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    About nitro fuel production:

    1 oil -> 1 fuel:
    conversion cost is ( 1000 / 8 ) * 256 = 32 000 eu
    fuel value is 128 000 eu
    total gain is 128 000 - 32 000 = 96 000 eu. This means that you can gain 96 000 eu from 1 oil, if you convert it to fuel.

    1 fuel -> 1 nitro fuel
    1 glyceril cost is 16 bucket of oil + 1000*512 eu. If you can gain 96 000 eu from 1 oil as above then total cost is 2 048 000 eu per 1 glyceril.
    1 glyceril + 4 fuel + 30 000 eu = 2 462 000 eu. This is the total cost for creating 5 nitro fuel.
    5 nitro fuel can generate 5 * 384 000 = 1 920 000 eu.

    If we divide 1 920 000 by 2 462 000 we get 0.779854. This means it is about 22% less energy efficient to use oil to produce glyceril -> nitro fuel, instead of just converting oil -> fuel and burning fuel.

    oil -> fuel
    requires distillery and is simple for player.
    (oil -> fuel) + 4 (oil -> glyceril) -> 5 nitro fuel
    requires distillery and chemical reactor. Is not so simple.

    My question is - why more complex processing is less energy efficient? I would expect that player get more energy for effort invested.

    Edit. It seems that you can get glyceril from ender pearls. Total processing cost is ( ( 13200/5 ) / 4 ) + 81000 / 4 = 20 910 eu per 1 glyceril (that's a lot cheaper than ~2 million eu from oil).

    So, to conclude: spending oil for glyceril makes no sense. Spending ender pearl for glyceril is a good way to get lot's of EU needed at MV stage of the game.

    IC2 does not have anything else than cells and Gregtech is still in open-beta so there is alot of missing and needed thingys (like the digital tank was in GT4).

    Thnx for info.

    I wanted to try to create water supply with GT and have created small bronze pipe + drain cover. I have placed them like so:

    1. W W W
    2. P
    3. T

    W - water
    P - pipe, with cover on up side
    T - buildcraft tank

    and for some reason tank is not filling up. I have tried switching modes with Screwdriver and that did not help. How do I fill up tank in this setup?

    Edit: and a little observation - it seems pump cover can work without electricity (but it have electricity cost in its tool-tip). I have placed 2 tanks and a bronze pipe with pump cover and it extracted water from first tank without any EU source.

    I wonder why do we lose material when we craft a gear by hand? I mean using a wrench on something shouldn't vanish that much of material into nothing. Pipes preserve their material even if they hand crafted. So a little change please like 6 Ingots for gears?

    Well, when you work on material there is probably some amount of metal dust generated. Like when hitting a metal ingot with a hammer - probably few atoms will fall of on the ground, then they will be scattered by wind and it will be pretty much impossible to collect them. Well, unless Greg implements something like this:

    But on the other hand - if you had a machine that is tightly closed, then collecting all metal dust is a lot easier.

    Note: I'm not suggesting you to use thaumcraft. I'm just telling, that if you already have thaumcraft in your gameplay preference, then tin problem can be somewhat reduced.

    And yes - I do agree that finding tin is simply too much based on luck. Sometimes even finding diamonds is easier then starting in desert and running for hours in search for Extreme Hills. And when you do find this biome and explore it for 1 hour (because traversing mountains without jetpack takes time) - you still get unlucky and have to search for another EH biome. I can only imagine how ugly this can get in multiplayer on servers where people are not cooperating (*All your tin are belong to us!*).


    About tin problem: if you have thaumcraft installed and have a lot of sand in your biome, then you can combine metal nuggets with glass to make tin. It seems thaumcraft integration is intended from GT side, but overall it reduces GT difficulty by a lot. Unfortunately thaumcraft is simply to interesting to skip :) Hope Azanor will add extra-hardcore option for GT fans.

    I'm surprised that Greg added such cheap steel recipe for thaumcraft. It costs only 9 ordo and 9 iron nuggets per 1 steel ingot. 9 ordo can be obtained from:

    9 cobblestone (smelt) => 9 stone (craft) => 9 stone slab (craft) => 18 stone slabs (craft) => 9 (doubled) stone slabs (craft) => 9 (block) stone slabs + File tool (craft) => 9 Chiseled Stone Bricks. This basicaly means, that 1 steel ingot costs 9 cobblestone + 9*400 durability of File tool.

    If you are using thaumcraft alchemy you can easily (without any cost) turn any metal ingot to iron ingot. This means that whatever metal you choose for your file Tool - it will have AT LEAST 25600 durability, which is 64 uses. Such File tool will cost 2 plates, meaning 4 ingots. So we waste 4 ingots per 64 ordo => per 9 steel ingots + 1 steel nugget.

    The cost per steel nugget is: (64 cobblestone + 36 anyNugget + 64 ironNugget) / 64 =
    1 cobblestone + 0.5625 any metal nugget + 1 iron nugget = 1 steel nugget

    and since iron nugget can be obtained from any metal nugget, this makes:
    1 cobblestone + 1.5625 any metal nugget = 1 steel nugget
    9 cobblestone + 14.0625 any metal nugget = 1 steel ingot

    Bronze blast furnace cost (2*6*32) + 2*4 = 384 + 8 = 392 bronze ingots. If, instead of building this, you choose to transmute it alchemically into steel, you can get up to (392*9)/14.0625 = 250.88 steel ingots. This will also cost 250.88*9 = 2257.92 cobblestones (35 stacks). 35 stacks might seem like a lot, but by the time you mine all those resources you would probably have a couple of chests full of cobblestones.

    And the best part about this is that you don't have to hunt specifically for tin or copper - any metal will do.

    Edit: This can be further improved by building bending machine early (2x less cost for File tool) and using steel ingots for File tool itself (2x more uses for File Tool). This makes 10.2656 any metal nuggets per 1 steel ingot.

    Edit2: Forgot to mention, that this also saves 4xCharcoal + lots of waiting if using Bronze Blast Furnace. Or 60k EU, if using Electric Blast Furnace.

    Hi Greg. Ars Magica 2 was recently released for 1.7.10. And the problem with this version is that AM2 Blue Topaz is replaced with your version of that gem. Many things in AM2 become uncraftable because of this. And this also gives very easy access to lvl 3 GT tools (blue topaz is common gem in AM2).

    So, maybe add a way to craft AM2 blue topaz? Just like you can craft Charged Certus Quartz from AE2 with GT electrolyzer.

    Edit: Vinteum ore probably also have this problem.

    I'm not sure if this is intended, but finding tin in large quantities is quite hard. I just explored a gigantic extreme hills biome and found no cassiterite and 3 tetrahedrite veins. The problem with this is: not every biome is extreme hills biome. If single player have such difficulty locating it, I can only imagine what it would be like in multiplayer.

    If you need copper in large quantity, you can find it in:
    1. Extreme hills. Somewhat rare, but you can usually find 1 per whole biome.
    2. Overworld underground. Common, since you can find it in every biome.
    3. Nether at lower and higher height. This the best place for copper and tetrahedrite, because it is very fast to mine and have a lot of blocks at height 80-120.

    If you need tin in large quantity, you can find it in:
    1. Extreme Hills. Very rare, might requires searching several such biomes.
    2. The End. Not sure about this, but this biome by itself is extremely small and limited (compared to Nether and Overworld). And this is also near end game, while you need large amount of tin in the beginning of the game (bronze age).

    So, in summary: you can consistently find large amount of copper. Not so with tin.

    Maybe it was balanced under assumption that user will use tin oregen from other mods? Like IC2. I have disabled all oregen except GregTech for now.

    Another assumption would be, that user have generated amplified world or used some biome mod for generating lots of huge (y=256) mountains. In such worlds tin would be a lot more common.

    And a final thing to note: small tin veins are spawned in 60-120 range, which makes building your home near mountains regions a requirement for playing GregTech. So, if you started in huge plains surrounded by ocean you won't be able to progress unless you travel very far.

    Things I noticed with new GT:

    1) You can skip tiers. After building electric blast furnace I skipped from steel machines to titanium machines. The big limiting factor here is energy requirement for high tier machines. So I guess it is partly balanced.
    2) One of the best energy storage you can get are lapotron crystals. They are OP compared when to other energy storage options and their material costs. Seriously: add 6 lapis, 2 circuits and you get 10x more storage than energy crystal. And 100x more than small lithium battery. I think they should cost more materials and/or energy to build.

    Possible bug: can't craft LV->MV transformer (GT version 5.02c). NEI shows the following recipe:

    1. * t t
    2. t m *
    3. * t t

    where: t - 1x insulated tin cable, m - LV Machine Hull, * - empty space. So, I insert components as shown above and there is no output in crafting grid.

    Edit: my mistake - it needs 1 copper cable in there...

    Where does cadmium ore spawn? I have looked at GregTech config files but could not find any ore with id *55 or just 55 (that's what NEI shows as cadmium ids: 55, 1055, 2055, 3055, 4055, 16055, 17055, 18055, 19055, 20055).

    grep -nri "055" - return nothing (should match strings such as "1055")

    grep -nri "55"

    It could be that the vein have stretched to the lowest levels, i bet those veins are not as big as if you found one on the mountains.

    I'm talking about y~=20. And those copper veins are extremely large.

    Edit: I looked at WorldGeneration.cfg and there seems to be no entry for tin below sea level, but there is one for copper. So, according to config copper should spawn everywhere, but tin will spawn only on mountains.

    tin {