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    Next update:

    -Fixed all the messed up recipes.
    -Ores have right textures back.
    -Input slots of steam machine fixed.

    Quick reupload. Forgot to fix all steam machines.

    Thanks for the quick fix! Still having some weird recipes that only happen with this mod installed though, such as these:

    EDIT: Well, apparently none of this weirdness is happening on my server, which is really all I care about. So never mind, I guess...
    EDIT 2: Nope, it's still happening. Came back with a server restart.

    Hey Blood Asp,

    With version 5.08.01 i'm getting a bunch of weird recipe changes, such as

    Alloy Smelter: 2x Caesium Ingots + Mold (Casing) -> 3 Gold Item Casings (IC2).
    Smelting: Vanilla Hopper -> 9 Draconium Ingots (From Draconic Evolution mod, also HEE Endium Block turns into 9 Awakened Draconium Ingots)
    Almost all Polarizer recipes only giving Magnetic Iron rods

    I'm still trying to see what else seems changed, but these are some weird examples. None of this behavior is seen in normal GT 5.07.07 and Forge < 1355 with all other mods exactly the same. Any ideas off the top of your head what might be causing this?

    Next version: Thaumcraft support fixed, railcraft recipes fixed, forestry honey fixed, Gem dust -> plates (for lenses) recipes fixed.
    Item ids and a few broken textures left as known issues.
    Some problems left i forgot to fix?

    Hey BloodAsp,

    I don't know if this will help, but here's a list of the broken Item IDs that I found from GT 5.07.06:

    Hey Player,

    I'm having the same issue here. I noticed it happening recently on my server, some chunks would stay loaded, i.e. chunks containing my Railcraft boilers would stay loaded but my tree farm wouldn't, so it kills my steam production. No chunkloaders at all. With everyone off the server, I still have anywhere between 300-700 chunks still loaded according to sampler. Even a server restart doesn't do anything. I don't know if the problem is even related to Fastcraft, but I don't think I have had this problem before and then saw it reported by BakermanLP here recently. Any ideas? Does FastCraft even touch chunkloading behavior at all?

    Hey Player,

    I'm trying to use FastCraft 1.19 with the Beyond Reality mod pack and the 64x Sphax texture pack for it on a GTX 770 with 2GB of VRAM, and about 6GB of memory allocated to Java (modpack won't run with less), and i'm getting spammed in the console with

    ########## GL ERROR ##########
    @ Post render
    1285: Out of memory

    and have about 1-5fps. Also, all my textures are black. I'm assuming this means I don't have enough vram? It runs "alright" without FastCraft, except for some really annoying tick lag that causes stuttering, that FastCraft seems to eliminate. Any way to get it to work with the texture pack?

    Is there a way to make the Universal Macerator adhere to the recipes disabled in the DynamicConfig? Or is there a recipe section for the Universal Macerator that i'm missing? I've disabled some recipes related to Osmium Ore for the Railcraft rock crusher and the centrifuge, because they give basically free iridium with Mekanism installed. It works well, except the Universal Macerator doesn't seem to take into account that the rock crusher recipe is disabled and still adds it in to itself. Right now the only workaround is to remove the Universal Macerator recipe completely, but i'd prefer not to do that. I love how much you can configure with the configs but this particular functionality seems to be missing.