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    I have tried removing mods 1 by 1 to see what mod was causing problem with GT Wire Cutter recipe. Attempts:

    1. Did not remove any mods but deleted GregTech directory in config. GT regerated its configs and the problem still remained.
    2. Removed ProjectRed mod with ForgeMultiPart library (which was required for ProjectRed) . Removed GT and ProjectRed configs. That fixed my problem - plates that are produced are still Railcraft plates, but I am now able to make GT wires from them.

    I don't get it - why and how ProjectRed tampers with GT recipes? ... ?(

    Are you sure you're up to date with your mods?

    I have downloaded all those mods about 4-5 days ago from their official websites. GT is latest version (5.07.07), IC2 was 600 - I changed it to latest 603 version and that did not fix my problem, Railcraft is latest version ( The only one mod with old version is buildcraft (I use 6.2.6 - because minecraft would not start with 6.3.*).

    Edit: forge is not latest. I am using version that is "recommended" for 1.7.10 on their website -

    wires have not Shapeless recipes, they are one shape is IC2 wire, and another is GT wire...try to put the tool on the second side of the plate

    I did like it was shown in NEI recipe:

    1. CP WC *
    2. * * *
    3. * * *

    CP - Railcraft Copper Plate. WC - GT Wire Cutter.

    Result - 2x IC2 Copper Cable. Edit: I also tried it with ~10 other different positions - same result.

    For some reason my Steam Plate Bending machine outputs Railcraft Copper Plates instead of GT Copper Plates. And I can't make GT Copper Wire with it using GT Wire Cutter. The strange thing is - NEI recipe shows that you can make GT Copper Wire with those items, but if you try it for real - you will get IC2 Copper Wire.

    The same thing happens with GT Hammer item - it outputs Railcraft Copper Plates. This prevents me from making GT Wires, which are needed in GT Machine recipes. Is this a bug or intended?

    I am using industrialcraft-2-2.2.660-experimental, gregtech_1.7.10-5.07.07 and Railcraft_1.7.10- with forge And I did not tamper with configs that GT generated, except for setting I:MaxEqualEntitiesAtOneSpot to zero. In configs of other mods I have disabled most of the ores that they are generating and changed their difficulty to hard (if they had such a setting). Full list of mods I used:

    Edit2: I have fixed my problem by removing ProjectRed and regenerating GT configs (by deleting them). For some reason GT Wire recipe is messed up when ProjectRed is installed. Not sure if it is caused by ProjectRed itself or some mod combinations which includes ProjectRed.

    No. I just couldn't find a diamond.

    Other than mining them in overworld, you can:
    1) Create them by compressing 64 coal dusts (IC2 recipe). But you will need to mine obsidian for this recipe (* - read bellow).
    2) Find them in desert pyramids. Usually every 3rd pyramid will have them, in my experience.
    3) Find them in nether fortress chests. Usually every nether fortress have at least a couple of them in chests, in my experience.
    4) Mine them in nether between 5-10 levels. Why do mining here? Because netherrack breaks much faster than normal stone and the whole search will be much faster in nether world.
    5) If I'm not mistaken - you can buy diamond equipment from blacksmith villager. You can break that equipment with hammer machine and get diamonds back. This is probably the easiest early way of obtaining large amount of diamonds. You will only need to find a village with blacksmith and build a large farm for trading.

    * in order to get to nether you will need to find nickel ore cluster. That cluster will have cobaltite ore that can be mined with lvl 2 (or lvl1?) pickaxe. With it you can create lvl 3 cobalt pickaxe and use it to get obsidian. Otherwise you would need to use diamonds for pickaxe, which would defeat the purpose of obtaining first diamonds. Or you can be cheap and use thaumcraft gems to get lvl 3 pickaxe.

    Suppose I have ore "O1" from some mod "M" and Gregtech automatically creates recipes for that ore and will automaticaly convert that ore in player inventory to GT version of that ore. Is it possible to make GregTech ignore that ore version (from that mod only), so it does not use that ore version in recipes and does not convert it to GT version?

    I have read the FAQ and there is no info about it.

    Every tier above the minimum tier required quadruples EU/t and halves duration, such that the total energy used is twice as much. If you want the best efficiency you need to have generators hooked up directly to the lowest tier machine with no wires in between.

    Thnx for info. This basically means that you will waste more energy than you will gain while producing methane with tier 2+ machines.

    I want to produce some methane for Gas Turbine. Does chemical reactor tier 2 or above have the same efficiency (units of gas produced per energy used) as tier 1? Have not seen this information anywhere. And it is kind of hard to measure exact EU used, because battery buffer have internal storage that is not displayed.

    Can we please have some more materials for arrow fletches? It's kind of ridiculous that we need a chicken slaughter house in order to produce some arrows while having technologies like nuclear fission. I'm sure plastic or even cardboard would make sense (light and durable enough).

    Electrical blast furnace does not work for some reason.

    I hit it with soft hammer, it destroys 1 aluminium dust and stop working. Repeated 20 times and lost 20 dusts.

    My setup is:

    Power source: 16x Medium Voltage Battery Buffer with 8 advanced RE batteries (all fully charged).
    Connection: 4 copper cable (8x and insulated).
    Blast Furace status: Circuitry burned out.

    The strange thing is - this setup worked on previous game load. Smelted 5 aluminium ingots with it. Why did it stop working?

    Edit 1: The muffler hatch... - it was closed by a sand block (was it endermen?). You should add a message for it.

    And one more thing: Steam Macerator outputs Stone Dust when processing cobblestone.

    Does tetrahedrite have any additional parameters to spawn other than height? Digging through my second mountain searching for it.

    Probably no. And Nether is the best place to search for tetrahedrite, because Nether is like a single huge mountain. Just pick the right height and start mining in a straight line (be careful of lava tho).

    I wanted to ask about Aqua pickaxe. Is that even balanced? Too easy to get, no tech tree progression required. Vanila way of obtaining Fortune 3 enchant is a LOT harder (2 diamonds, 30 lvls and no guarantee that it will work). Even thaumium requires some tech tree progression (in thaumcraft).

    The only downside of that material is low durability of 6400 (1/3 of bronze). But if you don't waste it on mining stone and use it only on small ores and gems then by the time it breaks you will find a couple of Aqua clusters. I was collecting all gems with Aqua pickaxe and ended up with 4 stacks of Aqua shards right now (and 5 stacks of each of other type of thaumcraft shards). Oh, and that "lvl 3" mining level will guarantee that you will not find gems that you cannot mine.

    I think it should require assembling machine to make. Or some other GT machinery.

    I tried running TerraFirmaCraft + Gregtech and it seems vanilla stone is replaced with a variety of different TFC stones (claystone, limestone, marble, et.c.). I have yet to see any GT ore spawn in that stone. Will I be able to progress in GT with only TFC ores? Probably not (no iridium, for example). If so, then should I somehow enable oregen from GT? Not sure how to do this.

    I think that GregTech is pretty much stable for LV, MV, HV tiers (have not reached higher yet). Some end game stuff is probably still WIP but this version of Gregtech can already offer a lot of gameplay. Most player will probably struggle to reach and master what LV tier have to offer.

    Personally I'm waiting for one more thing - integration with TFC. I have not played TFC yet, but I heard there is a problem with ingots value when used with GT. I looked at TFC wiki and it seems it would make an excellent pre-bronze age addition to GT.

    On the one hand, you saved yourself a potential banning:
    "Q: I cannot make Motors without Electricity, but need Electricity for Magnetic Iron Rods!
    A: Did you try the CRAFTING Recipe that involves Magnetic Iron Rods as Output? There are NO Tech Loops EVER."

    Lol, after reading this I just found out that there was actually a Q/A section. Never looked past first post on first page (Q/A was on second post)... Originally I thought that Q/A was that list of 10 things in Important Stuff section.