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    I noticed 1 more thing - with realistic alpha worldgen Red Sand is a lot more common than before. 1 red sand = 0.5 iron + 0.01 * 1/9 diamond dust + 0.5 sand. This means that if you find desert with red sand you have almost unlimited supply of iron once you reach LV tech.

    Yes, you could also find it in normal worldgen, but you have to search quite a lot for a rare mesa biome.

    I don't think that having unlimited things is always bad (otherwise we would not have bees), but it costs only 1500 EU to process it in centrifuge and it takes 2 seconds. And you can mine sand A LOT faster than iron ore.

    After playing it ( with Technic Launcher and using the only world gen option available (Realistic Alpha) I noticed 3 things:
    1. Worldgen looks much better visually.
    2. It is very hard to find any ore veins on the surface. Even mountains are completely covered up and show no ore veins on their surface. This complicates things a lot, because you basically must dig underground with a shortage of torches. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but it delays progress a lot.
    3. Lots of hardened clay in any hot biome or biome with mountains. This gives easy access to unlimited clay dust, meaning unlimited Aluminium, Lithium, Sodium and Silicon.

    Is it normal for having huge mushrooms biomes in this modpack? It is as if ocean was replaced by this biome (have yet to encounter ocean biome).

    Edit: I see, this is because of Biomes o Plenty. If I remove this mod will this modpack still work? Does mod progression depends on Biome o Plenty? I don't like too many biomes because if you have to search for a specific biome (like minecraft swamp or thaumcraft magical forest) it can take ages.

    I also noticed that I cannot craft wood pulp. No recipe in NEI for mortar to make wood pulp. Tried it manually with oak wood + mortar, oak wood planks + mortar, sticks + mortar - nothing works. I guess I will complete that quest ("Boockparts") after reaching LV machines. Strangely enough paper can be made with chad (made from sugar canes + mortar) + 2 stone slabs - quest registers it as valid.

    Edit: It seems I forgot to extract scripts directory. It works now.

    After playing with it for a day I must say this is a great modpack. Definitely much better than simply installing mods yourself which I previously did. Great job!

    Edit: One bug that I noticed - I cannot equip flint sword to a weapon slot (I am doing this with GUI). So, I can either hold wooden shield or I can hold flint sword - not both.

    A couple of questions:

    1) How much RAM is needed to run this modpack and what are recommended JVM flags? Was getting extreme lag (2-10 fps) first time I started it (with 4 GB allowed RAM). After installing fastcraft I am getting 22-40 fps.

    2) There seems to be a lot of conflicts for keyboard configuration. Is this intended or I need to remap them myself?

    Edit: I have installed this modpack by downloading server pack (did not find client pack) and extracting mods and config directories.

    Hell no. I can definitely tell that you have not used that engine yet, it is *not* tuned for such highly dynamic levels in a couple of different ways. Really if you want a better Minecraft engine then just go to Terasology, it is a fantastic MC-like engine with no content built in, everything is added by mods.

    Yes, I did not use it. That is surprising for me - I thought it would handle lightning at least better (faster) than MC engine. I mean there is a lot of money and time involved in it (and graphics companies such as nvidia). But I will definitely check UE4 and Terasology out.

    Mojang should redo minecraft in unreal engine 4 :) It became free to use recently (but you still have to pay 5% from sales of your game). That might solve slow rendering and would allow to increase world height limits without turning minecraft into slideshow.

    1. If it happens with GT6 then it ALSO happens with GT5, meaning you have not even tested it and just assumed it. I bet you updated Thaumcraft too, and THAT caused the Issue.
    2. In order for that to happen Thaumcraft has to register its loot as "nuggetGold" to the Ore Dictionary, which then gets promptly unificated to vanilla Gold Nuggets.

    Note that in that case I am the one to fix it, don't post it at the TC Bug Tracker.

    1. I have played with latest thaumcraft with GT5 for quite a while - there was not such problem there. Then I tried GT6 (with some other mods) and then I noticed this problem. Perhaps it is those "other mods" fault (which are Project Red, Wireless Redstone and more recent version of IC2). I will soon update this post after I perform more tests.

    test1: Adding GT5 (currently no GT was installed) while leaving all other mods as is. The bug does not appear (I am testing this by opening Rare Treasure bags).
    test2: Removing GT config directory and replacing GT5 with GT6 while leaving all other mods as is. The bug does appear.
    test3: Pure test with all other mods and config directory removed. Version of used mods are: gregtech_1.7.10-6.00.12.jar industrialcraft-2-2.2.687-experimental.jar Thaumcraft-1.7.10- The bug does appear. Attached screenshot from this test.

    At this point it is clear for me that it has something to do with GT6.

    Probably a bug: Installing GT6 will remove Thaumcraft "Gold Coins" from loot bags and treasure chests. They are replaced with gold nuggets instead. Removing GT6 fixes this issue. And GT5 did not have that issue. Perhaps it has something to do with "Gold Coin -> Gold Nugget" smelting recipe.

    The most common ores are all covered by GregTech by default. Others can be added by changing the config. Only the ores of a few uncommon mods are missing in GT.

    There is kind of disbalance about how amber ore is handled (in GT5 at least). Thaumcraft adds a lot of it and it is used for growth lamps and as a decoration block. GT on the other hand have only rare small ore of amber, which is simply not enough for thaumcraft usage (I had found more diamonds than GT amber ore). I guess this was intended because amber ore can be used to create lvl2 silk touch tools.

    *) if we disable thaumcraft amber - we will have problems with thaumcraft crafting (too little amber).
    *) if we enable thaumcraft amber - we will have a lot of material for lvl 2 tools with awesome enchant. This will significantly reduces the need to use iron/bronze for tools. In fact I had so many of it that I did not even create stone tools after I gotten my first amber.

    Other than amber I have disabled every ore from other mods.

    Mouse over the long bar at the top of your inventory, it'll open up a little tab, move your mouse over it and than go to "creative tabs". Than you just right click the different tabs you want to vanish, as "ore", "granite ores", etc.. Go watch mr10movie on YouTube, he did it in his latest video

    Thank you. I have just managed to do thing like disabling display of all screws recipe except for a single example. That is very close to having meta recipes, like for GT tools.

    Edit: lol - houses in Desert biome have ore in them :)
    (see attachment)

    I have just tried GT version 6, created new world and typed "Greg" in NEI search field. 77 pages of items.... I wonder if it is possible to simplify display of those recipes like how GT tools are displayed in NEI? For things like foil, bolts, plates, blocks of "material name" et. c.

    I found 5 tetra veins with gt6. But that stuff is really only useful for the actual copper ores inside, the tetra itself yielding 6 nuggets of copper

    In GT5 you can:
    1) hammer(crushed ore) -> smelt(dirty dust) -> 1 copper ingot.
    2) OreWashingMachine(crushed ore) -> hammer(purified ore) -> smelt(clean dust) -> 1 copper ingot.

    In both cases you can get 2 copper ingots from a single tetra ore. Unless this was changed in GT6.

    I found two tetra veins in 5.07.07 recently (in Extreme Hills). I then downgraded to 5.07.06 because I could not craft lenses for laser, but that's another story. So, tetra veins should definitely spawn in 5.07.07, unless you are very unlucky or some mod messes up GT ore gen (the only one I know of is Terrafirmacraft).

    You can also go to Nether and start mining in a straight line at y = 100 - you will find tetra much faster than in Overworld.

    I was actually complaining about the fact it requires a hell lot of water xD
    I can actually afford a dozen buckets, but having to fill them every 3 dusts is a pain, a real pain.

    If you are talking about cleaning dust in a cauldron then you can clean a stack of 1..64 at a time, not just one.

    @above: There is a Mod that adds Gem Blocks on this Forum somewhere, install it and your Problem is gone.

    thnx for answering. I have fixed it by downgrading GT to previous version (5.07.06) which have "compressor (dust) -> plate" recipe. You should really mention this somewhere in download section, that you won't be able to make progress in latest GT 5 version if you don't have mods that add gem block.

    It seems "project red" adds some gem blocks, but I had problem with it - for some reason it messed up wire cutter tool recipes for wires which also makes progress in GT impossible.

    I'm getting 4 planks and 4 sticks when crafting wood (with enabled WoodNeedsSawForCrafting in the config)

    In game update message (when running GT 5): GT 6 for MC 1.7.10 has beem released. Note: This is not savegame compatible with GT 5 and my own crafting Recipes are mostly missing, but Worldgen is 100% complete. To disable this Message...