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    Tried updating to gregtech 3.0.5g + ic2 324 and got this error:

    Thats fancy, but thats a bug with IC² hiding addon recipes that contains RE-Batteries.
    Turn off the secret hiding and it will show normally.

    I have just tested it and can confirm this. Disabling recipe hiding in IC2 config now shows those recipes.

    And I see why I couldn’t craft them - Greg added steel plates :)

    Some bug report - Saw, Mining Drill, Electric Treetap, Electric Wrench recipes do not show up in NEI. This IS gregtech issue, because I have also tested it without GT (pure latest 1.5.1 IC2) and recipe did show up. And it seems I can't craft them (at least with steel ingots + normal circuit + re-battery).

    This bug is for gregtech-3.02a.

    Automation with logistics pipes are your friend.
    Without gregtech logistics pipes (IMO) full potential feels wasted.
    That being said without Logistics pipes I would likely not enjoy gregtech as much, I really enjoy building complex automation systems, not such a fan of manual stuff (Except early game)

    I see! I have yet to try using pipes. Creating automated fuel production could be indeed an interesting experience.

    What is this? Then how do you charge your lapotron crystal LOL? Diesel Generator is just another type of generator you can use like the geothermal generator, but instead of lava you use BC-fuel. Try the XBee oil bee for more resource of oil. Not talking about the efficiency here, because we know some of the generators are not useful enough.

    16 wind mill array is more than enough to operate 2 miners with diamond drills, use gregtech machinery on that mined ore, and still get left over energy to charge 2 MFSU. 1 time investment. Later you can build nuclear reactors, if you need a lot more power. So, what is the point of micromanaging fuel production? Micromanaging for the sake of micromanaging?

    Try nitro-coalfuel cells, they are very energy effective for basically some coal and soul sand.

    To use them you need:

    compr = 800;
    extr = 800;
    macer = 800;
    coalFuelCell = compr + extr + macer;

    waterCell = 200;

    carbonCell = 1000;
    saltpeter = 12500/4; // 125 s + 4 soulsand per 1 dust
    nitroGenCell = (10 saltpeter + 5500)/2; // 10*4/2 = 20 soul sand for 1 nitroGenCell
    nitroCarbonCell = (nitroGenCell + carbonCell + 48000)/2; // 75 seconds, 10 nitroCarbonCell
    glycerilCell = (3 waterCell + 3 nitroCarbonCell + 56000)/6; // 87 seconds, 5 soulsand per glycerilCell

    nitroCoalFuelCell = (glycerilCell + 4 coalFuelCell + 8000)/5; 1 soulsand per nitroCoalFuelCell

    it costs 8775.42 to produce one, and you get 48k energy = 40k gain. But, that is a lot of micro management, requires trips to nether for soulsand and constant usage of coal (instead of using this coal to build some carbon plates for armour and advanced machines). Maybe this is a viable alternative, but I prefer to do something else, instead of micromanaging energy production.

    Excuse me for a second while I say, wat. Seriously what are you talking about? The point of generators that work on fuel is to generate energy so that you have energy to charge Lapotron Crystals, I don't understand what you are trying to say here.

    No. If you wish to have large and constant supply of energy you build solar array or windmill array. Later you build Nulclear Reactors. If you use fuel for this purpose then you will be spending most of your time just collecting resources for fuel production.

    I wanted to ask Greg about what is the point of generators that work on fuel??? MFSU + Transformer + 1-3 charged Lapotron Crystal can beat any fuel production (MFSU does not break with wrench - tested it about 40 times). Some might say, that fuel is lower tier and thus you can obtain it earlier. But you don't need fuel at lower tiers, because you can just use miner right at your base with wires - by the time you have mined all closely available resources you will already be at high tier, with a couple of MFSU.

    Generators on fuel:
    - low energy output. You will have problems supplying miner with a diamond drill, unless you use more than 1 generator.
    - producing fuel requires a lot of resource collecting and micromanagement.
    + fuel is stackable. With some fuel types you can carry more energy per inventory space than what Lapotron Crystal allows. I have yet, however, to come across a situation, where I would need more than 10 Lapotron Crystals (which you can easily carry) for a mining operation.

    MFSU + Transformer + a couple of Lapotrons Crystal:
    + any energy output, up to 512 EU/t. Can easily operate multiple miners with just 1 MFSU.
    + very easy to obtain more energy - just take empty crystals and recharge them at your base.
    - each Lapotron Crystal take a single inventory space.

    Sometimes, depending on wind strength, wind mill will melt tin cable. In wiki it says that maximum output of wind mill is 3 EU/t, which matches maximum capacity of tin cable, so it should not melt under any wind strength. This means, that either tin cable capacity is wrong, or wind mill maximum output is wrong.