till Macerator and electric furnace is up (then other power tools).
    6) BuildCraft AutoCrafting Tables and lots of redstone engines to make solar panel factory, (still running on charcoal in the gens!)
    7) Compact Solars to HV Panels, get MFSU(s) up and running upgrade to lappack, transformer and overclocker upgrades in all machines.
    8) Forestry - Wheat - > Peat -> Tree -> Rubber Tree. Then I'm 'happy' that I've set up my base.
    9) Forestry Bees - Mystraft Ages - EE - Dust - Thaum - whaterver

    I end up with usualy a 4 room square tower bedrock to sky. A water and lava tank the tower only seem to need one of each :D. If I'm still Oring I might get lazy and quarry the inside of the rooms and put in the floors/lights after. Underground usualy ends up a honeycomb of rooms, I've been using RP2 lights to navigate to ladders, othewise the ant hill is easy to get lost in.

    I havn't tinkered with the reactors, or the IC2 crops. If the gens run on sugar then I guess I'll start doing that too :D

    Heya, with the placement of a LVPnuGen greated an OnTick client CTD.

    Not quite sure whats happening here...... I just realised that EMD might not be 4k block ready......

    How about using more of that generator as that the overclocker. Placing a solar panel (stack) in a mod slot and it operates as if there were that many independant solar panels operating, then you'd need the transformers to up the output voltage to match or it'd blow the cable up :) Given you could then make a single solar panel out 193 (so MV cable and one transformer) the cost is the same as if you made lots of them, and had a huge solar array. Maybe a depreciating return on stacks? That would balance the savings on the cables/batboxes. Or maybe make a 'mount' costing some tin or copper cables and maybe a circuit and some coolant cells that have a maximum stack size of 16. This way you can impliment it and limit it's use at the same time... How about maxing the stack at 4, and 'loosing' the power generated by the generator, so a single solar panel can output 16. Higher output gens would probably need transformers to allow for the higher cabling.

    I think 'tiered' would be good for the transformer module. Though I do like the scaling idea, even now I'll add/remove the odd overclocker depending on my local power supply.

    As for supplying a machine with over 2k power, think about it people! Machine has 6 faces, each with one Iron EV/HV cable, Attacthed to each cable is the EV transformer with four MFSU aiming IN. You won't even need to paint the cables :P

    Edit: Trying the maths again I make that 12k with loss that would't burst a batbox! (Or 'none' if 4xInsulated).

    Edit: More thinking. We have transformers and storage for power already, how about tweaking the existing transformer module pattern using MFE/MFSU and the higher transformers. On the subject of upgrades....... Zippinus, how about doing with the electrolizer what you did with the solar panels.... Heading off to post on that thread now.


    I think I'm slowly giving up and playing with the new Overclocking stuff heh

    Yea it grows on you... one overclocker at a time :D


    i know this is a dumb question but will this be updated or does it work with 1.64

    Still waiting for an update. You'll know when it is updated.... the Original Post will be updated! :)

    Edit: Been thinking, I'd like an Adv Electrolyzer, they already scale but I want MORE :) putting 9 in a pattern to get one that has 9 stacks storage and dis/charges at full rate for that Batbox/MFE/MFSU.

    Have you tried Multi Page Chest mod? It gives you 5 times the size of diamond chest in a single block. I have tried it with BC pipes (not sure what you mean by working well with IC) and had no problems. I have to admit I run 4 quarries (powered by dedicated nuclear reactors :thumbup: ) and store the lots of cobblestone in them. I plan to use them in the near future so I don't want to just dump them into lava. :P Multi Page Chests are very good for this purpose.
    Take a look if you want to know more:…tuff-multi-page-chest-smp

    It's nice but ony one page on SMP. :( Yay!

    On another note........ how about the AM's using the overclockythingies :) j/k

    I'm mainly missing the solars (both AM ones and my hat :D). If AM's were my baby, I would consider that the concept of AM's as been integrated into IC2 and focus on the success of the Adv Solars, and consider putting it to bed. Congratulations Zippinus, you rocked IC2 so much the devs tried (IMHO the modules need a bit of balancing) to match you :)

    I'd love to get the Adv Solars in my SMP, though I have to admit that I doubt I'll be using the AM's (Or even the Induction Furnace) any more. Maybe fork the mod to AM's and AdvGenerators? A mod of your Solar Gens and maybe the Rocket science reactor would rock? Your method of combining panels to make a single block version is perfect, please feel free to expand it to water and wind :)

    Or if your feeling evil, make a Solar Panel that accepts the modules before the IC2 Devs do >:] And maybe a module that only gens can use to increase power gen that requires... erm.... >:] reactor refined urainium. j/k

    I was kidding, but there is four module slots........ maybe you could make a non-stack module 'AM' to turn the basic one into an AM (might have to make it auto draw the maintainance power)? ....... or made the adv machine block as a module I don't know, too many ideas and no means to impliment them.

    Edit: more ideas.... and correction about Multi-page chest, which now does have multiple pages in SMP.

    Wow, all I was suggesting was ramping up the energy costs so that I had to use higher grade cables and the transformer upgrade. All this talk about stack size seems a bit extreem, I mean I'm comfortable with 7 to 9 overclockers making all my machines operate for less than a second per cycle. Maybe 2 or 4 Overclockers per voltage level, a simple change that would not require much recoding or significant changes in the existing system.

    e.g. 1 overclocker needs 4/t, 2 needs 8/t, 3 needs 16, 4 needs 32, and so on. Maybe with the speed at 25% per overlocker of process speed, so the second would reduce the 75% time to 56.25%, the next 42.81%.

    The question of balance is a relevent one, but not one to be taken extreemly. As it is, the overclockers are approximatly as cheap as building multiple macerators, having a cycle last less than a second is fine for me working manually. If I were to automate it with multiple machines, it would be more of a question of factory space vs speed than power vs speed. I would like to have the option of having one of each machine with 64 overclockers processing once per tick (relevent power, piping and pipe contents assumed). I'd expect to need EV cabling, and probably a matching amount of charge/transformer upgrades.

    If the drawn amout of power (from external cabling) was managed by the transformer rather than the overlocker, then the internal battery would be more significant. This would mean that the overclocker could only draw from the internal charge and that would requre a better spead of upgrades. This would be significantly more expensive resource wise, as not to break early game, and would more easily scale with ease of resource access.

    Not quite what I ment, I was saying that 8 overclockers will (did) run on a copper cable (32/tick) and I only added one battery mod. Making less than a second processing time, which kind of made me not want bother making the transformer upgrade (which I guess lets me run it on gold+2Ins cable safly?).

    I'd like to comment on EE, the only reason I originaly downloaded it was to do something with the 60 odd double chests of cobble and dirt from the BC quarry (I still currently prefer it's clearing, I tend to 'move in' to the first 64x64 hole.). I havn't used it at all since Forestry came on the scene :) Although even now moving sand to dirt and back and forth might be useful.

    I know that we've discussed the recycler in cpw's thread, I'd like to consolidate the energy storage idea with a relevent adv 'machine' MV/HV Electrolyzers. The current one (assuming it hasn't got the upgrade template that basic machines are getting) the current model is less than LV (even if it's buffed with v1.6x to bring it in line with the v1.4x power changes).

    I really like the Adv Solar Panel method of bundling 8 existing into an upgrade. Maybe the MV GUI could have a single chests worth of storage to store both uncharged and charged cells (and the obvious chargeing/discharging speed). HV I think should require something other than water cells, or a doublechest's worth. Ideally for EV I'd like to see almost reactor safety measures maybe using depleated and fresh fuel cells?

    Maybe other 'enchantments' of a technical nature say 'upgrades' for reduced power consumption or higher power storage. If its the implementation that's an issue adding extra batteries, circuits or the like as item combines on an 'upgrade bench'. Or of course there's the options of extra GUI's with slots for 'upgrades' (like the miner).

    Hi, not wrong, it only charges the water cells when the MFE/MFSU is over 75% charge, and discharges the water when the MFE/MFSU is below 25% charge.

    Another use, would be automatable long distance power transfer. Where the crystals are fiddly to manage with pipes, charged water cells are perfect for pumping power long distance where more than 10% loss via cable. Yes please Alblaka bringing them up to the new power levels would be wonderful.